Monday, December 28, 2009

☆ shopping in singapore ☆

shopping in singapore is the best!! i was staying over with my cousin and she lives super near to mrt station and orchard road so everyday can go out! :D

pwetty malls~

honestly most of the stuff i bought is available in malaysia anyways but everytime i see the $10 sigh i have to have it! thats like RM25 but still, $10 looks so little right!! *comforting self wtf

here's a list of things i got for myself.

5 tee shirts.
#1: plain teal from Uniglo $14.90 (superb quality!)
#2: dark blue hoodie dress from Uniglo $9.90
#3: pale peach blouse from New Look $9.90
#4: red-orange leopard from Cotton On

jap candy/choc :D
dont remember price, but cheaper than malaysia!

more clothing items teehee
#1: blue checked nightie (as if imma wear it to sleep) from Cotton On Body $9.90
#2: leopard-print skirt Cotton On $15
#3: blue-rose print skirt from New Look $9.90
#4: black shorts Cotton On $10

$19.90 Robinsons. love the material!

back-to-school bag wtf
$18 from Bugis Junction.

L'arc~en~Ciel's Theatre of KISS!!!
only $35!!!
so happy can die!!

i watched it and ohhh it makes me want to jump and shout! such an energetic performance and you can see the band members really giving their all and the songs arrangement is really well-done and hyde. oh hyde. just being hyde. and his voice. ahhhh total bliss.

one thing i really like about singapore is how safe it is just to walk around the city alone and the convenience of the mrt and how the malls are usually concentrated in one area, connected to each other by the underpass. so easy and i dont feel as if im in danger by walking alone. i like shopping alone so usually we'll shop together for a couple hours, they go back home and i'll continue shopping myself and going about wherever i want to, just the way i like it. :D

ps: Cotton On is officially my favourite shop for clothes.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"have you met Ted?"

yes im back from singapore yes im back in penang yes im in usm right now yes class starts tomorrow yes i havent been blogging yes i have missed out lots and no this is not the singapore post.

this, is a list of the random facebook groups/pages that my cousin joins and damn they're hilarious! i was listing them out with my brother and we were laughing our ass off!


  • looking in the fridge, then the cupboard, then the fridge, then giving up./

  • "have you met Ted?" (hello, the awesomeness that is How I Met Your Mother tv series?)

  • i sleep less, im tired. i sleep more, im tired. what the hell?!

  • watching people argue on facebook is pure entertainment

  • aRE U SPeAkin LYK Dis ON PurPOSE , or are you just retarded?

  • when i was younger i put my face close to the fan to hear my robot voice.

  • oh you're a fan of farmville? im a fan of having a life. (HAHAHAHA)

  • friends are like potatoes, if you eat them they die. (DUH HAHAHAHA!!)

  • snape. snape. severus snape. DUMBLEDORE! (wth so random!)

  • i hate the little triangle that is never wiped by the windscreen wiper

  • pressing the button more at the crossing will make the green man come quicker

  • mom, can i go? ask dad. dad, can i go? ask mom. -_-

  • smiling at the computer while having an interesting conversation!

  • i sit on facebook bored, hitting the home button.

  • i hate it when someone else takes the piece of food i have mentally claimed.

  • paper cuts, so small yet so evil.

  • i read the group name, i laugh, i join, i never look at them again.

  • i have died over 147 times for not having forwarded those chain e-mails. (SO TRUE wtf)

  • i dont care if there's a fridge full of food, THERE'S NOTHING TO EAT!

  • trying to turn the light on with your head, when your hands are full.

  • we talk to each other on the computer, but in public its awkward.

  • pretending you're writing so the teacher doesnt call on you. (that, or pretend you're thinking hard wtf)

  • when i was young SMARTIES were in a tube with a plastic top the popped. (is there a point to this group?)

  • yeah, ok, yes, yeah, yeah, ok, yes, ok, i know, ok, yes, BYE MOM. (guilty as charged)

  • why yes, i do frequently burst out in a song.

  • in 2013, i will watch 2012 and laugh!

  • i dont smoke. there are cooler ways to die. (i totally agree wtf)

  • people who dont sleep enough because they stay up late for no reason.

  • the drunken text appreciation society. (HAHAH)

  • "yes mum im nearly home!" *hang up* shit i better leave now.

  • remember back in the day before facebook when we all have a life.

  • when i realise the word "bed" looks like a bed, my mind was blown.

  • fuck the war in iraq, we have to catch voldemort. (HAHAHAH VOLDEMORT HAHAHA!)

  • it sounded funier in my head.

  • telling me not to do something only makes me want to do it more. (reverse psychology much?)

  • pinky promises are serious.

  • i wish i could taste as krabby patty (hahahaha omg i secretly think this too sometimes while watching spongebob!)

  • "but why is the rum gone?" club (how irrelevant oh captain jack sparrow)

  • why is pingu's dad always ironing when none of them wear clothes?

  • hearing your parent's footsteps and that textbook is suddenly open.

  • oh shit, we have homework? (sounds like me FML)

  • throwing things at people, and then pretending you are innocent. (no, i never do that. never ever ever ever. EVER. *coughs)

  • i dont care if there's 30 seconds left in this class, im packing up. (more like 15 minutes)

  • sorry. edward cullen wont be your boyfriend. HE DOESNT EXIST.

oh there so much more, all so effing funny! and bear in mind, they're all facebook pages/groups and honestly, some are so completely random and pointless. but. so. funny. HAHAHAHAH.

Friday, December 18, 2009

im my own genie yo.

2 years ago, i wrote this on my other blog. its a wishlist, a christmas wishlish. lets see what i have managed to get for myself within these 2 years. oh and its in purple because thats the theme of that blog back then xD

comments in black. explanations needed.
strike means GOT IT, BIATCH! *snaps finger

in no particular order:

#1: go to JAPAN~!!
#2: KISS & HURRY XMAS CD (2 years dy still belum dapat wtf)
#3: all hyde & l'arc~en~ciel dvds. lives. MVs. ALL.
#4: meet HYDE! *faints*
#5: all the Japanese candy i can get!

for illustration purposes only

#6: Perfume: Clinique 'Happy', Estee Lauder 'Pleasures' (THANKYOU YEEMAH!), Anna Sui the one with the fairy on the bottle, Nina Ricci 'Nina', Lancome 'Tresor'
#7: clothessssssssssssssssssssssssss
#8: accessories: cool glam loud ones~ (im satisfied enough with my current collection, so, strike!)

Vivienne Westwood! super-cool!

#9: cross necklaces!! heheh (total: 4)
#10: liquid eyeliner, super-dark!
#11: Gilmore girls whole series dvd box set (damn i still want this very much!)
#12: sunblock
#13: black leather glove. or red. coolness~
#14: anything leather really. black.
#15: Internet 24/7 (well since usm hotspot is 24/7 so. back then i could only go online 2hours a day wtf zaman kegelapan.)
#16: water bottle. a metal one.

#17: handbag. medium-sized black leather all buckley one! (bolehlah)
#18: new hair-style. lots of texture & volume, red-chunky highlights!
#19: a good digital camera (muahahahahahaha! best. purchase. ever.)
#20: the ability to wear heels T___T i'd wear them 24/7. (thankyou, God)
#21: contact lenses, preferably coloured brown-ish. (RM120+?) (thankyou, MrsGod liyuen)
#22: a CLEO mag subscription
#23: STPM 4A (close enough wtf)
#24: MUET band 6! Ok ok band 5. (band 5! bolehlah!)
#25: a nice dark red RED RED nail polish
#26: skin-care/hair-products that actually works and SMELL good~
#27: strawberries. unlimited supplies! and peaches too. and pomegranate. and and...more strawberries! ;p
#28: quality chocolates: dark, with mint/coconut/hazelnuts.
#29: a dog. not-hyper, not bising, not ugly, low-maintenance.
#30: those porcelain Victorian-costume dolls.
#31: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

this is getting ridiculous...damn i'm shallow~ hahah ok ok!

  • family & friends happy and healthy
  • ME happy and healthy!
  • no banjir please (these few years no banjir dy kt rumah! *touchwood)
  • and happiness!
  • to be able to speak eloquently
  • to be understood
  • world peace (indeed)

oh dammit just let me be happy k!

HAHAHAHAHA damn ridiculous right! so banyak permintaan! but out of 31 wished i managed to get 15. not bad right? im so proud of myself hahah especially the camera one! 80% my own money k dont pwaypway i dont have the kind of parents that buys me stuff like most people do so i work for the things i want. looking back into my archives for the past 2 years (i started that blog in september 2007), the posts were all so happening and happy and eventful and just plain interesting.

and then i realised, who i am today is the product of the past 2 years.
before that 2 years, i was just there. not living, not being anything, not noticing anything, not learning, not brave enough to step out of my comfort zone. and now. damn, things have changed so much. im so glad im not that person anymore. well thats a story for another day. ciaos.

ps: i iz in singapore. faster kirim me money go shopping.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


stumbling upon this long-ass (10 minutes!) video of l'arc~en~ciel, i pondered whether or not to watch it as i dont usually go youtubing and this wimax is so slow! i decided to watch it after all and im so glad i did! coz its freakin AWESOME! :D

released very very recently, its a compilation of recent live performances for 2 songs: Hurry Xmas & I Wish 2007. i think some are from the 15th l'anniversary lives and some are from the Theatre of Kiss lives? or is it the Are You Ready Mata Heart Ni.. lives? i dont recall, all vital pics & videos are in my kuantan computer boo whatever lah hahah!

(though, btw, of course for I Wish 2007, they p'unk~en~cieled it)

hyde sings live so awesomely awesome and if i may say so, looking mighty fine! especially in that t-shirt omg who knew such a simple tee could made him look so uber sexy

and this look!! those eyes mmm and he gave this little adorable shake right after. kyaa-worthy! xD

watching them perform so enthusiastically with all the lavish stage deco, costumes & props gave me such a nice jolly feeling i was sorely tempted to stand up, jump around, swinging my hands while singing along at the top of my voice. i however did not, for society would deem it madness wtf damn lah i wanna see them live LIVE!!

i love it how at the last line where hyde sings

"せいなる よる に くちづけ を! thank you Jesus"

he always gives a cute little flying kiss after that hehe
(note: it means a kiss on this blessed night!)

eye patch whoohoo hyde plays the guitar for P'unk~en~Ciel!
ah this is the original music video for Hurry Xmas, lotsa santa running around whee and that odd little animated boy on the bed hehe (ok sounds wrong) notice the red lipstick mark on hyde's neck oohlala he looks really hot here! such a jazzy sparkly utterly christmassy tune ~

ok when is he ever not hot right wtf am repeating myself too much. ok end of fangirling whatever. damn i feel a little giggle bubbling up.


Friday, December 11, 2009

untold stories

internet oh internet. yesterday was such a mahfan day, going around town just to get internet. first went to mcd by the beach, couldnt connect. then off to oldtown kopitiam, still couldnt connect. waste money je *curses so in the end brilliant lulu asked me to go to her house to use her wireless instead

(next time park my car behind her house then online in the car /wahaha)

go people's house steal wireless still can let people pamper me somemore hahahah she gave me a mini manicure (mini!) and fed me fries somemore damn beh pai seh wtf *sayangs

nah, dedicated to you limlulu. (alasan nk promote gmbr diri sendiri wtf)

speaking of yesterday, i found this interesting article in The Star! we pass by this particular elders' home quite often in penang (duh, sungai dua kn) and everytime sure will nudgenudge abuela then abuela will nudgenudge me wan hahahah xD

ohh btw, the rain stopped since lulu left kuantan wtf HAHA i am so evil. no lah she came back 2 days ago and the sun is still out! in fact, it w
as actually rather warm yesterday. can tone down abit ah mr.sun? though honestly the perpetual rain was so glum & depressing urgh im so glad it stopped and now people can frisk around and be merry again whee :D

after all, 'tis the season to be jolly, no?

speaking of which, guess how i will be "celebrating" christmas? i
n a 4-hours-ride bus. from singapore. to kl. huh. but i'll be in singapore for almost 10 days and it'll be really fun (i hope) and pretty (so i've heard) so lets look forward to that instead, shall we?

haha i sound like im trying to convince myself. well then, i am. i need to convince myself over a lot of things lately, it seems. there isnt much agreeable things happening right now, nor anytime soon. a bend in the road, one would say. many bends, in fact. hence the convincing. dont
worry about it.

lookie, my favourite stretch of road in kuantan :D
sometimes i feel really blessed to have such kind, unselfish people around me. you know, the feeling of being on the receiving end of a simple, compassionate deed that really comes from their heart is just so...indescribable. i know i sound totally cheesy, but whatever.

like the other day, my neighbour called me over to take something and rupa-rupanya she made some kuih just because she knew i was back home. the thing is, she is an unmarried, aged seamstress who's taking care of her unwell mother and could barely make a comfortable living. yet she gave so generously and even told me that i could come back to kuantan alone whenever i want 'cause i could have my meals with her. hearing her say that, gosh, that feeling. she is always so kind to us, always giving food she made herself, sending us to the bus terminal, fusing to accept any money for our clothes alteration and charging minimal fees for tailoring clothes. i wish i could do something for her one day, when im making my own money and could afford things myself. till then, im just helping in doing little things for her and her mom. btw, her food & kuihs & cakes, yummeh.

ok i have this rather weird habit. i cant keep my feet down for a long time wtf. i dont know if its natural for other people to have this little habit too but i tend to prop my feet up on something whenever im sitting down. even in school last time, when the teacher is teaching, i’d sit sideways and prop my feet on the chair next to mine (or sit cross-legged. thank goodness for bajukurungs haha) . its just more comfortable that way. even now i’ll look for second chairs just to put my feet on it and in cinemas i’ll er perch my feet on the back-of-the-armrests of the chairs in front of mine wtf (if you know what i mean) hahahah! so. sometimes i get caught in er situations where i cant do that (though practically dying to, damn uncomfortable ok!) and sometimes, just sometimes, there would be someone beside me who would let me er prop my feet/legs up on theirs wtf (usually i dont even say anything though i suppose i look so like it, they offered hehe) to those people, i thank you for your understanding and kindness, really. you guys know me well hehe xD

another tale. there was once a girl boy girl Boy (cant decide wtf) i know, who, after being jokingly asked to take care of a certain Awesome Girl by this certain Auntie (who was going to be absent for a while), went out of his way to fulfill his err destiny wtf. no wait, i mean responsibility hahah! so this er Boy was asked by Auntie to make sure AwesomeGirl photocopy Something Important, and guess what, that Boy went to do it all by himself early in the morning! mind, the photocopy place was OUT of school ok o_O AwesomeGirl died of guilt that day wtf. the Boy also dutifully made sure AwesomeGirl wake up in the morning (gasp!) to study in the library all day long (with regular breaks, of course, dont be silly.) and went out of his way to oversee his child charge. for that, the AwesomeGirl is mucho grateful, i am sure.

i do not forget easily, whether good or bad deeds done. (though ironically, i tend to forget everything else wtf) it’s those simple nice things that people do to/for me that really impress upon me.

whether you’re putting on a top coat on my nails as im busy facebooking in your house, asking me if i want any donuts when you’re out at qb, sharing your small umbrella when its hot/raining, borrowing (not lend, i learned the difference hehe) money when i realised im short on cash, giving me your extra transparent sheet just as i found out that the presentation should be done that way, letting me room-raid you for food when im hungry in the middle of the night, asking if i need any extra examples/materials related to assignments or sending me back even when you’re late for a movie, i really mean it when i say thank you, you know.

damn weih suddenly i feel like im a very menyusahkan orang punya person, FML.

but you know you love me, xoxo. gossip girl wtf

Monday, December 7, 2009

Girls' Night Out

the night started off normal enough, stalking people online and ogling at pictures of pretty girls (cleavage whoohoo!) while sipping a nice cup of hot chocolate. a girls' night out huh. roaming around gelora and graveyards aimlessly, ended up in tc despite earlier protests. im suprised we didnt even went to see the bapuks hahah! midnight.

anyone passing by tc last night, if you could recall a certain myvi (er i think la wtf) parked right in front of the icecream kiosk, that's meifong ;p im not even sure if its fully legal to park there, considering the fact that the sign says "tempat letak kereta sementara untuk pelanggan kiosk".

define sementara, please. somehow i dont think sementara includes time spent sitting down on the pavement watching a lousy MJ-wannabe showoff his moves (or the lack of it), standing there making remarks on crotch-grabbing (sarcasm + meanness on full-mode), camwhoring by the mcd benches and more stalking online under the mcd pondok before the laptop turned itself off (battery kong) right at the climax.

thankiu meifong for taking this~

sementara. a rather subjective word, no?

ah the funniest moment. just as meifong "carked the par" right in front of the kiosk, terri jumped out and opened the car but in a way that suggests she was taking out the speakers ala those lame people who park at the sides and play annoying-techno-whatever music on full-blast complete with speakers at the but. HAHAHAHAH classic. (note: she was only taking out her keys from the bag. kept behind.)

1AM. heading back. (or else. ;p) departed from kiosk. evacuate the dance floor plays. windows down. voices at top volume. *screams and sings along hahahahah :D

according to HowIMetYourMother dictionary, we'd be called Woo Girls. classic Woo Girls woo-ing at everything hahahah damn i love that series!

all windows down. fu~ the cold wind blew so hard all the way from the front and back that our hair got all messed up hehe all the while screaming and singing along to songs. onaji song HAHAHAH *sorry private joke xD

next thing we knew there was a police car next to us near the pantai selamat trafiic light wtf and i didnt have my safety belt on (haha security belt!) and they were looking at us wtf apa lagi, shaddap and roll up the windows lah hahahah luckily they soon turned left and we're free to woo again! yesss!

right at the galing school traffic light, the sight of the wide-open door of nearby 7Eleven and the workers lounging there inspired us to shout "7Eleven! Wooooo!" at them. yah as if they didnt know they're working in 7E right hahahah!

im sorry if i seem to be rather cheong hei about these minor things that happened last night. just that it was a good night, i had a great time and i'd like to remember it hehe i dont think i've let loose like that in a long time :D

it seems like the further it is past midnight, the easier the superficiality slips off and the easier it is to just be.
dont bother processing this, im just talking to myself.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

blue sands ~♪

i am strangely drawn to writing today. its been raining all day today.

(hey it rhymes. wait, does it still count as rhyming when its just the same word repeated?)

i feel as if its been raining since forever until a certain girl texted a reply saying "today only started raining wat!" which pretty much jerked me into reality, just as if someone threw a bucket of water in my face wtf now tell me, what is exaggeration if not a flight of poetic fancy, right?

truth be told im feeling rather blue today. just a solid royal blue with a slight dip in the brightness curve, nothing too serious yet. nothing gets to me like a long rainy gloomy day. what is december in kuantan if not perpetually melancholic weather?

but i do not hate this particular kind of weather as passionately as i hated penang's erratic weather. at least i know that it will continue to rain until goodness-knows-when. at least i know that this is just the way it is in december. i find solace in knowing that things (and people) are behaving just the way they're supposed to be.

i can drive around again!

meanwhile, i am indulging myself in rereading all my favourite l. m. montgomery books while snuggling under warm blankets and soft pillows. you know, the ones about a girl with green eyes and an imagination? i believe i'd read them so many times that having 2 perfect five-fingered hands isnt enough to count the total of times. and no flight of poetic fancy there for you. ah i love them. they're my perfect perfect escapism.

as i was taking out the fourth book (hello, dusty miller) yesterday, a little white piece of paper slipped to the floor. i picked it up to see that it was dated October. well i aint saying anything more but that it was a pretty interesting moment. mmm like dark chocolate and honey&clover, bittersweet.

speaking of chocolates, there is still a fairly large amount of them left in the fridge from earlier this year. not just any chocolotes, but imported ones mmm yums~ once you've gone imported there's no looking back like seriously. call me a chocolate snob, whatever. whats there? a pile of ritter sport hazelnut and ritter sport yoghurt, old gold, assorted merci and toffee. merci, so perfectly scrumptious.

that, of course was written several days ago. as of today, the sun decided to come out for a little stroll so the world (of kuantan) is all bright and sunshiny again. how long will this last?

oh blue sands i dont want to go up there~