Sunday, September 6, 2009

victor, victrola.

"these words are my heart and soul.
i'll hold on to this moment,
coz i bleed my heart out to show."

re-watching the 1st season of GossipGirl, and this song from the 7th episode: Victor, Victrola really caught my attention. i admit, the images that were played along this song helped in making it memorable hahahah i mean, who could forget the Back-of-the-Limo Incident?

im not used to writing these short irrelevant posts. im too used to contructing a full post with tons of fun-filled pictures and elaborations, i suppose. i have alot to say. but not here. not now. perhaps not even ever.

3000-words report and 1 assigment due this tuesday. which means i have 2 days to do it. well, 1 and half day considering that its already 4.30PM now. have to do laundry later. gahhhh i am the queen of last minutes!

i wonder sometimes if i burden people with my last-minuteness and my er laziness wtf. i find some recent incidents funny though, concerning that auntie and me. its like, everytime we janji to meet in the morning, we ALWAYS end up postponing it HAHAHHA! there was once we were supposed to meet at the ungodly hour of 9AM to finish our 10-pages assignment that were due at 3PM that same day wtf see how last-minute we are >_<

then at 8.45 i think i
half-sleep-half-texted her if she was awake with a "T_T" then she replied that she's still in bed whee overjoyed, i texted her to ask to postpone it to 9.30AM want or not? she hastily agreed and we went back to sleep hahahaha! then at 9.30AM she texted me (i was actually still in bed kekeke) to postpone it to 9.45AM coz she overslept. in the end we only managed to get out of the room (our rooms on the same floor) at 10AM!

and just that day, was supposed to meet at the less-ungodly-but-still-ungodly hour of 11AM to video her presentation. i woke up at 11.15AM >__< somehow or another, due to other circumstances as well, we finally did the video-presentation at 5PM wtf. you see we keng or not hahahahah!

i dont know how mini does it, i have a lot to learn from her o old wise man T_____T

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