Sunday, November 22, 2009


when i was young, i recall my mother throwing away something that i really liked. i made a huge fuss until she got the exact same one for me again that same night. i was probably about 4 then?

even until now, whenever my favourite belongings got lost or broken beyond usage, if i'd to get a new one i'd get the exact same one in design/pattern/type/colour/whatever.

like my black flipflops that got detached at the er thing. i got another exact same one. or my pinkbunny phone strap. i got the same one as well when the old one got lost. i'd have bought another maggiet black lace strap too if i had gone to gurney.

in situations like these that involve changes in life, whether minor or major, the mature thing to do would be to just accept it, adapt to it and move on.

well then i suppose im not being very mature then, am i?