Thursday, January 14, 2010


about a week ago it decided that we were the first group to present for ykt103: communications and society!

dorky glasses swap.

first group! pressure super on super scary and our professor is those strict intellectual type though thank goodness, in the nice way! doesn't help that we are somewhat clueless on what to do because he specifically required us to include in these 4 major points:

#1: comparison
#2: illustration/examples
#3: critical analysis
#4: keywords

and our chapter is the introduction chapter =__="

blood, sweat and tears were shed in the next week *exaggeration for dramatic affect

interview parttime kt khaleel

so anyways yesterday mukhlis abuela and i had classes just before this class so we had to rush things a little and i was so worried prof would be displeased because he's a very punctual person (incidentally, so am i, mind.) and i was so freaking out i didnt had time to mentally prepare before i was thrown into the lions. also known as the audience.

i was the first to speak.

later activities.

the thing is, i have problems speaking in public. when i get nervous up there in front of everyone, my mind goes blank and my brain dont function well. my thoughts (if any, at that point) come out in jerks and my sentences are often left hanging. lets just say my awesomeness is momentarily put on hold.

kami bercermin mata. kami budak baik.

i blabbed incoherently and my voice was oozing in nervousness im sure. i thank heavens nobody took a video of that though im secretly resenting my fellow tutorial-mates for not taking pictures of us cause we all look pretty awesome, prof said so himself (though not in these exact words) *smug

nah give you proof, later you say i lie.

and i overblabbed to the point that i tertook quite some time thus resulting in the other team members having less time to give their points sowie guys boo after that i was checking my watch every 30 seconds wtf because we were only given 35 minutes! i didnt even dare to look at the audiences though i did noticed that most of them had no responding expressions on their faces haha lagilah dont dare look at professor yarabbi why am i like this.

finally we got done, 10 minutes before class ended, leaving barely any time for Q&A session and further discussions. if i was in the audience i'd be really pleased wtf and you know as we were up there speaking, we saw pingpei munchee all outside the door waving and doing silly faces haha how not to laugh! but must cover laugh. role of women haha.

dork squad.
prof said our presenation was good and we got an A! *throws confetti i was really shocked and i dont think i managed to cover my shocked facial expression quite well hahahaha and we dont usually find out the presentation result so quickly so yays! was damn happy! lepas keluar from the dewan kuliah only started high-fiving and cheering whoohoo! xD

then went back again just to see munchee all present for their tutorial, same chapter. our dressing was formal and rather working-worldish but they were all dressed in baju kurungs and boy i've never seen a better looking bunch of people in baju kurungs! all four of them, aya dini munchee and esther look so classy and datin-like haha especially esther who now shall be known as datin esther. sudah naik pangkat dari wakil rakyat hahahaha!

drama minggu ini. silly fake smile HAHAHAHAHA!!

after a while we left the dewan to go makan but suddenly started camwhoring like nobody's business for like half an hour maybe? smpai panggil people to take picture of us haha poor janshen and randomguy. running around doing all sorts of poses in every angle with our handphones. regretted not bringing my camera though syam's hp camera is awesome! mine i think sudah kaput lah boo so unclear and the contrast is just terrible.

our team. mucho loves. we were great. are.

i love it how we're a team not because we need different etnics in a group or because we need some special expertise or merits, but just because we're friends. its so easy to be friends from different races haha no need worry who to team up with in group-works! we just happen to sit together and suddenly we unintentionally formed a group already! xD

with all the calories burnt from camwhoring, it was time to stock up HAHA went for jco donuts whee and mukhlis made his donut poop on mine and making silly jokes CILAKAK PUNYA PEREMPUAN.
as there was some promotion in kenny rogers where if you wear red karer you get to buy one and get another free so we went back to usm to change and pick pingpei up for his birthday! see see sampai kenny rogers the line was like o_O so we thought nak pergi nandos and it was full too with lots of people wearing red HAHAHA REJECTS. ohhh finally met with pingpei's gf who came down from uum just for his birthday aww and haiyoh they're so cute lah haha settled for sushi king instead. chasoba whee yakult whee pingpei's treat thankiu!

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