Saturday, January 2, 2010

the second half.

and so the semester two begins. new beginnings and oldish traditions.

of tesco stock-ups.
suprisingly, my pile is on the right. the left pile is actually the usually-dont-buy-anything mini's stock-up.

the distinct smell of buses and colourful drops of raisin nips. its always fun to guess which is the one with the nut or the raisin in it.

the usual sight of people sleeping in class.

i have like 10 different picture of him sleeping already. the sem does not start without a picture of mukhlis sleeping in class.

and random camwhorings haha
my skin has cleared up, thank goodness!

wait till you see my singapore pictures. parental discretion advised wtf

happy new semester and new years, too!

according to limlulu, we'll be turning 21 in 2010. can you imagine me being an adult? i sure as hell cant.