Sunday, January 10, 2010

4 + 2 = suspicious people.

875MB (85%) of my 1024MB. thats how much i've used in the past 17 months. tulah mengcamwhore so banyak lagi i dont know what i'd do when it reaches 100%! delete the blog ah wtf dont be ridiculous. lets just see what happens then no point worrying now.


you know we're supposed to go hiking (yah, me. hiking. in one sentence wtf are you awed yet) this early morning but it was suddenly cancelled due to unclebowie not feeling well boo and frankly i was actually a
little disappointed. eventhough i threw my phone to one side and gladly went right back to sleep after mini informed me (at 6.30AM!!), i still thought it was a waste we couldnt go, we wouldve made plenty of interesting memories hehe but in a way thank God also lah coz we planned to go queensbay that afternoon so if we went hiking as planned im not sure my legs would still be usable after that wtf

took a bus to queensbay at about 2PM. quickly go cucuk duit and took our new glasses! damn excited tau its been ready for days and finally we get to pick it up! xD

a rather dramatic change from my old rimless unnoticable old one, no?

outfit of the day. there this dress lah yang kena sound from random auntie for wearing it around usm WTF.

after that we went to kitschen and tried on more random stuff and bercamwhore lagi! hahahh its such self-esteem boosting activity i tell you and duh of course must post the pictures up so you know what to get me for er cny/easter/laboursday wtf 'cause my birthday's too lama lagi and lulu knows what to get me for my birthday dy nyehnyehnyeh.

exposed zipper dress. super mainstream wtf but nais hor!

ini saya tidak tau panggil apa.
not something you'd ever imagine me wear though, right! not that you actually imagine me wear anything wtf but you know what i mean lah. ok how come that sounded wrong wtf.

dont ask me how much they are! coz i dont know haha dont even bother to check coz no way in hell im getting them sure expensive punya! i think abuela checked the dress price and it was suprisingly below RM100. but no. i dont get anything more than RM30, super cheapskate hahahah

free donuts! and the frozen yoghurt is yummeh!
after that we went buat rambut beramai2. i got a little haircut, intan got hers dyed and abuela highlighted hers! and the next 3185pictures will be off the process and waiting and just random camwhoring. you've been warned. sudah berapa hari this post stagnant ady haha sudah malas mahu bercaption. pandai2 lah figure it out ye hehe.

ok cannot resist. super cute mini!

newly cut and blow-dried straight hair & abuela in-the-making.
not much difference, just shorter at the top
. wah so tak biasa see my hair so straight and sleek haha when i went to class that day with my hair straight some of my friends were suprised they thought i curled my hair punya padahal this is my original hehehe and its only so wavy/curled coz i tie it in a bun most of the time! which i mucho love better than straight hair!

vun loves taking picture and being taken picture of hehe funness!
his dedication is legendary haha we were standing outside the shop waiting then suddenly he started paparazzing syam and i from all angles, depan belakang tepi semua sapu! and he even went down the escalator and up again to take more from different angles HAHAHAHA salute! as he was paparazzing mini who was going up the escalator he backed into a huge concrete tiang and knocked his head HAHAHHAH damn funny!


super tak han nothing to do teehee

and vun making random outrageous poses RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHOP.

of course, i stalked them too! suspicious sangat pkai matching2 ni. ;p so celebrity-stalked-by-paparazzi!

came back for more camwhoring hehe
intan's newly done hair! mucho loves the guy curled it at the end, uber retro & classy! xD

syam ketawa sorang2. vun tak tau tgh buat apa. weird people.
pan cute cheh ;p
kan cheong we were so close to reaching the bottom and vun had to quickly take this pic! hence the stressed-up smile =/
syam parked at the rooftop with the pretty view :D
while the boys are paying parking fees ahem.RM 4 WTF coz we stayed in queensbay for 8 hours whoohoo awesome!

jualan murah hari ini! ;p
the girls mwah mwah!
finale: lets push vun around, fast. HAHAHAH!
oh sweet cupcake i sound so utterly boring in this post boo ah well whatever. am giving myself a french manicure. bais.

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