Monday, December 7, 2009

Girls' Night Out

the night started off normal enough, stalking people online and ogling at pictures of pretty girls (cleavage whoohoo!) while sipping a nice cup of hot chocolate. a girls' night out huh. roaming around gelora and graveyards aimlessly, ended up in tc despite earlier protests. im suprised we didnt even went to see the bapuks hahah! midnight.

anyone passing by tc last night, if you could recall a certain myvi (er i think la wtf) parked right in front of the icecream kiosk, that's meifong ;p im not even sure if its fully legal to park there, considering the fact that the sign says "tempat letak kereta sementara untuk pelanggan kiosk".

define sementara, please. somehow i dont think sementara includes time spent sitting down on the pavement watching a lousy MJ-wannabe showoff his moves (or the lack of it), standing there making remarks on crotch-grabbing (sarcasm + meanness on full-mode), camwhoring by the mcd benches and more stalking online under the mcd pondok before the laptop turned itself off (battery kong) right at the climax.

thankiu meifong for taking this~

sementara. a rather subjective word, no?

ah the funniest moment. just as meifong "carked the par" right in front of the kiosk, terri jumped out and opened the car but in a way that suggests she was taking out the speakers ala those lame people who park at the sides and play annoying-techno-whatever music on full-blast complete with speakers at the but. HAHAHAHAH classic. (note: she was only taking out her keys from the bag. kept behind.)

1AM. heading back. (or else. ;p) departed from kiosk. evacuate the dance floor plays. windows down. voices at top volume. *screams and sings along hahahahah :D

according to HowIMetYourMother dictionary, we'd be called Woo Girls. classic Woo Girls woo-ing at everything hahahah damn i love that series!

all windows down. fu~ the cold wind blew so hard all the way from the front and back that our hair got all messed up hehe all the while screaming and singing along to songs. onaji song HAHAHAH *sorry private joke xD

next thing we knew there was a police car next to us near the pantai selamat trafiic light wtf and i didnt have my safety belt on (haha security belt!) and they were looking at us wtf apa lagi, shaddap and roll up the windows lah hahahah luckily they soon turned left and we're free to woo again! yesss!

right at the galing school traffic light, the sight of the wide-open door of nearby 7Eleven and the workers lounging there inspired us to shout "7Eleven! Wooooo!" at them. yah as if they didnt know they're working in 7E right hahahah!

im sorry if i seem to be rather cheong hei about these minor things that happened last night. just that it was a good night, i had a great time and i'd like to remember it hehe i dont think i've let loose like that in a long time :D

it seems like the further it is past midnight, the easier the superficiality slips off and the easier it is to just be.
dont bother processing this, im just talking to myself.

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