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ADWAVE 2010: Blazing Desires ~★

 honestly, volunteering as Junior Executive for our Persuasive Communication seniors' ADWAVE 2010 project in the beginning didnt really got me that excited as they didnt really told me anything much about things that were going on. as in they had booth-duty but somehow me and abuela were the only ones who didnt know about it and for meetings, the other JEs would get text messages and emails except us again =___= it wasnt until the event came close to launching that we were finally in the game haha but i had lost my enthusiasm by then so i might have accidently-on-purpose missed a couple meetings/duties teehee

just took this picture like 20 seconds ago wtf

i was under the media-PR-publisity department so during the Launching Week i didnt really have to get involved save for a few press release editing and calling the medias. ohh Launching Week was pretty nice though coz there was a rotiboy booth whoots! you know how deprived we are here of worldly things so that was pretty awesome hahaha and free vico whoots! apparently people who went to the official launching in the morning had gotten loads of freebies (rotiboy included!) too but oh well i had classes (alasan). they had lots of workshops to attend as well, but i only attended the Xixili Workshop (for like, 15 minutes wtf) and the 1Malaysia Forum (lecturer suh attend) where some pretty interesting incident happened near the end hehe!

#1: prize of a game we won! xixili manicure set!       #2: colourful windmill for those who voted for the videos!

finally, the last gempak event of ADWAVE2010 was yesterday: ADWAVE Awards Day!

we had the rehearsal the night before and haha that was pretty interesting too! just spent alot of time sitting around, pretending to be the VVIPs, blowing balloons (blowjobs/handjobs much?), sorting press kits and pretty much fooling around Dewan Budaya hehe :D

the said dewan budaya

came saturday morning (yesterday lah gila), weewee (who kena jd JE gak sbab menyibuk di DB pd mlm rehearsal ;p) and i were told to be there at 7AM.waited at the bus stop at 6.45AM only to be told by UK that THEY were told to be there at 7.30AM WTF CHEATED MAX.

menyapu lantai di awal pagi

shit hungry. wait i go make milo sejuk sponsored by abuela's ton of milo here in my room first hehe

ok back.

self-promotion dulu wtf


oh right. yah luckily i asked UK, otherwise we wouldve waiting till like 8AM for the bus to come. instead we went with them, with meijuan driving ahh i want my car too boo but its now currently in KL wtf so dont be suprised of you see my NAE cruising around cheras area wtf *bitter max or parked in front of a certain Xingang bakkutteh restaurant near LeisureMall wtf *promo

reramai dak2 skolah yg dtg, tp dak2 usm sendri yg kureng cis

wow you're in luck im real chatty today haha im getting my blog-mojo back huh that, or i have no life to brag of anymore wtf hell no, you wish.

where was i again? terpesong gila.

the receptionists/waiters of the day hahaha!

oh right. yah they promised free cupcakes for early birds, turns out to be mini cupcakes. like mini mini   cupcakes. but for what they lack in size they made up for it in prettiness and cuteness ahhh they were incredible cutesome, which made eating them such a heartache! didnt stop us from eating tons of them though hehe jane ciara and i were under prithi's charge for the media-PR-publisity area and boy was she nice to us! not only did she live up to her name (prithi pretty, geddit?) but she really put in so much effort to make us comfortable and cupcakes-fed! xD


ciara and i were put in charge of the reception and registration of the media people right outside Dewan Budaya while Jane ushered them to the right seats and jaga2 them. ah it was fun, watching people, getting the goodie bags (yes goodie bagS, plural) ready, fooling around when it was getting quiet and just simply being there hahaha there wasnt much media yesterday boo so we didnt really had much to do and honestly there wasnt much people who came too, Dewan Budaya was only like 70% full? im rather perplexed about this, i mean, c'mon, heavy-ass goodie bags for everyone who came! everyone, anyone who went had gotten 2 goodie bags each! to further illustrate this fact (cheh ayat essay assignment sngt), let me tell you, the night before we had to carry the goodie bags in and it was so heavy we could only carry like 10-15 bags each!

and these are not even all of it.

but fine, whatever. your loss, our gain. muahahhahaha.

came lunch time we got a little busy, having to watch out for the media people and a little complication arised but thank goodness the media people were nice enough to let it go and boo i didnt even managed to get my lunch save for a few steals from james' plate haha cilakak free lunch of those nasi2 minyakkentahapa with curry all somemore, i paling suka T____T nemai, vico dh brape cups dh hahaha tahan je. not that hungry pun actually, di saat2 kegentingan dan kesibukan sebegitu i tend to not feel hunger that much. OH OMG IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I SAW A PRESS CONFERENCE PERSONALLY whoots! *jakun then after the conference this VIP came out, asked for my name and year of study (cuak dah) then told me i've got a night class next week WTF HAHAHAHA how random is that! though i think he's lecturing us that night, dont recall who he is though T__T

with my team members, ciara and jane!

it was after lunch that things got even funner hehe we went in the dewan to watch the videos/enjoy aircon (oh yah it was awards for the 1Malaysia-lah video competition) and by then the VIPs kinda left already so we did kinda sorta made some noise teehee they were playing songs while waiting for people to come back in after lunch like Lenka's, LP's and Muse's so we sang along penuh emosi dan ekspresi muka siap dgn aksi2 pemain guitar/rocker/dancer wannabe gitu HAHAHA smpai terkantoi Dr Shu who remarked that kt kelas diam je tp smpai bab2 gini bising plak dh hahahaha she has sense of humour, i likes! :D

worst angle ever wtf but looks nice! from far la.

damn like this picture WAI AM I NOT IN IT *rages

we were pretty much free already by this time so later we just masuk and duduk je kat tengah2 but omg the audiences were like super passive! the 6 of us made more noises than all the other people combined! we were clapping, whooting and cheering so enthusiastically that some people turned to look at us. wtf c'mon lah takkan bila emcee tanya soalan pun diam je gosh beh tahan this kind of attitude dont these people know how to live or did they need a software update on their attitude. at one point joanna the emcee asked who do they think should win and only ONE. SINGLE. GUY.  shouted out SEGI college/uni/whatever. kudos to him. oh that and another guy named weewee who, from far at the back, shouted MY name when all was quiet wtf IM NOT EVEN A CONTESTANT CHOYYY =______=

the ADWAVE2010 team singing Gemilang and being showered by balloons haha!

and us, messing around having fun whoots!

kerenah2 JEs hehe!

came time for results announcement and performance by some local artist, lagi lah we cheer and yell iloveyou and clap smpai mampus walaupun we dont really care hahaha we are such great fake audiences ;p sad to say by then the audiences were already leaving so we had to jaga at the entrance, giving our the second hotlink goodie bag and packets of kotex pads hehe there were so many boxes that we just gave freely to everyone and by the end of the event, some JEs took back boxes of the kotex hahahaha keng! apparently there's more stocks kept in other places o_O there were lots of goodie bags left as well so er people just took as much as they wanted wtf some were so greedy urgh it was disgusting. but then again i took 5 sets of the bags teehee for intan emy mini abuela noches estaban and of course, my dear self wtf

my stash teehee

as i mentioned earlier, it was rather heavy and considering the lousy bus service on saturdays, i was dreading bringing them back but thank goodness for weeweeboy (aka llama of the day teehee) who really helped so much! we were on the way to pelenggang to menyibuks with intan and their puteri hang li po theatre performance practise (tomorrow night, must come!) as we saw this senior coming out of her car to check on something wrong and oh hot damn her front tyre got stuck in the drain coz the concrete that supported it crumbled into pieces!

not exaggerating, you see!

it was actually stuck after the first piece crumbled but as she was reversing while the jantans lifted the car, the second one crumbled as well, because of the weak structure i suppose. teruk betul, inikah university apex kan. but then again she (or whoever who drove it last) shouldnt have parked it that inside.

why is ammar's hair so nice cheh tak aci!

one thing i really noticed about situations like this, people will come to help. it doesnt matter who you are or what race you are or how did it happen but people will still come to help. it reminded me of the situation last time where kinleong's car got stuck in front of zhenru's and the neighbours and father's friends came to help eventhough it was raining. there's this spirit of bekerjasama and pure unselfishness that wouldnt be found anywhere else except in situations like this. 1Malaysia sngt HAHA of course, the semangat kejantanan also damn tinggi tau, no playplay.

sang puteri, intan lee. what? we're girls, we're supposed to stand, watch and not break a nail.

this weewee nmpk je kete dia gitu, terus dump all the goodie bags and his bag aside, and went right into the er scene to work it out. fuwah kononnya bergaya gitu hahahhahaha and as they were looking for some wood to lift it up i called intan to ask and fuwah terus she and ammar came to the scene. the senior also, made one call je terus all the other seniors came, all in their pretty formal suits and ties. it made me feel so proud to be associated with these people and seeing how they're working together sweating under the hot sun and dirtying their nice clothes, its so pure and untainted. nobody's doing it for any benefits for themselves, it was just to help her, simple as that. sorry im not very good at expressing such things haha hence, excuse the cheesiness.

jantans menjantaning! ;p

thank goodness finally got it out with all the jantans lifting it up and we're moving on with life. masuk pelenggan wah syiok aircond! pi beli air kt bakti pastu emy send us back to hostel whoots sayangs! balik online online tido kul 6pm smpai 8pm wtf then er 2plusAM came out for er breaklunchnerperfast and watch weewee in his arashi-mode on hahah oh wait whats 5 meals combined called anyways?

kesimpulannya, what a great day with great people!

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