Friday, January 8, 2010

of one too many nudges.

you know how last time kan they have this crazy frog thing that was so annoying you wanna grab a wok and hit it on its head then fry it in olive oil and feed it to the hyenas?

today, i discovered something more annoying than that FML.

this. it comes by the name of asrafmukhlis. behold.


asraf mukhlis just sent you a nudge.

You have just sent a nudge.

asraf mukhlis just sent you a nudge.

naeus~ says (12:23 AM):
yesss? get to the point lah woman dear lawd

asraf mukhlis just sent you a nudge.

asraf mukhlis says (12:23 AM):
just love to do the buzz..
one more k..
very cute the sound

asraf mukhlis just sent you a nudge.

naeus~ says (12:24 AM):

asraf mukhlis says (12:24 AM):
n one more

asraf mukhlis just sent you a nudge.

naeus~ says (12:24 AM):
luckily i mute it muahahahha
bloody hell

asraf mukhlis says (12:25 AM):
and another one more

asraf mukhlis just sent you a nudge.

this hilarious picture comes to mind!

naeus~ says (12:26 AM):

i hate you.

asraf mukhlis says (12:26 AM):
u noe u love me..XOXO

naeus~ says (12:27 AM):
bloody hell. being cheeky now lah is it.
spare me, get to the point
im having a headache

asraf mukhlis says (12:27 AM): emoticon cute kunun..
it doesnt effect me okay woman..!!!!

naeus~ says (12:28 AM):
i dont wanna talk to you anymore yahhhrabbi
haiyah wanna talk come aman talk lah. you're annoying on ym.

asraf mukhlis says (12:30 AM):
i just got back..


6 nugdges wth luckily it has no effect on my window. if im not having this headache i'd say he's such a cute little boy girl boy child but i am therefore it is so frustrating talking to a kid like this sigh finally he got back his good senses and started talking properly thank goodness. but too much senses aint good too you know hehe irrelevance is the air that i breathe wtf.

today right as syam abuela and i were walking at the arts school there suddenly this group of important-looking people (and one trigger-happy photographer) were walking towards us and looking straight at us, their intentions clearly was to talk to us. i secretly panicked 'cause abuela and i were wearing shorts and takut they scold us haha but rupanya this guy just shook our hands. he also asked abuela why she wore the ManU top, 'cause he's a fan of Liverpool and after he left to talk to more people (still with photgrapher and bunch of people around him) abuela asked one of his entourage who he is and that guy seemed suprised that we didnt know him!

rupa2nya he's the timbalan menteri of higher education or something like that omg i feel so ignorant! >___<

seems like everyone's either in khaleel or walking around usm tonight. its unusually meriah. oh and today abuela and i so coincidently wore red tops and black knee-lengh shorts wtf we terserempak with pingpei in the afternoon and he was wearing the same thing too omg and more random people! oh buburchacha was yummeh today.

the end. headache. maw titow. nainaits.

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