Friday, January 15, 2010

conspiracy theory. NOT.

just got back from the newly-renovated kfc after sitting there makaning/chatting/conspiracying for close to 3 hours whoohoo i felt like i havent had a nice chatty meal with james and unclebowie for so long already haha so yeah this is good xD

the prettiest souvenir from jerwin who just got back from america

a hello kitty guitar pick!

in white, awesome haha he appropriately gave the pink ones to the pink lovers and the non-pink ones to the non-pink lovers whee xD and he even wrote down little messages behind them, with mine saying: "hi, sue ann! sorry for calling you dugong..we'll call you something else XD kiddin, all the best, JW"

all the others punya so nice and sweet why is mine laced with sarcasm hahaha cilakak. but i really appreciate it, dahlah we havent met him in AGES boo thanks jerwin i hope he never reads this wtf paiseh wtf

anyways we were talking about so many serious issues and common frustrations just now, everyone was so fired up and they all had their story to tell. from being expected to wear gloves while playing an icebreaker game that involves hand-holding, a bitchy lecturer bringing forward a quiz to the friday before CNY holidays just so the students wouldnt go back early to the simple narrow-minded third-world mentality of, dare i say it, most malaysians. and at that moment i felt so grateful that i am among these bunch of people who share the same values and believes as i do about the way the country is being run and the idiotic way most people in uni behave.

it seemed as if this conclusion was made in the end.
in case it isnt clear enough, it says "smart people" and "stupid fucks". go figure which is which.

as we had also critized the level of spoken english of lots of people, i got back and checked my facebook inbox to find this. hence, the start of this new post. it is too amusing.

it: hello.

(i hate it when people use random pictures as display pic and dont put their real full name then dont tell me who they are)

me: hi do i know you?

(so i asked)

it: of coz..can you read malay?

(i laughed at the ridiculousness. i asked IF i know him, not TO know him. as for the latter part, im malaysian so yah i believe i do.)

me: er duh. and i know you from?

(just to see what he'd reply. im curious, sue me.)

it: i from sabah.. you..?

(i from land of awesomeness, now go away.)

LOSER. reject terus haha. gila suspicious people wanna simply add omg i cannot tahan. last time with friendster my friends always bitched about people randomly adding them and i didnt get it coz, well, nobody random added me wtf but now, now i see it. bloody hell.
i feel tempted to reply him just for a good laugh HAHA.

ah had a good chat with tkl just now, feels so good to talk so comfortably like that

ok going khaleel now tomorrow morning hiking FML baibai

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