Tuesday, October 20, 2009

jolly and co.

as a tribute (wah cam dh mati dh) to bimbo beng, i will say, that these are our moments.

"a moment caught in glass", as hyde says.

me the maha penyibuk joins the theatre people (basically most of the masscom people, except me wtf) in watching some monologue performance during the weekend. it was really a good experince and im so glad i went!

gerMANY FACES week! auntie and i tried the yummy choc moist cake, apple crumble, german cheesecake and carrot walnut. delicious wanted to test drive the cars too but have to wait and we didnt have enought time Y____Y

*rubs it in char & zr's face kekeke

look at all the red plates and smoked salmon ciara hogged for "backup"! and that yiling, she eats wasabi as the main dish with the sushi as a side, seriously. scary.

i had a total of 8 plates whooo! just realised that earlier this year i had 8 plates too! unagi and salmon galore hoye (to quote aya)!! :D

after that i went off to gurney to meet up with my cousin irene and her family. this is her youngest, dylan, trying to eat with chopsticks. uber adowable! and fynn kept asking if i knew his name, never seen him that talkative before!

joyriding in the bus with UK after our little "date" at Roti Bakar, wanted to pick auntie up after her spanish class but the yellow bus left befor we could caught it boohoo

randomly hanging out in the Art School wit auntie and beng! mucho loves!

trying on awesome dresses at Forever21 and camwhoring. i swear F21 is like my facourite shop ever in QB Mall! there was this lace dress i tried on, it was PERFECTO. perfect in texture, perfect in lengh just right about the knee, perfect in material and perfect in colour. however, SO NOT PERFECT in price. Y_____Y

auntie and i got j.co donuts! newly opened whee we got the mini ones with 12 flavours altogether and camwhored in my room with each and everyone of them hahahah!

feeding fishes (with expired bread wtf) at the tasik biawak with auntie, mooncake-face and bimbobeng. what a leisurely nice day that day was~

attending the same human comm tutorial class again just to watch their presentation hahah thats the pakcik, apek bukit, mak nyah and rebel character they were potraying while debating :D

japanese entertainment night!

watching an anime movie A Stormy Night at the freezing-ass cold DK A! Possibly the gayest anime i've ever watched hahahahah! mei and gav omg and that UK asyik copy them hahahaha!

2 more interesting events that deserve a post of their own coming soon!

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