Friday, December 11, 2009

untold stories

internet oh internet. yesterday was such a mahfan day, going around town just to get internet. first went to mcd by the beach, couldnt connect. then off to oldtown kopitiam, still couldnt connect. waste money je *curses so in the end brilliant lulu asked me to go to her house to use her wireless instead

(next time park my car behind her house then online in the car /wahaha)

go people's house steal wireless still can let people pamper me somemore hahahah she gave me a mini manicure (mini!) and fed me fries somemore damn beh pai seh wtf *sayangs

nah, dedicated to you limlulu. (alasan nk promote gmbr diri sendiri wtf)

speaking of yesterday, i found this interesting article in The Star! we pass by this particular elders' home quite often in penang (duh, sungai dua kn) and everytime sure will nudgenudge abuela then abuela will nudgenudge me wan hahahah xD

ohh btw, the rain stopped since lulu left kuantan wtf HAHA i am so evil. no lah she came back 2 days ago and the sun is still out! in fact, it w
as actually rather warm yesterday. can tone down abit ah mr.sun? though honestly the perpetual rain was so glum & depressing urgh im so glad it stopped and now people can frisk around and be merry again whee :D

after all, 'tis the season to be jolly, no?

speaking of which, guess how i will be "celebrating" christmas? i
n a 4-hours-ride bus. from singapore. to kl. huh. but i'll be in singapore for almost 10 days and it'll be really fun (i hope) and pretty (so i've heard) so lets look forward to that instead, shall we?

haha i sound like im trying to convince myself. well then, i am. i need to convince myself over a lot of things lately, it seems. there isnt much agreeable things happening right now, nor anytime soon. a bend in the road, one would say. many bends, in fact. hence the convincing. dont
worry about it.

lookie, my favourite stretch of road in kuantan :D
sometimes i feel really blessed to have such kind, unselfish people around me. you know, the feeling of being on the receiving end of a simple, compassionate deed that really comes from their heart is just so...indescribable. i know i sound totally cheesy, but whatever.

like the other day, my neighbour called me over to take something and rupa-rupanya she made some kuih just because she knew i was back home. the thing is, she is an unmarried, aged seamstress who's taking care of her unwell mother and could barely make a comfortable living. yet she gave so generously and even told me that i could come back to kuantan alone whenever i want 'cause i could have my meals with her. hearing her say that, gosh, that feeling. she is always so kind to us, always giving food she made herself, sending us to the bus terminal, fusing to accept any money for our clothes alteration and charging minimal fees for tailoring clothes. i wish i could do something for her one day, when im making my own money and could afford things myself. till then, im just helping in doing little things for her and her mom. btw, her food & kuihs & cakes, yummeh.

ok i have this rather weird habit. i cant keep my feet down for a long time wtf. i dont know if its natural for other people to have this little habit too but i tend to prop my feet up on something whenever im sitting down. even in school last time, when the teacher is teaching, i’d sit sideways and prop my feet on the chair next to mine (or sit cross-legged. thank goodness for bajukurungs haha) . its just more comfortable that way. even now i’ll look for second chairs just to put my feet on it and in cinemas i’ll er perch my feet on the back-of-the-armrests of the chairs in front of mine wtf (if you know what i mean) hahahah! so. sometimes i get caught in er situations where i cant do that (though practically dying to, damn uncomfortable ok!) and sometimes, just sometimes, there would be someone beside me who would let me er prop my feet/legs up on theirs wtf (usually i dont even say anything though i suppose i look so like it, they offered hehe) to those people, i thank you for your understanding and kindness, really. you guys know me well hehe xD

another tale. there was once a girl boy girl Boy (cant decide wtf) i know, who, after being jokingly asked to take care of a certain Awesome Girl by this certain Auntie (who was going to be absent for a while), went out of his way to fulfill his err destiny wtf. no wait, i mean responsibility hahah! so this er Boy was asked by Auntie to make sure AwesomeGirl photocopy Something Important, and guess what, that Boy went to do it all by himself early in the morning! mind, the photocopy place was OUT of school ok o_O AwesomeGirl died of guilt that day wtf. the Boy also dutifully made sure AwesomeGirl wake up in the morning (gasp!) to study in the library all day long (with regular breaks, of course, dont be silly.) and went out of his way to oversee his child charge. for that, the AwesomeGirl is mucho grateful, i am sure.

i do not forget easily, whether good or bad deeds done. (though ironically, i tend to forget everything else wtf) it’s those simple nice things that people do to/for me that really impress upon me.

whether you’re putting on a top coat on my nails as im busy facebooking in your house, asking me if i want any donuts when you’re out at qb, sharing your small umbrella when its hot/raining, borrowing (not lend, i learned the difference hehe) money when i realised im short on cash, giving me your extra transparent sheet just as i found out that the presentation should be done that way, letting me room-raid you for food when im hungry in the middle of the night, asking if i need any extra examples/materials related to assignments or sending me back even when you’re late for a movie, i really mean it when i say thank you, you know.

damn weih suddenly i feel like im a very menyusahkan orang punya person, FML.

but you know you love me, xoxo. gossip girl wtf


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  2. awww auntieeee..
    *coughpukecough* awesomegirl *coughpukecough* again.