Saturday, November 7, 2009


12PM: woke up, partly due to auntie messaging me ohhh spanish test over wanna watch jennifer's body? to be decided later.

1PM: lunch at bakti's, as usual. sweet potato tong sui yays! intan woke up late, syam & bimbo er its friday so its stay-in-room time ;p

2PM: suddenly decided to go to QB and watch jennifer's body with bowie mini hantee james and dee

2.30PM: buy tickets. cashier demands seeing 6 student cards, we show 6 student cards hmph met my translation classmates and syam & vun! how coincidental hahahah bdk2 usm finals dh over dh ke? belum.

3.30PM: sushi king 3-5PM 20% off + salmon promo. ate 2 plates of salmonsushi,6 pieces total ahhh bliss

4PM: movie starts!

its really ridiculous, but megan fox omg totally eff-worthy!
but they cut so banyak scenes that some parts got confusing and lost. damn obvious ok they cut, one scene the two girls were kissing (ooohlala) and next thing you know they're on the bed arguing and you can hear the half-end of a sentence =__="

5PM: movie ends. met up with intan, aya, vun & syam while the rest balik boo but how fun everyone was in QB yesterday (even azzam, apparently) so happening & cool and all that hehe oh but wait. bimbo wasnt there. bimbo was the only one who wasnt there. *rubs it in his face* Loser. with a capital L ;p

6PM: makan in food court. i had a cinnamon sugar pretzel and greentea icecream whee i iz hapi :D oh something shocking!! syam. couldnt. finish. his. food!! syam! the ever-hungry syam who actually ate 2 bowls of SALTY bubur kacang hijau during HIMPUN! *shock

7PM: balik usm. x mau turun kete haha

9PM: teman hantee to makan at cafe aman, mini too. mini wore the cutest pajamas! sat there and talktalktalk~ XD

11PM: balik hostel. sat in hall and watch parishilton's my new bff wtf

12AM: khaleeling!
before dinner at QB just now we already set to go khalleling at midnight :D

longest khaleeling session ever: 4 hours! usually its just 3 hours wtf and we always meet the same people at khaleel hahah geneharn la "hassan" la jun la sami la~

people came and go, drinks finished and reordered.

at first it was only vun syam bimbo intan and i then syam & vun left and a while later sami & jun came to join us and later even azzam! hence the amount of glasses haha but that was before ordering the 2nd/3rd/whatever round of drinks :D

khaleeling is, like, therapy. talked about nonsense and the most irrelevant stuff hahahah not to forget all the in-your-face-yo moments ah and the insulting double-meanings that seemed to be embedded in most sentences. i know, im sadistic that way. creative ways to secara-tidak-langsung insult people is my thang yo ;p

quotes of the day:

"oi melayulah, babi!"
"kau bodo ke apa?"
"ONLY 2 minutes?"
"korek sekorek-koreknya"

ah i khaleeling

ps: khaleel is a mamak restaurant.
pss: thanks jun sbab belanja us all :D


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