Thursday, January 7, 2010


warning first, some self-indulgent camwhore pictures ahead!

please scroll down for 6 minutes of pure unadulterated awesomeness wtf over sangat kn.

publicserviceannouncement: awesome post of aqidtua's!

honestly im exhausted and my head aches terribly, due to too much laughing or standing in the rain negotiating, i dont know. but it aches. lets hope it'll go away tomorrow.
otherwise get used to my crankiness yo.

today is such fun! let me go into as much detail as how i used to blog last time!

lets see. oh i slept at 9+PM last night! severe lack of sleep in the past 2 days boo and woke up at 9.30AM this morning! 12 full hours fo sleep whee and i had a 10AM class wtf so i was actually woken up by abuela's knocking on my door Y______Y

walked to class, was one of the three chosen to switch to another class niama luckily abuela volunteered herself to go too so yays

after class, had to settle some things for ptptn in comm school and postoffice. frankly i was expecting things to be harder but everything ran suprisingly smooth and easy peasy whee im blessed =) bumped into mukhlis on the way to comm school and apparently i made such an impression he tagged me in fac

Asraf Mukhlis: Started with TI and CPI info, later went to the superb discussion(thanx Sakiinah, met Sue Ann T with a fake unfriendly duwant befriend-
with-me-anymore smile,met so long no see friend;Ariff, met the bootylicious blind pitiful women Intan and attended another boring Psycho Social Class.Therefore, I called it a moment.. *6.1.10*

gila woman. since when am i unfriendly. im always nice wtf. no sarcasm intended hahahahah.

on the way for lunch, met with pingpei pulak hahaha why is everyone everywhere! damn funny pingpei now has a new nickname! mooncake in mandarin = yuet ping. his chinese surname = hwang. new nickname: hwang yuet ping! HAHHAHAHAHAHA. his IK friends heard us call him that and started calling him that too HAHAHAHA! i think this started when he started calling me by my chinese name WTF yah i now have a chinese name. the other day i asked waiwai to er read my birthcert and found out my chinese name is............ask me and i'll tell. wahahahaha.

on the way to bakti for lunch we met with bowie pulak omg why so ngam wan! xD

selepas berkudapan (kudapan wtf) di bakti permai (saw mukhlis again HAHA)(RM5.20!)(oh coconut+brownsugar iz yummeh!) went back to aman to get my cacated spectacles and suddenly decided to go to queensbay! queensbay oh joy!

i swear they put something in the aircond, everytime jalan in queensbay confrim get thirsty wan. yes, confrim, not confirm. duh.
*rolls eyes
presenting, bubble tea and mini muffins yo.

bumped into peiyek as soon as we walked into queensbay wtf is it World Met Someone You Know Somewhere Random Day? coz i didnt get the memo wtf.

abuela and i went to a couple of kedai cermin mata and finally found the perfect ones. well, not perfect perfect but pretty much The One. i cant believe how picky i am hahaha at first we wanted the same dark-maroon playboy ones (got playboy bunny at the side wan you know omg love!) then the bloody shop-person let me try this other (more expensive) one and unfortunately fortunately, it suited me better! they said the playboy one mad
e my eyes sempit wtf so after a long time considering, i decided to get the Other More Expensive One. i wont tell you what brand is it. its bloody kimak expensive sial. but but but, it has diamantes at the sides. and im so excited to get it!

warning: its a pretty drastic change from my old rimless boring one. keyword here is drastic.

with Old Rimless Boring One.
so grim haha taken during my first week in usm.

after settling the important things like getting specs, quenching thirst, pee pee, cucuk duit and buying CNY-hols tickets, its time to SHOP! :D

wah i tell you this abuela's eyes damn sharp (for an old lady ;p), masuk je kedai blum smpai 2 minit her hands suddenly hold some clothes to try on already FML must master that art ady! serious you know i go in with her, i look somewhere else for a while and as soon as i turn back at her she's running around looking at more clothes with some already on her arms gahhhh well-practised shopper! best thing is when she see something she thinks knows you'll like she'll tell you and ask you go try wan

went to this lala-shop and we tried on this dress, the print damn nice despite being floral but cutting/fits like dunnowhatshit like that boo but print so nice!! makes me look so fair! must search for dresses with prints like this dy *adds in list

the said doresu.
かわいい でしょう. ちょっと はぐーちゃん みたい.

kitschen newly opened!! damn funny there were some empty shop lots with "interested? call 83252084" signs stuck on the front and abuela quickly said yes, faster call Cotton On hahahah we're totally loving Cotton On yo! how odd these few days abuela and i kept saying the same things at the same time hahahah she copy me wan, i sumpah! ;p

like how we saw this yellow coat in kitschen and both immediately exclaimed, "its so blair!"
holy brown cow its absolutely gorgeous i love it!!!!!
and the polka dot tube dress too!!

so nais must camwhore somemore. waste not want not wtf.
gahhh i know im going to be thinking of this outfit for a while dammit why am i not rich sigh!
but what i lack in wealth i more than make up for it in awesomeness wtf.

we both tried on the coat hehe and as abuela was trying on for the 385154th time some other item of clothing, i saw this interesting top/dress/pinafore/whatever and quickly went to try it on. its so odd but i like it! i uploaded it on facebook and everything and just 2 minutes (2 minutes HAHA mukhlis much?) ago i realised that this outfit is so...


the green karer supermario WTF.
but i look nais here whee.

took so long trying them on while camwhoring kaukau and i so knew abuela was camwhoring in the fitting room too hehe she bought some stuff though. i didnt, as usual. went looking around in F21 after that and suddenly someone mauled us from the back hahahah its ciara! with jane and lia! damn cute lah she started asking us if she should get these tops and ohh there's this blacklace top she got thats so nice!

*emos about being poor again wtf

oh i bought a ring there. been wanting it badly for days so today finally got it! RM13 only after discount whee its huge and sparkly and shineh.
*flashes hand

dont laugh.
if it werent for the patterned wood-table at kimgary i'd photoshop my fingers longer leaner and nicer wtf LOOK AT THE RING PLEASE, not other irrelevant stuff hmph.

oh lepas tu we went to kimgary for dinner bloody hell i was so broke ady but sigh good food is good food. took 3905 years to decide between cheesebakedrice and this.

this won.
baby carrots yums! im in a mustard-phase now so i have to have mustard with anything mustard-compatible, especially fries but when i asked for mustard the staff gave me a blur look then said they dont have it wtf dont know betul ke tak wan. mustard + fried = yums. makan sampai full2 dy went to the bus stop to get a bus back. it was drizzling a little and so many bus came and go yet NONE of them goes to sg dua! geramness. heard some people wanting to go to usm as well and er struck a conversation with them haha im suprised myself.

they then recommended that we take a bus to Bt Jambul (BJ just sounds too wrong) and from there take another bus to sg dua. mind, these are international students and they're the ones showing us what to do hahahah malu je. oh there was this girl too who asked if im malaysian and she thought i was from hongkong hahaha ironic, i can barely speak cantonese. any chinese dialect actually, for that matter.

ok so we got down at Bt Jambul (RM1.40), crossed the street and went in the bus that was going to sg dua. and the bus went on, queensbay mall seemed nearer and nearer. until it reached a certain point where i suddenly realised, BLOODY HELL THE BUS IS GOING BACK TO THE QUEENSBAY BUSSTOP THAT WE STOOD ABOUT AN HOUR WAITING FOR ONE EARLIER!! cilakak. i think abuela realised it earlier than i did though. you know my lack of sense of direction. bloody hell. wasted RM1.40 and time and strengh and effort just to go back to the same place where we started from! geramness.

i was already having a headache at this point. must be from standing in the rain talking to people/asking buses if they're going to sg dua/no place to sit in busstop. or laughing too much. take taxi wtf hahahaha! walked to eureka from sg dua busstop and terpaksa lah masuk blue bus, no choice. abuela then asked the bus driver if he could just stop at the roadside near aman and he just grimly nodded. as aman loomed nearer, instead of going straight, the bus turned left into aman hostel area and stopped at the aman busstop! we were really suprised coz blue busses just dont turn into aman! so kind of the bus driver to go very out of his way just for abuela and i. really really kind.

met mini and all at the damai cafe for a little chat and oh boy they're going hiking this saturday and chapati. oh boy oh boy oh boy.



  1. hahah funny! eh babilah ur comment box, who shld i comment as?! AIM la Open ID la pening

  2. er i dont know wor wtf i dunno how to change it too boo! <3