Monday, October 26, 2009

eat shit.

spent whole day in library today am i studious or what. PHS2 somemore, all the way to eureka! hahah bet you kuantanese/ians/whatever have no idea what i just said huh ;p

i was tempted by the supposedly large amount of storybooks there but disappointed to find out that it was only a few shelves of fiction sigh but i finally got the book i've been wanting to read for years (literally!) : The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-time by Mark Haddon.

wait i go bath first. (suddenly feel like it wtf)

ok back.

wait i put on my milk lotion first.

mmm smells yummy.

ok end of bimboness back to the point.

*scrolls up and down to remember the point of this post wtf

oh right. right.

went shopping with hantee last saturday! :D

makan lu, shop kemudian.

perangin mall and queensbay mall, conquered! ah its been awhile since we shopped and shopped for real like this! i got this rosary pearl cross necklace from padini for RM25 only! i've always loved those rosary, crosses and i love pearls and together they make an awesome combination! mucho loves!

do you know how we decided which mall to go to first? we flipped a coin. it should be a tradition hahah! to go or not to go to class? *flips coin. to buy or not to buy? *flips coin.

it seems as if everyone already went to this restaurant (and camwhored kaukau then post on facebook bnyk2) but us, so we decided to give it a try!

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant!

obviously, its all about toilets in this restaurant! we just
had to camwhore. cannot lose to all those other coursemates and friends who went long time before us cis we ordered cheesebaked rice and kiwi dessert so while waiting, we got into action :D

hantee's "pure and innocent" look. pfft.

my lala-fied phone complete with underwear stickers & pink bunny phonestrap and harajukulovers watch with silver heart dangling off. gahhh what have i become??!
food came.
complete with toiletBOWL.

ok i know many have compared their cheesebaked rice with kimgary's and i'd been so curious myself. here's the verdict. taste-wise: kimgary rocks! cheese-quantity&taste-wise: tbowl scores! there. done. bloody hell damn banyak goopy thick melted cheese mmm delicious. but rice still not very nice. cheese only nice hahah!

camwhore first.
beh tahan.

yer the top left picture was taken with auntie's phone! so nice and pink and pretty. why my phone's camera makes me look dead wan no fair WHY WHY WHY Y_________Y

dessert next! in shit-shape, as expected.
not that good. not really worth it. RM6+ i think? order just to take picture once then use picture forever to show off to people then worth it lah *cough

too full >____<

this is supposed to be my too-full face but cam x jadi je kn? =(obligatory self-camwhore shot. loves earrings.

perangin mall whoo! lalashops and cheap stuff galore~ got these pair of shades (old one died) from ISOS for RM21+ whoohoo coz usually the stuff there damn expensive coz supposedly imported from HK but actually can pre-order from blogshops the similiar kinda clothes for much cheaper. i've seen the same dress selling there for RM60+ but in blogshops RM30 only! same model modelling it somemore wtf. but but but. the stuff in ISOS damn nice : the bags, the glasses, the shoes and scarfs. i super want the skull scarf Y________Y

got 'em.

i got myself a wine-red hairband for RM3.90 as well and hantee did her own fair share of shopping, no doubt. mkn2 pun banyak, dari curry fishballs to jagungcustardpuffs to herbal egg and polobun :D

gahhhh tried on these pair of gorgeous darkblue-striped with red ribbon wedges and so want it but RM60+, gila. been obsessing about wedges for the past months sigh but have yet to find really nice affordable ones Y__________Y

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