Sunday, December 27, 2009

"have you met Ted?"

yes im back from singapore yes im back in penang yes im in usm right now yes class starts tomorrow yes i havent been blogging yes i have missed out lots and no this is not the singapore post.

this, is a list of the random facebook groups/pages that my cousin joins and damn they're hilarious! i was listing them out with my brother and we were laughing our ass off!


  • looking in the fridge, then the cupboard, then the fridge, then giving up./

  • "have you met Ted?" (hello, the awesomeness that is How I Met Your Mother tv series?)

  • i sleep less, im tired. i sleep more, im tired. what the hell?!

  • watching people argue on facebook is pure entertainment

  • aRE U SPeAkin LYK Dis ON PurPOSE , or are you just retarded?

  • when i was younger i put my face close to the fan to hear my robot voice.

  • oh you're a fan of farmville? im a fan of having a life. (HAHAHAHA)

  • friends are like potatoes, if you eat them they die. (DUH HAHAHAHA!!)

  • snape. snape. severus snape. DUMBLEDORE! (wth so random!)

  • i hate the little triangle that is never wiped by the windscreen wiper

  • pressing the button more at the crossing will make the green man come quicker

  • mom, can i go? ask dad. dad, can i go? ask mom. -_-

  • smiling at the computer while having an interesting conversation!

  • i sit on facebook bored, hitting the home button.

  • i hate it when someone else takes the piece of food i have mentally claimed.

  • paper cuts, so small yet so evil.

  • i read the group name, i laugh, i join, i never look at them again.

  • i have died over 147 times for not having forwarded those chain e-mails. (SO TRUE wtf)

  • i dont care if there's a fridge full of food, THERE'S NOTHING TO EAT!

  • trying to turn the light on with your head, when your hands are full.

  • we talk to each other on the computer, but in public its awkward.

  • pretending you're writing so the teacher doesnt call on you. (that, or pretend you're thinking hard wtf)

  • when i was young SMARTIES were in a tube with a plastic top the popped. (is there a point to this group?)

  • yeah, ok, yes, yeah, yeah, ok, yes, ok, i know, ok, yes, BYE MOM. (guilty as charged)

  • why yes, i do frequently burst out in a song.

  • in 2013, i will watch 2012 and laugh!

  • i dont smoke. there are cooler ways to die. (i totally agree wtf)

  • people who dont sleep enough because they stay up late for no reason.

  • the drunken text appreciation society. (HAHAH)

  • "yes mum im nearly home!" *hang up* shit i better leave now.

  • remember back in the day before facebook when we all have a life.

  • when i realise the word "bed" looks like a bed, my mind was blown.

  • fuck the war in iraq, we have to catch voldemort. (HAHAHAH VOLDEMORT HAHAHA!)

  • it sounded funier in my head.

  • telling me not to do something only makes me want to do it more. (reverse psychology much?)

  • pinky promises are serious.

  • i wish i could taste as krabby patty (hahahaha omg i secretly think this too sometimes while watching spongebob!)

  • "but why is the rum gone?" club (how irrelevant oh captain jack sparrow)

  • why is pingu's dad always ironing when none of them wear clothes?

  • hearing your parent's footsteps and that textbook is suddenly open.

  • oh shit, we have homework? (sounds like me FML)

  • throwing things at people, and then pretending you are innocent. (no, i never do that. never ever ever ever. EVER. *coughs)

  • i dont care if there's 30 seconds left in this class, im packing up. (more like 15 minutes)

  • sorry. edward cullen wont be your boyfriend. HE DOESNT EXIST.

oh there so much more, all so effing funny! and bear in mind, they're all facebook pages/groups and honestly, some are so completely random and pointless. but. so. funny. HAHAHAHAH.

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