Thursday, November 5, 2009

because it was finally 3rd nov.

you're in luck! i feel like blogging today. or uploading the pictures, at least. who knows when will this post be actually finished and posted up. life is filled with uncertainties wtf suddenly going all wise and quote-y.

its 3rd november! remember the confusion 2 months ago?

lets start from the very beginning. it was the eve of her birthday that bimbo and i went out to queensbay for the whole day to settle and plan the little suprise we had in mind for intan. were totally in planner-mode seh: drawing, writing, consulting, calculating and planning on pieces of napkins & receipts everywhere hahah!

but still sempat watch TimeTraveler'sWife whoohoo!
and makan indian food teehee

the movie's so tragic! rachel mcadams is the perfect woman omg she's just so beautiful i think im in love with her wtf btw indian food was good but service suck-ass hmph.
here's the thing, not too long ago, the 4 of us (auntie intan bimbo and i) were in F21 trying on clothes and we got intan to try on 3 dresses. 1st: short partial-lace dress, 2nd: full-black-lace dress and 3rd: flowy maxi dress. they ALL look good on her bloody hell! ;p unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, for we didnt have to make a decision anymore thank goodness) they 1st and 3rd couldnt be found anymore so we got the 2nd one! :D

its a mind-blastingly gorgeous dress, i tell you.

sadly, some couldnt make it on the 3rd (her REAL birthday, mind.) and they have exams on the 4th so in the end we postponed it to the night of 4th boo which sucked coz a girl deserves to be celebrated and wished on her real birthday! damn evil you know that bimboasraf asking us to not wish her and make dunno so she'll feel sad on her birthday but all the girls (and syuk haha) wished her anyways coz WE HAVE HEARTS like normal humans do! ;p

4th nov. 7pm. their dance practice ended. aya and i ambushed her at fajar. she seemed stunned with disbelieve/confusion/blurness as we gave her the dress and got her to quickly get ready to go out and celebrate! love the moment! our moment. the moment that bimbo MISSSED coz he isnt a girl (not yet anyways) and cant get into the girls hostel *rubs in his face

got ready in half an hour. but the other side of the team not ready yet cis so we sat around and waited.

and waited.

camwhored a little


syam came awhile later (looking absolutely gorgeous, btw. pics later!) with aya dini and anys but the other side still not done so we blindfolded intan and er took her around tesco parking lot to confuse/mislead her.

(note to self for future reference: intan's not one to be easily confused.)

the original plan was to chloroform her. but zoethemini couldnt get the chloroform in time and using violence to knock intan out could lead to a legal suit so we decided not to. mini, why couldnt you get the chloroform!!

kidnapped and packed, ready to be transported.

as we lead her towards katasila from the parking lot (dh lah hujan, damn babi the weather!), she figured it out that we were in katasila no thanks to one particular slope. oh well duh after all, she's been going to katasila for like 137468 times already right hahahah!

stairway to (donut) heaven?
(ye la, tau, i recycle caption dr facebook. so sue me.)

the birthday girl all dressed up

we had a theme that night! at first we contemplated having a masquerade or black&red theme but settled for Back-to-School in the end! im so glad we chose Back-to-School yo coz we rocked it! i wasnt suppose to let intan know anything but she totally figured out the theme when i put on the knee-lengh socks (thanks munchee dear!) and tied my hair in two ponytails hahahah!

and so the camwhoring begins. not suprised, are you?

Class of 09!

we major in Awesomeness and minor in Flicking Hair.
pfft. budak2 skema. whatever.
(mini looks incredibly cute here ahhh wanna keep in pocket! *geram)

the class joker, the class "delinquent", the head girl and the head boy :D
the class teacher. need some spanking? ;p
(fud looks so joyously terrified, if ever there was such an expression hahahah!)

oh boy looks some introduction is needed! auntie bimbo intan and mini are regulars here so need no introduction. the cute guy on the furthest right is fud, anys is in black cardi, dini yg rajin in light gray skirt, syuk is in blue shirt, thats syam behind dini and oh amy is the one in white tudung but not in this pic. confused? *laughs and does nothing else

i bribed head girl with jco teehee (head hantee's more like it hehe)
damn effing bergaya these two! *geram >___<
the dork and the er baru-habis-makan-jco-cute-schoolgirl?
we're international students yo! (totally loving this pic, btw! )

who wants students with such attitude problems?
good boy go bad feat. sueann
(the cobra starship song feat. leighton meester (as in blairwaldorf), geddit?)

as usual, im the only one not paying attention when the teacher is speaking wtf
there's really no story to tell about this pic.( just random hideous expressions HAHAH hantee is cute though)

hantee iz fierce boo. scared *quoting mooncakeface

ah it was such random fun! didnt had any other things/games/activities/whatever prepared so shuk/syuk/whatever and fud starting dancing along to pussycatdoll's buttons/whenigrowup/whatever in the exact steps sequence in the musicvideo wth BY MEMORY!!

fud damn cute la like a little happy kid like that *gerammm :D

after that they danced gamelan and wau bulan WTF damn big difference ok from pussycatdolls to tarian tradisional hahahah!only they can do that! i like wau bulan, its so cheery and upbeat, makes me happy watching it hahah! with full costume like during the performances for the secondary students, ahhhh it'd be even more love~ :D

here's a vid! cant believe usm hotspot actually let this through whoohoo!
(sorry you keep hearing my voice, i got too excited wtf i sound incredibly dumb and childish in videos boo and why so dark one T____T ps: amy and fud danced beautifully!)

a night to be remembered and kept deep inside the heart omg thats probably the cheesiest thing i'd ever said! *cringe
class picture
much credits to fud for coming up with this idea!

but birthday girl is missing boo. after that we (excluding the ones with "komitmen" hahah komitmen is such an overused phrase!) went yc at khaleel complete with our costumes hahah!

then then then the maggi goreng wasnt as nice as usual boo. oh. lots of interesting things were talked about: of 2 minutes, second rounds, 4 minutes and byebyes. absolutely priceless.

mucho you guys and happy birthday dearest intan! :D

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