Thursday, September 17, 2009

"no guts no glory"


posted 2 days ago in my private blog:

here's a rough list of "i cannot tahan"s, to be elaborated later in the naeust, if have got enough guts wtf

  1. people who express their every fucking thoughts/feelings/detailsoflife in their blog, attention whores. some people, you know theyre doing it for themselves. whereelse others, its bloody obvious theyre doing it for attention, them pretentious bastards. whats worse is that they THEN promote their blog kaukau in facebook, twitter, friendster etc and keep asking people to "go see my blog lah" WTF

  2. in (usually crowded) free-seating buses, people who sit on the outer chair (the NOT-window-seat). what the hell is wrong with them! do they not realise that this leaves the people-who-just-got-up-the-bus no place to sit at just because theyre too fucking lazy to move their lardy arse?? and they just sit there staring, pretending to not see that you are having difficulty finding a seat! fucking move in lah. then those who really wants/needs to sit, will have to squeeze into the window seat, which wastes time and could possibly cause a minor human-traffic jam in the bus.

  3. as mentioned in a few posts ago in naeust, idiots who dont understand the concept of a toilet flush and morons who feeds/indulge dirty potentially-diseased stray cats in hostel.

  4. people who washed their clothes in the washing machine and leaving it in there forFREAKINGever after its done. like hello, the timer is built in the machine for a reason. therefore, USE IT. damn annoying you know! me being the polite and considerate person that i am, just leaves the scene and wait, go down to check, wait, check again, wait and the whole cycle goes on and on. until i got a tip from an unexpected someone, just take their clothes out and put it aside whoohoo thats EXACTLY what i did just 20 minutes ago. screw bring nice and patient.

    to quote blair waldorf,
    "havent you heard? im the crazy bitch around here."

    (totally random picture coz i just feel like it)
    (isnt the polka-dotted border such prettiness :D)
    (yah mirror damn dirty, i know)
    (oh yeah, hair. hahah what do you think!)
    (bloody fooahpao cis i did not tied my hair back and pretend ok! T_T)

  5. annoying shoutout or personal message whatever on facebook msn etc. this topic deserves a list on its own.

    • having nothing to say yet saying it. there's really no purpose in posting up 3 little dots or claiming that they dont have anything so say. its plain futile.
    • summarising an entire day or worse, love life. for the former, nobody's really that curious so save yourself the effort (here's a tip: go start a blog or something but referring to #1, for goodness sake dont post every link up in facebook). For the latter, whether positive or negative, they both make me nauseous so quit it.
    • using like half a dozen of "~~~"s at the end of every sentence oh dear lawd help me. there's really no justifying this, its just plain old IRRITATING.

      *edited to protect identity*

    • this reminds me. the "z" at the end of normal-everyday-words and wOrdS TypEd oUt lIkE tHis. fucking hell dont these people have a life to waste on other things rather than adding extra alphabets to proper words and capitalising random alphabets in the middle of a word??

  6. guys who are already involved (according to their facebook profile) but can still come and add random girls that dont know them! its obvious that they simply add anyone coz you can see that they have like 300+ so-called "friends". its sick. you could defend them by saying perhaps they want to get to know more people and isnt that what facebook is for, socialising etc etc etc but oh i highly doubt it. there are a couple times where i thought this person looks a little familiar and we have a couple friends in common so i messaged him to ask if i am supposed to know him and as expected, no reply. urgh gross. do note that only desperate people add people they dont know.

  7. immature people who pretend to be mature. they're all old and supposedly wise but then the crucial moment comes where some maturity is needed, they behave and THINK like children. this makes it difficult to deal with them so usually i just ignore them until they grow up. it could be rather amusing to watch people like this. other times its just plain...(damn i've used annoying and irritating so many times i need a thesaurus am going to check for an alternative word now)...plain aggravating! infuriating! trying! exasperating! grating! bothersome! HAH!

  8. the entirely wrong spelling of ganbatte. omg this pisses the hell out of me! its lala-fied, i tell you. dearest ignorant people of the world, its NO WAY IN HELL gambateh. the correct term would be GANBATTE! no "M", no "H" either. see.

    ga n ba t te

    its so bloody exasperating (yes i just scrolled up and picked a word) to see this mistake being made over and over again. why cant they make proper research or find some worthy source to follow if they want to use this word!

  9. people who play/add all the nonsense facebook games/applications ALL THE TIME. case in point would be the recenlt popularization of the absolutely pointless Fan Check App and Who's Your Friend app. who the hell cares! are they so lacking in peers that they must be a part of it just to see how many people would comment etc? its so annoying to open fb and see the 21894 notifications, 90% of which are random strangers (my friend's friends) commenting on it, just because i was tagged. some are just trying it out out of sheer curiosity, i forgive but some, holy cow they are online 24/7 playing them! like right now, so many people playing those Mystic Meg prediction bullshit bullshit bullshit. try once dh lah tu, x yah lah nk try berpuluh2 kali pastu tanya soalan bodo plak. bengang btul.

  10. people who talk about innerbeauty bullshit then judge others by their appearance, speech etc. i swear alot, its no secret. yes its very much filtered in my time in usm but yet i still feel people judging. i cuss alot therefore i have bad character? should i start packing for my trip to hell now? (i was being sarcastic there, in case you didnt notice) these self-righteous idiots are the ones who have bad character.

    i strongly believe in what lies beneath the surface and the goodness in people, no matter how they present themselves. you may curse all you like, watch all the porn you want, flirt without how many people you want or have the dressing sense of a platipus, i'll still be friends with you if our personalities click and i know you're a good person and you speak english wtf. that said, i dont hate people who are grouped in this list (except for the #3s). i am just annoyed by their little irksome habits.

bloody hypocrite i am, you may be thinking. well fuck you.

thats all for today. i believe more elaboration is no longer needed, i have made myself pretty clear. i am terribly tempted to post this on naeust tapi takut ade org terasa pulak sigh c'est la vie.

i am noticing that most of my cannot tahans stems from facebook and people. does this mean to have a provocation-free life i'd have to quit facebook and exile myself to the mountains? i'll think about it and let you know wtf

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