Sunday, November 22, 2009


when i was young, i recall my mother throwing away something that i really liked. i made a huge fuss until she got the exact same one for me again that same night. i was probably about 4 then?

even until now, whenever my favourite belongings got lost or broken beyond usage, if i'd to get a new one i'd get the exact same one in design/pattern/type/colour/whatever.

like my black flipflops that got detached at the er thing. i got another exact same one. or my pinkbunny phone strap. i got the same one as well when the old one got lost. i'd have bought another maggiet black lace strap too if i had gone to gurney.

in situations like these that involve changes in life, whether minor or major, the mature thing to do would be to just accept it, adapt to it and move on.

well then i suppose im not being very mature then, am i?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

we're typical IPTA students like that yo

another pointless post! but a jolly one yays!
ah perhaps the point of this post is to be pointless for perhaps the beauty lies in this being pointless. having too much of a point could be bad sometimes.


it was a tough 2 weeks of studying cramming making notes and discussing. pictures of what i have been doing for the past couple weeks and oh it was all so tiring and exhausting and almost-miserable but you know what, i had great fun! we made great memories and i dont regret not studying earlier at all.

(ok maybe a little la wtf coz its hard to cram a whole bloody book into the brain in one night ok. ONE EFFING NIGHT. EFFING HARD.)

a very familiar scene during the past week. studying in khaleel for HOURS, into the wee hours of the morning. glasses of drinks come and go. people come and go. we're there so often (everynight ok, seriously) that we totally know who's always at khaleel also hahah (hello geneharn!)(hello hassan!)(hello roobana!)(hello sami!)

random funny picture. mukhlis HAHA as in asraf as in bimbo. totally accidental!
was studying titas, fuck titas.

another scene at the library.
the best part was, I DIDNT SLEEP! ok lah they woke up in the morning and i woke up in the afternoon. selamba ny book discussion room then sleep beramai-ramai hahah auntie hantee april abuela even dragged several chairs together for comfort!

The Armpit Incident.
in the event of melancholy, mention the Armpit Incident and the Bimbo Face and all will be fine and dandy again wtf bring tissues in case of wet eyes. pfft. wahahahahahah! abuela and papito being fierce RAWR.

all work and no play makes us NOT us wtf so this is play.
photoshoot konon for arja's thingamajig but we camwhored ourselves kaukau hahahah any excuse to camwhore eh? had fun and lunch together (thankiu arja mwah!) JELLY ICECREAM YUMS!

oh ini jagung bakar yg orgasmic
warm, buttery, peppery and salty. mucho loves! selling by the roadside near khaleel and the owners are friendly :D seriously i cannot study without junkfood.
current obsession: NIPS with raisins damn almost one packet everyday! me likes!

last night was the last night we struggled/crammed/studied in khaleel for this semester! last paper humancomm this afternoon at 2.15PM. we have never opened the book (except for the assignment) until yesterday night. one book in one night, you tell me how can not suffer. off the roti bakar then khaleel at say, 9PM?

abuela (gramma in spanish) fell asleep halfway poor thing. take advantage lah tunggu apa lagi ;p

tukar lokasi to mcd instead at 2AM! look at the mess we made!
*cuts of lashes and gives away to the REAL girls instead wtf
breakfast. YES STILL IN MCD. sausagemcmuffin & hashbrown

sun rised. school students came in and out. 8AM. pick someone up. head to aman cafe to continue studying till 9AM. khaleel since last night at 9PM till aman cafe at 9AM. FOL kaukau bhahahahah! went back tido for a couple hours then out again for final exam of the semester!

i didnt do bahagian C at all (30 marks) boo. soalan pun x pilih. didnt read, didnt know. whatever.

camwhore a little after exam while exchanging highfive, hurrahs and whoopdedoos hehe mooncakeface came out first so he has to belanja us all icecream potong redbean!

how do i say random coursemates without sounding rude/bitchy? >____<
stepped on slugs ewww gross not me though hahah!


i dont regret it at all. we had good times. memories worth creating.

Monday, November 16, 2009

pink bunny.

so the past couple weeks were study/exam week, as you might have noticed. or not. considering the amount of posts i put up this month. i know, im a sucker for escapism :D

i hate my study patterns. its so mood-dependant and it can only happen properly at night! like the other night for masscom paper, i stayed up till 7AM and woke up an hour later to take the 9AM paper. crazy. typical uni student, one might even say. and i just have to have junkfood when im studying. which sucks coz its like bad for health and stuff, dh lah i study at night je. tsk. its a blessing i dont study often wtf

honestly there is no point to this post. just feel like writing some shit here. you know me. in fact i just woke up 2 hours plus ago. had psycho exam this morning and i did all 120 multiple choices questions in 50 minutes. the exam was supposed to be 3 hours long. i rock or what haha *nervous laugh ok its not like i knew all the stuff in there. half of the time i didnt even know what that question was asking so just randomly bulat anything. thats why i was quick. i didnt had to think or try to remember any fact, i just knew nothing.

thats me, studying and stuff.
only not.

im hungry and i want pizza dammit! and jagung bakar. and and and hoiyin curry mee dammit. i'll be home in a week whoohoo. i hope. dad's coming to pick me up and we'll be going to ipoh and sitiawan or some other places first. sitiawan! i want kompiang hahahah!

going home. i dont think home is the same anymore. not being home for so long had made me missed out some rather important stuff. things have changed. i've never liked change. but as they say the only constant in life is change. we have no choice but to go with it. its rather heartbreaking, in some ways.

things to look forward to:

-19th nov, last paper humancomm!
-20th nov, being touristy in penang whoohoo!
-30th dec, jazz band concert thingamajig!
-17th dec onwards, hopefully, singapore!

i say hopefully. i aint saying anything else till im there wtf dont want to jinx things! i have a long history of putting high hopes and expectations only to be disappointed in the end. i dont like disappointments. therefore i have no expectations. works the same for people too. and exams wtf.

its already november huh. has it really been a year already?

abuela will so kill me for being online now!

Friday, November 13, 2009

i effing ♥ exams


(despite all the dramas and immaturities)

(high school is easier to say than secondary school. so sue me)

AND I LOVE EXAMS IN HIGH SCHOOL. i've never mentioned this before and imma sound absolutely crazy, but exam seasons are the best time ever in high school. in fact, i look forward to it every several months! here's reasons why:

  • no homework during the whole period

  • no need to study several subjects everyday (not that i do anyways wtf)

  • only need to study the next paper punya subject and kautim

  • no teachers masuk kelas except when ada paper

  • can sit everywhere anywhere keluar masuk kelas and buat bising manyak2

  • teachers dont teach/come in during the whole week after exam (busy marking papers)

  • boleh balik terus lepas exam

  • getting the results is exciting

    and last, but definitely NOT least:
  • the pleasant suprise that come when my marks are higher than most people in my class even though i practically studied nothing. due to my stroke of luck/fate/whatever.

its a wonderful feeling, truly. i love exams in highschool.

which is exactly why university exams will be my downfall FML.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

boys will be boys. NOT.

yes yes its me again yes yes im here again yes yes first finals paper in 4 days and 5 more straight after that yes yes i have not started studying (except a little of psycho & trans) yes yes i just woke up yes yes i slept for 12 hours yes yes im having nutella for breakfast yes yes im constantly on facebook yes yes im blogging again YES I GEDDIT.

but this is too awesome to not be posted up!

spotted on intan's fb's "about me":

"i'm a happy babe." - intan

"aku melayu la, babi" - sue ann

"kau ni bodoh ke apa?" - vun

"i love jae joong." - syam

"intan, u tau i ngan X kan?" -aya

"X is straight ar?" - april


classic quotes from us. oh there's more to be put in (2 minutes, for example.) but due to lack of space. *shrugs i just realise, since coming to usm two of the most frequently asked questions are: "guy or girl?" and "is x straight?" that pretty much sums up how things are here in usm hahahahah!

Sue Ann : only in usm will you find boys that make girls wait, boys that create dramas and fussy indecisive boys ;p
where 5 minutes actually mean 15 minutes. serious true! the girls often have to wait for the guys and like, call them out. "dh mkn belum? jom mkn" "kul 7 ok?" "nk mkn apa?" "dtg ke x?" "kami smpai dh, trun la skang" GIRLS SAY THAT. WE SAY THAT. and all the dramas and complications sigh bakti boys in particular. nobody does drama like the bakti boys does ;p

maybe we're the boys and they're the girls.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

wishing wand

gile, pkai bj kurung ke library sbab x tau nk pkai ape dh.

yet now i'm standing here, my heart's so full i can't explain,
seeking faith and speaking words i never thought i'd say.

i blog way too often these days.
im so obvious sometimes.


12PM: woke up, partly due to auntie messaging me ohhh spanish test over wanna watch jennifer's body? to be decided later.

1PM: lunch at bakti's, as usual. sweet potato tong sui yays! intan woke up late, syam & bimbo er its friday so its stay-in-room time ;p

2PM: suddenly decided to go to QB and watch jennifer's body with bowie mini hantee james and dee

2.30PM: buy tickets. cashier demands seeing 6 student cards, we show 6 student cards hmph met my translation classmates and syam & vun! how coincidental hahahah bdk2 usm finals dh over dh ke? belum.

3.30PM: sushi king 3-5PM 20% off + salmon promo. ate 2 plates of salmonsushi,6 pieces total ahhh bliss

4PM: movie starts!

its really ridiculous, but megan fox omg totally eff-worthy!
but they cut so banyak scenes that some parts got confusing and lost. damn obvious ok they cut, one scene the two girls were kissing (ooohlala) and next thing you know they're on the bed arguing and you can hear the half-end of a sentence =__="

5PM: movie ends. met up with intan, aya, vun & syam while the rest balik boo but how fun everyone was in QB yesterday (even azzam, apparently) so happening & cool and all that hehe oh but wait. bimbo wasnt there. bimbo was the only one who wasnt there. *rubs it in his face* Loser. with a capital L ;p

6PM: makan in food court. i had a cinnamon sugar pretzel and greentea icecream whee i iz hapi :D oh something shocking!! syam. couldnt. finish. his. food!! syam! the ever-hungry syam who actually ate 2 bowls of SALTY bubur kacang hijau during HIMPUN! *shock

7PM: balik usm. x mau turun kete haha

9PM: teman hantee to makan at cafe aman, mini too. mini wore the cutest pajamas! sat there and talktalktalk~ XD

11PM: balik hostel. sat in hall and watch parishilton's my new bff wtf

12AM: khaleeling!
before dinner at QB just now we already set to go khalleling at midnight :D

longest khaleeling session ever: 4 hours! usually its just 3 hours wtf and we always meet the same people at khaleel hahah geneharn la "hassan" la jun la sami la~

people came and go, drinks finished and reordered.

at first it was only vun syam bimbo intan and i then syam & vun left and a while later sami & jun came to join us and later even azzam! hence the amount of glasses haha but that was before ordering the 2nd/3rd/whatever round of drinks :D

khaleeling is, like, therapy. talked about nonsense and the most irrelevant stuff hahahah not to forget all the in-your-face-yo moments ah and the insulting double-meanings that seemed to be embedded in most sentences. i know, im sadistic that way. creative ways to secara-tidak-langsung insult people is my thang yo ;p

quotes of the day:

"oi melayulah, babi!"
"kau bodo ke apa?"
"ONLY 2 minutes?"
"korek sekorek-koreknya"

ah i khaleeling

ps: khaleel is a mamak restaurant.
pss: thanks jun sbab belanja us all :D


Friday, November 6, 2009

amirul aqid yg ketuaan!

Amirul Aqid

Amirul Aqid esok ade exam lagi esok.... camner ni... harap2 ade panda yg boleh tlg aku...

Sue Ann Tang
Sue Ann
x tau ape tu panda. org tua tau lah. kau. :D

brape kali kau nk ulang perkataan esok tu brape?

Amirul Aqid

Amirul Aqid esok ade exam lagi fuk la... camner ni... aku berharap ade malaikat panda tolong aku study malam ni...

Sue Ann Tang
Sue Ann
malaikat ade la. panda sudah habis stock wtf.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

because it was finally 3rd nov.

you're in luck! i feel like blogging today. or uploading the pictures, at least. who knows when will this post be actually finished and posted up. life is filled with uncertainties wtf suddenly going all wise and quote-y.

its 3rd november! remember the confusion 2 months ago?

lets start from the very beginning. it was the eve of her birthday that bimbo and i went out to queensbay for the whole day to settle and plan the little suprise we had in mind for intan. were totally in planner-mode seh: drawing, writing, consulting, calculating and planning on pieces of napkins & receipts everywhere hahah!

but still sempat watch TimeTraveler'sWife whoohoo!
and makan indian food teehee

the movie's so tragic! rachel mcadams is the perfect woman omg she's just so beautiful i think im in love with her wtf btw indian food was good but service suck-ass hmph.
here's the thing, not too long ago, the 4 of us (auntie intan bimbo and i) were in F21 trying on clothes and we got intan to try on 3 dresses. 1st: short partial-lace dress, 2nd: full-black-lace dress and 3rd: flowy maxi dress. they ALL look good on her bloody hell! ;p unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, for we didnt have to make a decision anymore thank goodness) they 1st and 3rd couldnt be found anymore so we got the 2nd one! :D

its a mind-blastingly gorgeous dress, i tell you.

sadly, some couldnt make it on the 3rd (her REAL birthday, mind.) and they have exams on the 4th so in the end we postponed it to the night of 4th boo which sucked coz a girl deserves to be celebrated and wished on her real birthday! damn evil you know that bimboasraf asking us to not wish her and make dunno so she'll feel sad on her birthday but all the girls (and syuk haha) wished her anyways coz WE HAVE HEARTS like normal humans do! ;p

4th nov. 7pm. their dance practice ended. aya and i ambushed her at fajar. she seemed stunned with disbelieve/confusion/blurness as we gave her the dress and got her to quickly get ready to go out and celebrate! love the moment! our moment. the moment that bimbo MISSSED coz he isnt a girl (not yet anyways) and cant get into the girls hostel *rubs in his face

got ready in half an hour. but the other side of the team not ready yet cis so we sat around and waited.

and waited.

camwhored a little


syam came awhile later (looking absolutely gorgeous, btw. pics later!) with aya dini and anys but the other side still not done so we blindfolded intan and er took her around tesco parking lot to confuse/mislead her.

(note to self for future reference: intan's not one to be easily confused.)

the original plan was to chloroform her. but zoethemini couldnt get the chloroform in time and using violence to knock intan out could lead to a legal suit so we decided not to. mini, why couldnt you get the chloroform!!

kidnapped and packed, ready to be transported.

as we lead her towards katasila from the parking lot (dh lah hujan, damn babi the weather!), she figured it out that we were in katasila no thanks to one particular slope. oh well duh after all, she's been going to katasila for like 137468 times already right hahahah!

stairway to (donut) heaven?
(ye la, tau, i recycle caption dr facebook. so sue me.)

the birthday girl all dressed up

we had a theme that night! at first we contemplated having a masquerade or black&red theme but settled for Back-to-School in the end! im so glad we chose Back-to-School yo coz we rocked it! i wasnt suppose to let intan know anything but she totally figured out the theme when i put on the knee-lengh socks (thanks munchee dear!) and tied my hair in two ponytails hahahah!

and so the camwhoring begins. not suprised, are you?

Class of 09!

we major in Awesomeness and minor in Flicking Hair.
pfft. budak2 skema. whatever.
(mini looks incredibly cute here ahhh wanna keep in pocket! *geram)

the class joker, the class "delinquent", the head girl and the head boy :D
the class teacher. need some spanking? ;p
(fud looks so joyously terrified, if ever there was such an expression hahahah!)

oh boy looks some introduction is needed! auntie bimbo intan and mini are regulars here so need no introduction. the cute guy on the furthest right is fud, anys is in black cardi, dini yg rajin in light gray skirt, syuk is in blue shirt, thats syam behind dini and oh amy is the one in white tudung but not in this pic. confused? *laughs and does nothing else

i bribed head girl with jco teehee (head hantee's more like it hehe)
damn effing bergaya these two! *geram >___<
the dork and the er baru-habis-makan-jco-cute-schoolgirl?
we're international students yo! (totally loving this pic, btw! )

who wants students with such attitude problems?
good boy go bad feat. sueann
(the cobra starship song feat. leighton meester (as in blairwaldorf), geddit?)

as usual, im the only one not paying attention when the teacher is speaking wtf
there's really no story to tell about this pic.( just random hideous expressions HAHAH hantee is cute though)

hantee iz fierce boo. scared *quoting mooncakeface

ah it was such random fun! didnt had any other things/games/activities/whatever prepared so shuk/syuk/whatever and fud starting dancing along to pussycatdoll's buttons/whenigrowup/whatever in the exact steps sequence in the musicvideo wth BY MEMORY!!

fud damn cute la like a little happy kid like that *gerammm :D

after that they danced gamelan and wau bulan WTF damn big difference ok from pussycatdolls to tarian tradisional hahahah!only they can do that! i like wau bulan, its so cheery and upbeat, makes me happy watching it hahah! with full costume like during the performances for the secondary students, ahhhh it'd be even more love~ :D

here's a vid! cant believe usm hotspot actually let this through whoohoo!
(sorry you keep hearing my voice, i got too excited wtf i sound incredibly dumb and childish in videos boo and why so dark one T____T ps: amy and fud danced beautifully!)

a night to be remembered and kept deep inside the heart omg thats probably the cheesiest thing i'd ever said! *cringe
class picture
much credits to fud for coming up with this idea!

but birthday girl is missing boo. after that we (excluding the ones with "komitmen" hahah komitmen is such an overused phrase!) went yc at khaleel complete with our costumes hahah!

then then then the maggi goreng wasnt as nice as usual boo. oh. lots of interesting things were talked about: of 2 minutes, second rounds, 4 minutes and byebyes. absolutely priceless.

mucho you guys and happy birthday dearest intan! :D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Day Ever!

the current love of my life: my Bershka faded gray skinny jeans.

let me explain what this thing we're going to is for. its a showcase/performances by the Art School of USM, for Secondary students around Penang.

damn i love art school!

the pesertas. there's intan, aya, fud, amy and arja! *points

jazzband and music school people perform

we clapped, we cheered, we danced, we made noise.

the after party wtf


some things are better left unsaid. unspoiled and untainted.

what a waste, really. it was really a perfect day. a day to be remembered.