Thursday, November 19, 2009

we're typical IPTA students like that yo

another pointless post! but a jolly one yays!
ah perhaps the point of this post is to be pointless for perhaps the beauty lies in this being pointless. having too much of a point could be bad sometimes.


it was a tough 2 weeks of studying cramming making notes and discussing. pictures of what i have been doing for the past couple weeks and oh it was all so tiring and exhausting and almost-miserable but you know what, i had great fun! we made great memories and i dont regret not studying earlier at all.

(ok maybe a little la wtf coz its hard to cram a whole bloody book into the brain in one night ok. ONE EFFING NIGHT. EFFING HARD.)

a very familiar scene during the past week. studying in khaleel for HOURS, into the wee hours of the morning. glasses of drinks come and go. people come and go. we're there so often (everynight ok, seriously) that we totally know who's always at khaleel also hahah (hello geneharn!)(hello hassan!)(hello roobana!)(hello sami!)

random funny picture. mukhlis HAHA as in asraf as in bimbo. totally accidental!
was studying titas, fuck titas.

another scene at the library.
the best part was, I DIDNT SLEEP! ok lah they woke up in the morning and i woke up in the afternoon. selamba ny book discussion room then sleep beramai-ramai hahah auntie hantee april abuela even dragged several chairs together for comfort!

The Armpit Incident.
in the event of melancholy, mention the Armpit Incident and the Bimbo Face and all will be fine and dandy again wtf bring tissues in case of wet eyes. pfft. wahahahahahah! abuela and papito being fierce RAWR.

all work and no play makes us NOT us wtf so this is play.
photoshoot konon for arja's thingamajig but we camwhored ourselves kaukau hahahah any excuse to camwhore eh? had fun and lunch together (thankiu arja mwah!) JELLY ICECREAM YUMS!

oh ini jagung bakar yg orgasmic
warm, buttery, peppery and salty. mucho loves! selling by the roadside near khaleel and the owners are friendly :D seriously i cannot study without junkfood.
current obsession: NIPS with raisins damn almost one packet everyday! me likes!

last night was the last night we struggled/crammed/studied in khaleel for this semester! last paper humancomm this afternoon at 2.15PM. we have never opened the book (except for the assignment) until yesterday night. one book in one night, you tell me how can not suffer. off the roti bakar then khaleel at say, 9PM?

abuela (gramma in spanish) fell asleep halfway poor thing. take advantage lah tunggu apa lagi ;p

tukar lokasi to mcd instead at 2AM! look at the mess we made!
*cuts of lashes and gives away to the REAL girls instead wtf
breakfast. YES STILL IN MCD. sausagemcmuffin & hashbrown

sun rised. school students came in and out. 8AM. pick someone up. head to aman cafe to continue studying till 9AM. khaleel since last night at 9PM till aman cafe at 9AM. FOL kaukau bhahahahah! went back tido for a couple hours then out again for final exam of the semester!

i didnt do bahagian C at all (30 marks) boo. soalan pun x pilih. didnt read, didnt know. whatever.

camwhore a little after exam while exchanging highfive, hurrahs and whoopdedoos hehe mooncakeface came out first so he has to belanja us all icecream potong redbean!

how do i say random coursemates without sounding rude/bitchy? >____<
stepped on slugs ewww gross not me though hahah!


i dont regret it at all. we had good times. memories worth creating.

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