Tuesday, March 2, 2010

kukuku panjang

i really have nothing to do, so let me post up pictures of my nails hahaha i really like nail art! if i could have my way i'd want kawaii elaborate nail-art like those popteen/vivi models all the time!

here are samples of my attempts, with normal basic nail polish. it looks great, alright. from a distance. get any closer and you'll see how amateur/messy it is haha but i dont care lah cheh nobody's going to look at my nails that close right!

my favourite nail colour: elianto's grape wine and plain plain black.

otherwise its french manicure for me. mucho loves.

this fuschia base with white
(messy) bows and darkred middles, i just did them today!

in fact, as of 3 minutes ago i just gave them the last layer of top coat! speaking of top coats, i never did believe in their use. until under the influence of limlulu, i realised that they actually work!! they keep the colour from shipping and it lasts so much longer now! loves!

(p/s: according to wikipedia, fuchsia is a purplish red, NOT pink! specifically, this particular shade is called royal fuchsia. so there. hahhahahaha! i is awesome cheat!)

as mentioned, my favourite grape wine shade! i like to put like 147983 layers of it coz then it looks so dark dark red! i've been looking for this shade for quite sometime until i stumbled upon it whoots! i was feeling adventurous so i had on some lacey stickers bought from kuantan hehe but one thing, it comes off way too easily, however pretty they may be.  D:

despite holding a sunshine yellow shade of polish, i kinda dislike this shade. its another case of idea-sounds-great-but-horrid-when-put-into-action wtf no offence, it dont go well with my skintone! 

*rages like a bimbo biatch wtf HAHAHA

but when making flowery nail art, its perfecto!

this is such a bimbo post.

honestly, i dont really give a damn about anything anymore.

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