Sunday, October 4, 2009

Best One-Week Holiday Ever ♥

its been a week since holiday ended =( another 2 months here before i can go back home again =(

these days i feel as if there is nothing much to look forward to everytime i wake up. maybe thats why i sleep so much? i want to feel excited and thrilled about things again!

speaking of thrilled, guess what! Cotton On is here in Malaysia!! i got some stuff from this brand when i was in perth and even in australian currency, its cheap-ass weih! like $10+ for a top or so. and the clothes are simple and niceeeee! am dying to go to kl now just to check it out!!

remember, you heard it first here.
(but i heard it from auntie and ciara lah hahahah!)

ok let me tell/show about what happened and the things i did during the Raya Holidays. boy was it awesome, coz everyone was back!

except miss divorced-from-"god"-liyuen hehe and the tragic story of leeboon under the rain and didnt make it to the next yc location change!

but whatever hehe

i arrived kuantan on saturday and that night itself we went out already! i think? ok i dont remember. anyways there was a rainy night when the usual leftovers went yc at Cherish. (it felt like those after-stpm times again, asyik2 char zr meifong tkl and saya saje yg asyik keluar malam2 hahah!)

then as tkl was sending zhenru back (char went clubbing at AfterSeven cis), he stopped too close on the soft muddy earth and it got stuck. not a reference to the russellpeters joke here wtf it really did got stuck!

dahlah it was raining! zhenru had to call her parents for help and her neighbours came to help too it was all a big hoo-ha but despite their efforts that lasted almost an hour or so in the drizzling rain, it still wouldnt budge. if it did budge it only went deeper into the mud. even the tow-truck guy couldnt do anything useful about it and left the scene.

in the end tkl called his parents and the first thing his dad said when he saw it was "smart boy" then he chuckled to himself =__=" finally his dad got some friends to pull it out using a cable and tadaa it was out! but flat tyre! they had to cahnge it and we all went back. whoo what an eventful night. definitely an interesting experience.

the next night i went out with safuan to oldtown for some catching up and made him invite us all to his house heheheee thanks saf ~

tuesday it is! safuan's house was rather pretty so we all took advantage of it to camwhore puas2 hehe sampai je terus keluarkn camera and mula beraksi :D hanya arti meiyan dan saya sahaja yang dengan semangatnya berpakaian tradisi tsk tsk tsk budak2 zaman sekarang. ohhh saf's mom's rendang was awesomeee omg i couldnt get enough of it! so deliciously tender and mmm perfecto! after that we went for some ABC at redcafe kekeke

1Malaysia wtf

the next night it was nadia's birthday/raya celebrations gathering at her house!
there were so many people and it first it felt rather awkward hahah but as soon as the camera is out we started to warm up and enjoy ourselves already wtf i reckon the camera is one of the best inventions of the world. any gathering without a camera would be a boring one =p

having said that, we camwhored all around nadia'a house. alot. like, alot alot.

with the pretty host of the night :D
camwhoring madness with arti meiyan and annabeth ♥♥♥
and more hehe!
us with maula partofabbas and er whatshisname again? >___<
every birthday should have a cake, of course. and a pretty birthday girl to go with it hehe.

can you spot me taking a picture back there hahahah btw these 2 pictures, credits goes to the ptohographer-person, not me coz i didnt take it. i merely stole it off facebook wtf sorry ah ;pyah after that we went yc at Fico hahahah! but it sucked so we went to the beach for some kfc pulak after that. pastu ada lah sedikit dramamama yang cukup menarik hehe!

OH OH OH i just have to jot this down! in this one week, i WENT TO HOIYIN TWICE!! first with sinclair (thanks ah hehe) and second with arti & terri! hello dearest curry-maifun-mee-mm-oi-siham + ee-mai-shuet!

oh then there was one night where the whole bunch of us went yc. at first wanted to go Fico (this was before nadia's gathering), but it was closed so TC is it but on the way there it started raining (poor leeeboon T___T) takkan still wanna go the the beach meh finally it was decided, Coffee Street wtf so random we've never lepak at Coffee Street before pun hahahaha!

bumped into so many ex-schoolmates and lawd knows how suddenly someone suggested going to er A7. but we were all dressed so selambe-ly! except for meifong, that is. she awal2 had other intentions for the night already hehehe =p

sorry terri anda tercropped-out T__T
the girls
weird beng in hoodie, kids-night-out and grabbings. thats all im posting about it hahahah bahaya seh~ but it was REALLY REALLY INTERESTING! and fun! good good music! too bad they didnt play uptown girl. teehee.

char brought us to Yong Foo after that. some cina restaurant that char is obsessed with their pai kuat wong fun hahah! at one point he got all irritated and pissy coz all our food had arrived and he was starving for his pai kuat wong fun hahahah damn funny! :D

friday night, was suddenly invited to aqid the oldness' house for Raya whee!
the said oldness.
we then abused his kittehs and put them in jars wtf
let me tell you. old aqid is a horrible host! asyik marah2 pastu suh org cepat mkn dn balik lak! halau je tau. pastu kt depan mak bapak dia dia nk kenakn aku cis babi btul hahahah takpe, aku balas dendam (this is in past tense).

really one! his mom also scold him hahahah so cute lah his family :D

sparklers whoooo ithem pretty things!

hobos reunited ♥♥♥am so going to enjoy this wahhahaha all the thai-jokes in the world whoohoo!

i mentioned this in the last post before huh but im putting these up again coz i love them hahah my birthday present from arti! 750g of nutella! and a scent-thing from oldness-aqid! i was actually suprised, i thought they're sharing coz they're a couple duh but i got a present from oldness too whee and its actually something i had been thinking about for a while yays a card was included too but it was evil and should be burned.

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