Sunday, December 6, 2009

blue sands ~♪

i am strangely drawn to writing today. its been raining all day today.

(hey it rhymes. wait, does it still count as rhyming when its just the same word repeated?)

i feel as if its been raining since forever until a certain girl texted a reply saying "today only started raining wat!" which pretty much jerked me into reality, just as if someone threw a bucket of water in my face wtf now tell me, what is exaggeration if not a flight of poetic fancy, right?

truth be told im feeling rather blue today. just a solid royal blue with a slight dip in the brightness curve, nothing too serious yet. nothing gets to me like a long rainy gloomy day. what is december in kuantan if not perpetually melancholic weather?

but i do not hate this particular kind of weather as passionately as i hated penang's erratic weather. at least i know that it will continue to rain until goodness-knows-when. at least i know that this is just the way it is in december. i find solace in knowing that things (and people) are behaving just the way they're supposed to be.

i can drive around again!

meanwhile, i am indulging myself in rereading all my favourite l. m. montgomery books while snuggling under warm blankets and soft pillows. you know, the ones about a girl with green eyes and an imagination? i believe i'd read them so many times that having 2 perfect five-fingered hands isnt enough to count the total of times. and no flight of poetic fancy there for you. ah i love them. they're my perfect perfect escapism.

as i was taking out the fourth book (hello, dusty miller) yesterday, a little white piece of paper slipped to the floor. i picked it up to see that it was dated October. well i aint saying anything more but that it was a pretty interesting moment. mmm like dark chocolate and honey&clover, bittersweet.

speaking of chocolates, there is still a fairly large amount of them left in the fridge from earlier this year. not just any chocolotes, but imported ones mmm yums~ once you've gone imported there's no looking back like seriously. call me a chocolate snob, whatever. whats there? a pile of ritter sport hazelnut and ritter sport yoghurt, old gold, assorted merci and toffee. merci, so perfectly scrumptious.

that, of course was written several days ago. as of today, the sun decided to come out for a little stroll so the world (of kuantan) is all bright and sunshiny again. how long will this last?

oh blue sands i dont want to go up there~

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