Saturday, September 12, 2009

selamatharijadi aya~

let me quickly get this out of my system before i lose the mood then it'll just stay stagnant in my pile of drafts, waiting for the day to shine. waiting and waiting. waiting.... *cue emo music wtf

yesterday was aya's birthday!

sorry gmbr terbalik, salahkn kedudukan sy yg x strategik.

so many september babies its a curse! thought can escape it in uni (no more pao lumae n mf teehee) but come here lagi banyak! to quote someone, " january is the mating season huh" hahahahhah look on the bright side, more birthdays = more parties

like this whee :D

and this one, on the 8th, waiwai's birthday! japanese food hurrah!
on a totally unrelated matter, wallet is now on a diet wtf

okok stop my nonsense hahahah! i puasa-ed yesterday! woke up at er 2.38PM wtf then went straight to my 3PM class, after that went to QB to shop then finally buka puasa with sami amin zoe tini and her friends!

on a more relevant matter, we got cupcakes n presents for aya! yes cupcakes!! gathered in the middle of DUP, but it wasnt really much of a suprise anymore T_T

the heroic task of lighting up the cupcakes one by one

tadaa isnt this prettiness?? :D
the darling birthday girl ~♥
lpas tu, tgu apa lg, makan lah~ it was suprisingly yummeh! not as good as cupcake chic's, but still very good for an independant cakery like this. dahlah got free movies ticket coupons somemore hehe it was chocolate cake. but icing is still the best part of a cupcake :D

mine. ecchi wtf.
with aya-chan, one of the cutest, funniest and cheeriest girls in my class!
damn fun teasing the guys hehe everyone's so potientally-gay in usm, there should be a club lead by james ;p (KIDDING like duh everyone's straight. i think.)

aww their names are linked, ada jodoh ;p
oh yap is this dorky little ahbeng btw :D
LALA alert!

the lotamin being kinky
lookie lookie, thats my cute yellow kids plaster! got it when i er fell down at the stairs cis *curses* poor boy got scratched and asked for the yellow plasters whee of course, who doesnt want such cuteness on themselves~ it maketh me happi.

right in the middle of the padang kawad hehe
happy birthday darling aya! hope you have a good one! mwahhhh~!

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