Monday, December 28, 2009

☆ shopping in singapore ☆

shopping in singapore is the best!! i was staying over with my cousin and she lives super near to mrt station and orchard road so everyday can go out! :D

pwetty malls~

honestly most of the stuff i bought is available in malaysia anyways but everytime i see the $10 sigh i have to have it! thats like RM25 but still, $10 looks so little right!! *comforting self wtf

here's a list of things i got for myself.

5 tee shirts.
#1: plain teal from Uniglo $14.90 (superb quality!)
#2: dark blue hoodie dress from Uniglo $9.90
#3: pale peach blouse from New Look $9.90
#4: red-orange leopard from Cotton On

jap candy/choc :D
dont remember price, but cheaper than malaysia!

more clothing items teehee
#1: blue checked nightie (as if imma wear it to sleep) from Cotton On Body $9.90
#2: leopard-print skirt Cotton On $15
#3: blue-rose print skirt from New Look $9.90
#4: black shorts Cotton On $10

$19.90 Robinsons. love the material!

back-to-school bag wtf
$18 from Bugis Junction.

L'arc~en~Ciel's Theatre of KISS!!!
only $35!!!
so happy can die!!

i watched it and ohhh it makes me want to jump and shout! such an energetic performance and you can see the band members really giving their all and the songs arrangement is really well-done and hyde. oh hyde. just being hyde. and his voice. ahhhh total bliss.

one thing i really like about singapore is how safe it is just to walk around the city alone and the convenience of the mrt and how the malls are usually concentrated in one area, connected to each other by the underpass. so easy and i dont feel as if im in danger by walking alone. i like shopping alone so usually we'll shop together for a couple hours, they go back home and i'll continue shopping myself and going about wherever i want to, just the way i like it. :D

ps: Cotton On is officially my favourite shop for clothes.


  1. wallaaauuwwweeehhh! i am officially jealous now. :P

  2. hahahahah thankiu thankiu elly! mwah! xD