Thursday, March 11, 2010


i has a 10-pages assignment with a minimum 20 references due tomorrow noon!

progress: 1.5 pages. FML MAX.

its always like this, i wont deny it. i'll wait till the very last minute, and then only i'll get the motivation to do it. heaven knows i've tried starting earlier, but the brain juices just wont flow. and i can only work in the comfort of my own room, silent and messy, with the occasional junkfood within reach.

thankfully, brain is working now. this is actually rather early you know, it usually works after midnight on the day of the dateline. ridiculous i know. i was telling mini about this and her eyes grew as round as saucers hahaha cuteness. its not something im ashamed about though, i know very well how i work and though its not the best or safest thing to do, its just how it is. and when i get bad grades for last-minute work like this, i know i deserve it fully.

ah perhaps this has something to do with a deep-set childhood fear of being disappointed after putting in so much effort/expectation into something. well then its not something i can change, no matter how much i want to. or perhaps thats just an excuse. i really dont know hahaha. as usual, in times of last-minute pressure and stress, i rant here. hahaha i really am too predictable sometimes.

 same here, calvin, same here.

UPDATE! it is now 9.24AM and i officially declare, I AM DONE! sat at the cafe the whole night and we worked through it! i bet it wouldve been a quicker process if we didnt mess around teehee but mess around we did. what with sabotaging people's facebook profile and editing funny pictures, ah well its well worth the suffering! I cant believe i can laugh till my tummy ached in such times of stress! It's the people, i tell you, the crazy people i mix around with. :D

gawd is it just me or does everybody feel absolutely horrid after staying up the whole night? my whole body aches, my head spins slightly and i feel so...old wtf. *stretches

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