Monday, November 16, 2009

pink bunny.

so the past couple weeks were study/exam week, as you might have noticed. or not. considering the amount of posts i put up this month. i know, im a sucker for escapism :D

i hate my study patterns. its so mood-dependant and it can only happen properly at night! like the other night for masscom paper, i stayed up till 7AM and woke up an hour later to take the 9AM paper. crazy. typical uni student, one might even say. and i just have to have junkfood when im studying. which sucks coz its like bad for health and stuff, dh lah i study at night je. tsk. its a blessing i dont study often wtf

honestly there is no point to this post. just feel like writing some shit here. you know me. in fact i just woke up 2 hours plus ago. had psycho exam this morning and i did all 120 multiple choices questions in 50 minutes. the exam was supposed to be 3 hours long. i rock or what haha *nervous laugh ok its not like i knew all the stuff in there. half of the time i didnt even know what that question was asking so just randomly bulat anything. thats why i was quick. i didnt had to think or try to remember any fact, i just knew nothing.

thats me, studying and stuff.
only not.

im hungry and i want pizza dammit! and jagung bakar. and and and hoiyin curry mee dammit. i'll be home in a week whoohoo. i hope. dad's coming to pick me up and we'll be going to ipoh and sitiawan or some other places first. sitiawan! i want kompiang hahahah!

going home. i dont think home is the same anymore. not being home for so long had made me missed out some rather important stuff. things have changed. i've never liked change. but as they say the only constant in life is change. we have no choice but to go with it. its rather heartbreaking, in some ways.

things to look forward to:

-19th nov, last paper humancomm!
-20th nov, being touristy in penang whoohoo!
-30th dec, jazz band concert thingamajig!
-17th dec onwards, hopefully, singapore!

i say hopefully. i aint saying anything else till im there wtf dont want to jinx things! i have a long history of putting high hopes and expectations only to be disappointed in the end. i dont like disappointments. therefore i have no expectations. works the same for people too. and exams wtf.

its already november huh. has it really been a year already?

abuela will so kill me for being online now!

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