Sunday, January 17, 2010

filler post: Qualitative Analysis ntah apa.

im no science student (was, but not anymore THANK GOD) so imma just post the original post from mini's blog. hence this is all from her perspective and words, obviously. no way in hell do i have the ability to come up with such big scientific lab-report-sounding words ;p

ps: it would be easier to link but permission not granted haha in fact permission not asked at all as said person is now frisking around in gurney with abuela. why am i not there? i is need lazy leisurely day after the mucho activities of yesterday of which i will blog about soon in fact the pictures are already uploaded but i am just too lazy as of this moment to put in any words or description and to dig my brain for the past 48 hours' punya memories. wow i used 54 words in that sentence alone HAHA am awesomely
cheong hei wtf.

so here goes! limlulu please read properly.


Qualitative Analysis of McDonald's Potato Fries.

Date: 11 January 2010
Time: 9:43 PM
Timeline of Experiment: One Week

Hypothesis: McD's potato fries contain chemicals, making it stay fresh for up to a week.
and our mission is to bust this "myth"

just to prove the fries were from McD

conditions: fries will be kept in an air-tight container, placed under room temperature.

wait till next monday for results yea ;-)


Qualitative Analysis of McDonald's Potato Fries: Updates.

Day 2

Smell: still smells like a fries. no sign of bad odour.
Appearance: looks the same. no significant difference.

Texture: slightly harden. not soggy.


Qualitative Analysis of McDonald's Potato Fries: Result.

Day 6

and the Myth is ....

Apparently there were molds growing on the fries since Day 5. So it is impossible for the fries to stay fresh for such a long period of time.
SO what we read on the internet is all BOGUS facts!
Mission accomplished!

p.s. though we have busted this myth, that doesn't mean it's healthy and appropriate to eat it frequently XD


mucho gratitude to prof mini for conducting this experiment even in the midst of busy university life and special thanks to abuela for the sponsor of clear plastic tupperware.

i dont even like fries.

except soggy potatoey ones. random fact of the day.

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