Sunday, November 8, 2009

boys will be boys. NOT.

yes yes its me again yes yes im here again yes yes first finals paper in 4 days and 5 more straight after that yes yes i have not started studying (except a little of psycho & trans) yes yes i just woke up yes yes i slept for 12 hours yes yes im having nutella for breakfast yes yes im constantly on facebook yes yes im blogging again YES I GEDDIT.

but this is too awesome to not be posted up!

spotted on intan's fb's "about me":

"i'm a happy babe." - intan

"aku melayu la, babi" - sue ann

"kau ni bodoh ke apa?" - vun

"i love jae joong." - syam

"intan, u tau i ngan X kan?" -aya

"X is straight ar?" - april


classic quotes from us. oh there's more to be put in (2 minutes, for example.) but due to lack of space. *shrugs i just realise, since coming to usm two of the most frequently asked questions are: "guy or girl?" and "is x straight?" that pretty much sums up how things are here in usm hahahahah!

Sue Ann : only in usm will you find boys that make girls wait, boys that create dramas and fussy indecisive boys ;p
where 5 minutes actually mean 15 minutes. serious true! the girls often have to wait for the guys and like, call them out. "dh mkn belum? jom mkn" "kul 7 ok?" "nk mkn apa?" "dtg ke x?" "kami smpai dh, trun la skang" GIRLS SAY THAT. WE SAY THAT. and all the dramas and complications sigh bakti boys in particular. nobody does drama like the bakti boys does ;p

maybe we're the boys and they're the girls.

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