Wednesday, October 21, 2009

festival of lights thingy ♥

the randomest offline message i ever got on msn.

(edited to uninclude some parts in the beginning)

ORANGE CURTAINS said (10:35 AM):
YEY ME!!!!!! claps aka london tipton oh u wouldnt know coz u dont have disney channel therefor u dont watch the suite life of zach and cody
ok tottally off topic

arti watches zach and cody =__=" so disney. patutlah minat miley cyrus, hilary duff dan jonas brothers =p

she just forced me to blog wtf

2 weeks ago was Shitty Week. it was filled with heavy hearts, assignment due dates, presentations for a strict lecturer (so strict that her class is the only class i wear longjeans and collared shirts to), hours upon hours of research in the library, frustrations at an incompetent group member and a terrible longing for those yam icecream days.

at the end of the week, we were exhausted. needed a break, good food and a pleasant environment. suitably we then decided to go to TGI Fridays ~

(actually i was supposed to attend a jap movie screening, already bought the tickets somemore but screw it lah i needed an escape. sorry huiyi Y____Y)

jack daniels beef burger!

i tell you the portions may look unsatisfying but once you're done with it its like urgh so full can die cannot move dy! mini ordered a salad and boy its as if they chuck the whole lettuce in the bowl! im so ordering it next time hehe i love salads!

after that auntie and i went for the lantern + lights festival thingy at the padang kawad! :D

it probably started around 7PM but we went at like 10PM so lebih kurang dh dekat penutupan dh but it was still fun! so many people everywhr! met up with intan beng aya & fud! then camwhoreddddddd!

this was how it looked like earlier. stolen from friend's facebook kekeke it creates a huge-ass 1 symbolising 1malaysia but by the time we arrived it was 98% gone boohoo =(

but whatever. yg penting camwhore.


dan camwhore lg.oh lupa, dan camwhore jugak.

i said camwhore so many times i think you'd come straight here if you google camwhore wtf

pole dancing. guess what/who's the pole. teehee.
terserempak with the "mascot" of the night, mooncake-face!
something super funny! lanci recently became mooncake-face after having gone through the !hua phase. there's so many nickanames for him you'd think i'd stopped there. but yesterdays class at DK A was so bloody cold and he was complaining, so we gave him another name: ping pei. (or however you spell it lah) as in the cold mooncake wahahhaahahahah!!

motto: mooncake-face. round, brown and oily WTF.

damn sporting this mooncakeface hahahah!! then last sunday bimbobeng met him at khaleel, saw his new haircut, took a picture and terus mms-ed it to auntie and i! super mooncake! *laughs uncontrolably

back to the festival.

*clears throat

at one point they asked everyone to come up the stage and dance!
us being the awesome people that we are, went straight up and danced like mad hahhahah clubbing gitu. lots of international students wearing tradisional performance clothes so sportingly danced like hiphop whatever gitu and they even played like those clubbing2-like song at the end hahah! tradisional celebration kononnya. tapi best gile.

i have a thing for lanterns. i simply love them.

same goes for my outfit for the night! am i loving it or what whoohoo! :D
i was wearing heels you know. not super high fancy ones but like RM10 (totally cute, nonetheless) ones and after that celebration auntie went back and i WALKED with the rest to mutiara tomyam there WTF

say i rock. say it.

(ok mutiara from padang kawad is like...from mega to coffee street. there ya go. now say it.)

sat there and laughed and bitched (janet wtf) and be loud and silly and annoying hehe after all, it is after midnight. and we're owls.

quote of the night, at the back of the kedai:
"this is fucking topshop you know!"

facebook must have been pretty quiet that night.

at least until we got back into our rooms :D

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