Tuesday, December 15, 2009


stumbling upon this long-ass (10 minutes!) video of l'arc~en~ciel, i pondered whether or not to watch it as i dont usually go youtubing and this wimax is so slow! i decided to watch it after all and im so glad i did! coz its freakin AWESOME! :D

released very very recently, its a compilation of recent live performances for 2 songs: Hurry Xmas & I Wish 2007. i think some are from the 15th l'anniversary lives and some are from the Theatre of Kiss lives? or is it the Are You Ready Mata Heart Ni.. lives? i dont recall, all vital pics & videos are in my kuantan computer boo whatever lah hahah!

(though, btw, of course for I Wish 2007, they p'unk~en~cieled it)

hyde sings live so awesomely awesome and if i may say so, looking mighty fine! especially in that t-shirt omg who knew such a simple tee could made him look so uber sexy

and this look!! those eyes mmm and he gave this little adorable shake right after. kyaa-worthy! xD

watching them perform so enthusiastically with all the lavish stage deco, costumes & props gave me such a nice jolly feeling i was sorely tempted to stand up, jump around, swinging my hands while singing along at the top of my voice. i however did not, for society would deem it madness wtf damn lah i wanna see them live LIVE!!

i love it how at the last line where hyde sings

"せいなる よる に くちづけ を! thank you Jesus"

he always gives a cute little flying kiss after that hehe
(note: it means a kiss on this blessed night!)

eye patch whoohoo hyde plays the guitar for P'unk~en~Ciel!
ah this is the original music video for Hurry Xmas, lotsa santa running around whee and that odd little animated boy on the bed hehe (ok sounds wrong) notice the red lipstick mark on hyde's neck oohlala he looks really hot here! such a jazzy sparkly utterly christmassy tune ~

ok when is he ever not hot right wtf am repeating myself too much. ok end of fangirling whatever. damn i feel a little giggle bubbling up.


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