Friday, October 2, 2009

"i duwan friend ahbeng"

thought i'd stop by and drop a few words while waiting for auntie to come back from spanish class then we can go dinner with beng and all to celebrate :D

well today is a pretty good day. its one of those days where nothing extraordinary happened yet everything went satisfyingly well enough. its a day well spent. i talked. i watched. i laughed. simple as that.

went to the same masscom tutorial this morning (!!) because auntie and i got too curious and excited about beng sara khai and sami's presentation! you see the night before they asked for our help in setting up costumes for their character and boy was it interesting! sami was suitably an old pakcik, beng was an apek bukit, sara was a rebel and khai was a she-male hahahah damn cute!

after that we went for brunch at anjung budi, its been so long since we've been there! then that lanci eating something that i liked but i dont know how to call it myself and he wasnt begin helpful cis so auntie helped me order she ordered "hor fun" and they gave me exactly that thing but finally i was told that its actually WA TAN HOR (or however you spell it). why must penang be so weird? imma blog something about that soon but back to the story we just sat there and talked and listened to stories and lepaked til 2PM! saw someone on a "date" hor eheheh :D

had masscom class! but listened to music and talked the whole time hehe THEN OMG.


you see, during tutorial on last wednesday the lecturer was asking people some questions and he got to me then ahbeng told him to call me auntie and the lecturer DID called me auntie WTF! then i duwan friend ahbeng dy wtf.

[flashback ends]

as the lecturer was taking attendance and called my name, he must have remembered and said i am the auntie right IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE 100+ PEOPLE CLASS WTF!

and everybody laughed, auntie april and ahbeng the loudest. gahhhhhhh!! then i strangled him and he died. the end.

*clears throat

ohh guess what i got for my birthday from dearest arti!
a whole 750g of nutella whoohoo! it was a bitch to bring back to usm though bloody heavy but so worth it! nothing gives a sugar-high more than a spoonful of pure unadulterated nutella

so yah auntie just called and we're going dinner in 15 minutes! lets see what can i talk about in 15 minutes.



i need to pee. but i malas wanna pee. coz i need to lock my door. and it sucks. and im lazy.

ok time's up gotta go menyibuk with their celebration of finishing THEIR presentation = dinner. bai!

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