Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas time has come to town ♪♪

きかざった まち は もう げんそう さ~♪
the dolled-up street is like a fantasy~♪

ねんじゅう でも わるくはない ね~♪
even if its all year round, it isnt a bad thing~♪

あぁ早く ねぇ早く せいや にならないかな~

aa hurry hurry, isnt it christmas eve yet~

きらめく まちじゅう に すました ゆめ~♪
ah, the glittering town is filled with dreams~♪

せかいじゅう を ぬりつぶして~♪
painting over the world~♪

hurry christmas! よぞら を うばってキャンドル に ほのお を ともし~♪
hurry chirstmas! i'll steal the night sky and light the candles~♪

ヒイラギ の リースとキ ャンディーケーン かざりたてた ツリー~♪
the holly wreath and candy-cane decorated tree~♪

christmas time has some to town~♪

[song: Hurry Xmas! by L'arc]

christmas trees set up by embassies in Botanical Garden, Singapore.
canada. robin scherbatsky. vitagen wtf.

uhm. guess where?

arent these the cutest christmas decos ever?? er sun-burned dried-up anorexic santa for australia?
merry belated christmas!
best glittery sparkly jolly christmas ever!

セいなる よる に くちずけ を! thank you Jesus~♪
a kiss on this holy night! thank you Jesus~♪

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