Sunday, October 25, 2009

"gemuruh jiwa, semangat membara..

..dari puncak ingin ke angkasa
berkalungkan INTAN berkelipan
menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa"

this is going to be a long-ass post, trust me. after all, this HIMPUN SISWA programme went on for 3 days 2 nights. after we came back, people asked how was it and somehow i didnt know the right word to describe it. it was...


frustration, geramness, lameness, hot, filth, gross, hungry, laugh, loud, fun, eyes rolling, exasperation, respect, salty, intellect, patriotism, late, food, naps, sleepiness.

these words seem to roll out as i thought about the 3 days spent at the pj campsite, kuala nerang, kedah.

wah so serious wtf.

the friday morning of leaving didnt start out well. i woke up late and in the rush of getting ready (thank God i packed the night before!), i forgot to put on decency and manners wtf which explains the spew of curse words as we walked towards to padangkawad to find that we were the only ones wearing this hideously bright yellow!


BUT. we felt so silly after that hahahah! coz we were looking at the wrong group of random tak sabit punya people! the himpun people were actually in the middle of the padang kawad. i suppose they blended in so well with the sunlight that we must have missed them.

yah, that must have been it.

maka, bertolaklah kami.

posing memosing with the cottoncandy bimbo bought
fluffy smuffy bits of pink heaven

i was woken up about an hour plus later, and realised that i was in the middle of absolutely-no-bullshitting-nowhere! i think i threw a bimbo-princess-fit wtf *shy

when they said this programme was 100% ind
oors and please wear formal clothes all the time, i was cheated to expect a nice classy air-conditioned place with perhaps separate rooms for a couple of girls in each and if im lucky enough one bathroom for each room.


(ok lah my fault also la. i didnt even bother to read the letter they gave us that might have explained some stuff teehee)

bloody hell it was like ALL the girls in ONE miserable 4-5 fan dorm, bunkbeds, freakin toilet in the middle of what could be called a teen jungle and swamps/ponds everywhere. the thing that sealed the deal of being miserable and unhygenic there? communal bathroom. huge-ass kolah air in the middle with murky cannot-see-the-bottom water to supposedly bath with.

still got this kind of thing in this era globalisasi (irrelevant) wan ah?!

and i
dont think the process of washing yourself with that water can be called a bath because a bath is supposed to make you cleaner, not infect your skin with parasites and goodnessknowswhatelse. auntie and i were like : (o_O)

we then took a gun and shoot ourselves to death.

HAHA YOU WISH. whatever.

this is the dewan makan, of which azam is like the pengerusi off hahah!

ironic, considering the fact that that guy hardly eats! its so weird hahahah contrast sngt with syam who kept getting hungry! i've never seen a guy eat so little and another who ate so often at the same time =p

them both.

i got to know azam when i first got into usm and we were like lepaking at the aman cafe almost everynight haha those were the times. then we didnt lepak anymore and just randomly terserempak around usm (and queensbay hehe). then found out he was (voluntarity!) joining this programme too and yays got more friends hahah meanwhile syam i didnt really know him before but i knew he was friends with intan so yah im really glad we all got to know each other better during this himpun nonsense coz they're awesome people yo :D

ah this was the day we decided to wear pakaian tradisional whoohoo!

we were so loudly camwhoring in the middle of the dewan in such attention-grabbing outfits that suddenly we were asked to be photographed by the official photographer and with the uum prof (?) somemore so random hahah! i wish i could get the photo from him sigh.

the only proper full-lengh one boohoodont have full lengh with everybody boohoo and azam didnt bring his!
so funny you know on the friday morning just before leaving bimbo told syam about our tradisional-clothes plan and he so sportingly ran back to his hostel to get his! oh and we found out what a camwhore azam is. like, seriously. hahahah whee same geng!

oh look at auntie's pwetty cheongsam! knee-lengh right? you know what the faci commented? they said it was too short and that in uum students are not allowed to wear that short WTF screw you lah we're from usm yo. this is a freakin tradisional clothes lah its nice enough that we wear it must you go and criticise? siao. we've got other things to worry about than on so-called "mencolok mata" clothes lah like like racism and er world peace.

look at them. tsk. kontroversi sngt.
hahahah those people behind them looking ny!

imma list out our daily schedule ok so you can judge wtf

6.30AM onwards: nonmuslim talk thing, riadah & sukan, breakfast, perbincangan dlm kumpulan, morning tea, PDK, lunch, PDK, tea time, riadah dan sukan, dinner, PDK, supper till 11.30PM.

count how many meals we have a day, count.

sebelum riadah ntah apa
yah i didnt bring any sports shoes/trackpants coz WE WERE TOLD ITS 100% INDOORS. it was only mild exercise so whatever it didnt affect anything. auntie and bimbo said they both kept watching stalking me and i didnt seem to do those stuff. like when supposed to interlink our hands i checked out ny nails wtf and put hands in pocket and just stood there wtf where got!

we were separated into 11 groups (auntie and bimbo same group boohoo) and i was put in Group 6, the only usm student in that group. not suprising though coz only a total of like 20 usm-ers were there?

this is my group 6 *obligatory smiley emot wtf
i see the point of these group separation thing, i really do.
i just dont like it.

i was pleased with my facilitators though coz they were very encouraging in us speaking up honestly on our views and they were understanding. and some of my group members, i can see that they really have something going on you know, they know quite alot of stuff. compared to me lah yg lgsg tak tau ape2 fakta, opinion je bnyk.

on the 2nd night we were given a treat! possibly the highlight of the entire programme, for me.

a showing of Talentime, a Yasmin Ahmad film!
i love love love it! its so pretty and so typical malaysian and had a distinct i-dont-care-what-you-think-imma-do-this-movie-however-i-like-it yasmin ahmad feel. mucho s! to think that this is like the last YA movie i'll watch Y______________Y whats her other movie not shown in msia that one ah?

oh for the showing, we all pakat to wear red :D

this one tipu wan hahah i didnt bring any red (save my bajukurung already worn in the daytime) so auntie lend/borrow/whatever me her red shawl instead whee then we camwhored together bnyk2 before the people asked the girls and guys to sit at separate sides wtf ini kelantan ka?

teehee at bottom left picture ;p

this was what we went to F21 that day on a weekday for hehe
speaking of red, we were given dark red bedsheets and pillow cases, which i so totally loves! okay my favourite colour is officially red. sorry purple, you're third now after black.

haz. pimple. on forehead. hates. hello photoshop wtf.

we met many cipets during this programme. but i cant talk about them here coz its like public duh. but oh boy was it fun to bitch heartily about them and repeat the story and have everyone (within our group) curse at their cipetness and nudge whenever cipet is near or give secret meaningful looks when cipet-relevant things happen/said. we bitched alot yo hahahah! coz they deserve to be. some people's midset are so narrow and set and closed that its just aggravating! its so cool though that we shared the same opinions and values :D

this is bimbo turning off bimbo mode for a while and going all serious.

damn respect and proud of him. but dont tell him i said that wtf. during the upacara penutupan thing, he went up to give some comments (tu pun sbab kena provoke. bloody guy dissed usm coz people from uum and unimap already went up to comment) and i recorded like 4minutes of it (when he talks, he
talks ;p). after that, people actually came up to me and asked for the recording! ohhh i wanted to go up to comment too but but but scared cannot control self >___<

auntie discovered my weakness in teeth-showing-smile boohoo

failed attempt during practising smiling with teeth. it looks way better when you stand a metre away from the computer screen, really.

oh i think i neglected to mention what our numerous discussions were about. malaysia. yah from the perlembagaan, to sistem politik, to hubungan etnik all. it was interesting, listening to what some people's views are. i secretly like it when somebody's views bercanggah with mine, then i can shoot hahahah nolah but in the end views are just views, there's no right and wrong. its important that everyone should know that but apparently some cipet in auntie's group beg to differ.

love this pic!

finally it was last day! speaking of redbean with mooncakeface, huiyi and auntie in facebook now reminded me of the salty greenbean soup we had the night before after wathing talentime. holy crap man its like they replaced the sugar with salt. super salty and like, urgh. weird weih i've never had salty ones before. dont dare drink it hahah i makan the beans only!

cant find one decent picture of bimbo sigh give up.

that guy azam smile so much you know hahahah everytime when someone says something to him he'll smile first then ny reply, so nice to talk to right :D

and on the way back i discovered that syam listens to japanese music whee!

wah went all emo on the way back wtf the waters reminded me so much of tc. plus i was having slight motion sickness dunno wanna blame bus driver or road Y______Y

after reaching hostel everyone went out to khaleel apparently. save me and auntie lah. then bimbo mms-ed the funniest picture to auntie and i! he met mooncake face who just got a haircut in khaleel and took a picture of him with the showing-off-mooncake haircut wahahhahaha!! too bad cannot post here, takut marah teehee.

after midnight. slippery senoritas.

これからに ながされても

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