Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hilarity ensues!

 "Sparkle me to death?"  HAHAHAHA!


"you're a fucking princess fairy bitch"  HAHAHAHAHA!!


damn farnee i love it!! its exactly what they would've said! LOLs!!

courtesy of er the world wide web.

Monday, February 22, 2010

あたらしい いろ。

Stupid blogger refusing to sign me in! See, now it's already Monday! Dont care, will pretend it's still Sunday hmph. *stubborn

Today is such an interesting day. Not interesting as in i-killed-someone-by-mistake-and-went-shopping-after-that, but interesting as in...note-worthy wtf.

(So i am vocabulary-challenged. Sue me.)

Here's why. As i arrived from KL at Queensbay, i stashed my luggage at the Aeroline office and quickly went downstairs to supposedly get something for Syam's birthday (yesterday). I had in mind to go to Secret Recipe and just as i stepped in, i saw someone who looked damn-ass familiar! I don't think my mind quite believed her to be who she really was so my eyes wandered and settled on another two very familiar figures in front of her!

I really couldn't believed my eyes omg so i quickly ran to them and tadaa-ed them! Hahahaha they were suprised, perhaps even shocked? Oh their expressions were priceless! The coincidence!

It was Intan, Syam and Vun! 

 Of all people, God decided to let me met them here! For some reason, i felt really blessed and filled with gratitude at the way things happened. It was unbelievable. Really. There is nobody I'd rather coincidently meet at the mall than them. ♥ 

The "girls" then went shopping (how ironic, new clothes after  CNY) and oh it was so fun, me and intan pretending to be boyfriends waiting for the girlfriends to try on clothes, while absent-mindedly giving cliche compliments when asked how it looked on them hahahaha!

Lets see, i reached there about 2.30PM and we left queensbay at say, 8PM? Count how many hours hahahaha oh btw, syam and vun bought converse whoots!! welcome to the gang!! Since last sem, it was decided that everyone got converse shoes this sem so yah the only person who havent got any is Dini and Mini!! *muka marah

(this is another one of the million things i was supposed to blog about)

i got my chucks! neon yellow ones!

oh yah as we were walking around, i suddenly realised that the aeroline office closes in the evening!! it was 6.30PM by then! Got kinda worried but somehow i didnt panic. Called the headquarters number as stated on the busticket and yesssss, it only closes at 7PM! I am blessed! Cepat2 pi amik luggage hahaha then we lepaked at for about an hour while waiting for dinner time. Maggi tomyam with telur dadar for dinner yums but spicy die me omg even makan-cili-padi-ngan-muka-rileks Intan said the food were (was? were? LSP FAIL wtf.)  particularly spicy tonight!

Ok i kinda ranted there haha here's another interesting thing!

Just about an hour or so ago i emptied my water bottle (penang so hot, making me thirsty!) and thus, feeling rather rajin, decided to get a refill from the pantry. It's around midnight, was it?

I saw someone (with her back turned towards me) filling her bottle too and noted that the bottle looks familiar wtf i dont know why my brain works so slow these days Y____Y and she was holding another bottle which looked even more familiar. Entering the pantry quietly, i exclaimed a loud "eh??" and she turned towards me.

We looked at each other for like 3 seconds and started compulsively laughing and laughing!

It was Abuela!

I honestly have no idea what was so funny but we just kept laughing until we got tired hahahhaha once again, what  a coincidence! Then at the exact same time as I did, without warning, she lunged for the water dispenser with her bottle HAHAHAHA even funnier, why are we so crazy!

Stayed there and chatted for a while, catching up with CNY-hols stories and being scolded for not returning her pendrive thus resulting in her being unable to bring back Season 3 of GossipGirl boo Y_____Y 

(ok why did i suddenly feel outdated, talking about GG when apparently the whole world is now into GLEE?)

That's all folks, that's all i wanted to say about today. I dont know why it is so important that i note these coincidences down here but well, what can i say, it was just a sudden impulse. I do not have any long thought-provoking Bible verses (in fact, no Bible with me) to quote nor do i know any lines that sound er religiously pleasant (is this even an adjective wtf) but there's only one thing i can say at this point. He gives, in his own simple astonishing way and right now, i feel really really  blessed.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

roses and thorns.


As you might've noticed, updates have been rare and far in-between. This is not, by any chance, due to a lacking of things to say or a scarcity of events/happenings/outings/going-ons recently. In fact, if i may say so myself, this semester seem to be brimming with so many interesting things to see/do/go that at times i have to make a difficult decision in choosing my preference. Gawd why do i sound so formal and cold.

Written words, i feel sometimes, are just too cold and unfeeling. Perhaps that is precisely why pictures are painted, songs are sang and music are created for.

Oh gawd I"m digressing again.

What i am trying to say is, the year 2010 started off fabulously enough.
In the midst of excellent company, irrelevant laughers and perhaps a tinge of alcohol, one could not help but feel rather optimistic in expecting a good year ahead. I was all ready to welcome in another year, proudly thinking that what with all i have gone through in the past year, things could only get better and that i have grown much stronger, perhaps even ready to make the best lemonades out of the lemons life will be throwing at me.

I was wrong, apparently.

With all said and done, i am now back to square one. I am exactly where i am one year ago. Nothing has changed. Nothing.

I could not be any more disappointed with myself.

Things have been difficult this year, i must admit. Waves and waves of er lemons are thrown at me from different directions, each being so close apart i barely have time to heal before having to brace myself for another blow. 

It's tiring. 

I'm so exhausted.

And it's taking even more strength to live my everyday life normally, as if nothing is wrong. As a rule, i do not like to burden people with my troubles. I may be bursting with things to say and just as i open my mouth to say it, some part of me stops me. It's bloody well frustrating you know, to need to say out so many things and not having the right words, or even confidence, to spill it all. It's hard you know, because sometimes i just dont want to keep these thoughts to myself.

I mean, who likes a pessimist anyways? People always like the cheerful energetic bubbly smiley optimist, who wants to hang out with the gloomy brooding quiet dark-faced pessimist anyways? 

Though that may be a little dramatic. I'm not that  broody and I'm like, totally bubbly wtf. Most of the time, that is. I still have my sense of humor thank God for that haha.

Again, I digress wtf.

Though sometimes, having so many trying personal issues to deal with, exhibiting a certain normalcy outside kind of keeps things in control. Heck, it's even comforting to a certain extent. 

Though, i dare say,

With the correct fusion of certain friends, lame/crazy jokes, hearty laugher and roti tisu, one could be easily lead to believe that things are not that bad after all, however brief that somewhat naive belief may be. Regrettably, it only lasts until one finds oneself alone again, staring at those same confining walls, with the repressed negativity creeping in again while searching desperately for an answer to it all. 

Searching too, for strength. 

I sound like some cheesy script writer for some local B-grade movie. Or worse, an angsty teen pouring out her hearts content, hoping for someone to rescue the damsel in distress. Or worse worse, lyric-writer for some teen disney pop boyband's debut ballad. Urgh. Please.

I just need to find my strength again.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

anne shirley once said,

"i am well in body although considerable rumpled up in spirit."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


And then the milliner, and the man
of the appalling trade,
to take the measure of the house,
there'll be that dark parade.

-emily dickinson

oh the ironies.