Saturday, October 24, 2009

redbean icecream.

ah it is so late already now.

just wanted to write some things down.

last night, i had a moment. (nmpk sngt influence bimbo ni, moment2 je tau)

in a way, it could be seen as a turning point. an epoch, possibly? i think i could look back in the future and still remember the exact feeling i felt sitting there on the couch : oily keropok in hand, images of meganfox on tv, the dim lighting of the busstop, the candycane shirt, the cranberry hairband and the sudden flicker of the flourescent light in the hall.

the clock ticked 3AM.

the night seemed to close onto me. and gradually, everything was stripped off.

well, almost everything.

what a new and weird feeling. i could never get used to it. yesterday was a day of new things, i suppose. those who knew me would be very much suprised by what i did. or perhaps they wouldnt be at all, because all in all, how many people can i say really know me?

some things just had to be done. bravo to good friends for talking me into/out of it. the result may not be satisfactory but i did my part, so says bimbo.

mmm the leisurely talk. the awkward interruptions. the languid evening breeze. the soft warm paws of the kitty. the brush of the nightly air against my skin. the interference by the twinkle of the cellphone. the indolent voice. i felt it all. i took it all in.

lets not forget the triple birthdays. the chaos caused by chocolate. the excitement of risking getting caught. the flourish of hearty goodbyes and thankyous. the rush of chasing the yellow bus.

a day to be remembered. what a day.

this shouldnt even be on this blog.

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