Friday, December 18, 2009

im my own genie yo.

2 years ago, i wrote this on my other blog. its a wishlist, a christmas wishlish. lets see what i have managed to get for myself within these 2 years. oh and its in purple because thats the theme of that blog back then xD

comments in black. explanations needed.
strike means GOT IT, BIATCH! *snaps finger

in no particular order:

#1: go to JAPAN~!!
#2: KISS & HURRY XMAS CD (2 years dy still belum dapat wtf)
#3: all hyde & l'arc~en~ciel dvds. lives. MVs. ALL.
#4: meet HYDE! *faints*
#5: all the Japanese candy i can get!

for illustration purposes only

#6: Perfume: Clinique 'Happy', Estee Lauder 'Pleasures' (THANKYOU YEEMAH!), Anna Sui the one with the fairy on the bottle, Nina Ricci 'Nina', Lancome 'Tresor'
#7: clothessssssssssssssssssssssssss
#8: accessories: cool glam loud ones~ (im satisfied enough with my current collection, so, strike!)

Vivienne Westwood! super-cool!

#9: cross necklaces!! heheh (total: 4)
#10: liquid eyeliner, super-dark!
#11: Gilmore girls whole series dvd box set (damn i still want this very much!)
#12: sunblock
#13: black leather glove. or red. coolness~
#14: anything leather really. black.
#15: Internet 24/7 (well since usm hotspot is 24/7 so. back then i could only go online 2hours a day wtf zaman kegelapan.)
#16: water bottle. a metal one.

#17: handbag. medium-sized black leather all buckley one! (bolehlah)
#18: new hair-style. lots of texture & volume, red-chunky highlights!
#19: a good digital camera (muahahahahahaha! best. purchase. ever.)
#20: the ability to wear heels T___T i'd wear them 24/7. (thankyou, God)
#21: contact lenses, preferably coloured brown-ish. (RM120+?) (thankyou, MrsGod liyuen)
#22: a CLEO mag subscription
#23: STPM 4A (close enough wtf)
#24: MUET band 6! Ok ok band 5. (band 5! bolehlah!)
#25: a nice dark red RED RED nail polish
#26: skin-care/hair-products that actually works and SMELL good~
#27: strawberries. unlimited supplies! and peaches too. and pomegranate. and and...more strawberries! ;p
#28: quality chocolates: dark, with mint/coconut/hazelnuts.
#29: a dog. not-hyper, not bising, not ugly, low-maintenance.
#30: those porcelain Victorian-costume dolls.
#31: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

this is getting ridiculous...damn i'm shallow~ hahah ok ok!

  • family & friends happy and healthy
  • ME happy and healthy!
  • no banjir please (these few years no banjir dy kt rumah! *touchwood)
  • and happiness!
  • to be able to speak eloquently
  • to be understood
  • world peace (indeed)

oh dammit just let me be happy k!

HAHAHAHAHA damn ridiculous right! so banyak permintaan! but out of 31 wished i managed to get 15. not bad right? im so proud of myself hahah especially the camera one! 80% my own money k dont pwaypway i dont have the kind of parents that buys me stuff like most people do so i work for the things i want. looking back into my archives for the past 2 years (i started that blog in september 2007), the posts were all so happening and happy and eventful and just plain interesting.

and then i realised, who i am today is the product of the past 2 years.
before that 2 years, i was just there. not living, not being anything, not noticing anything, not learning, not brave enough to step out of my comfort zone. and now. damn, things have changed so much. im so glad im not that person anymore. well thats a story for another day. ciaos.

ps: i iz in singapore. faster kirim me money go shopping.

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