Saturday, March 27, 2010

"plans and detours"

so the other day, i think i just did the craziest thing i had ever done!

(title credits to weewee hehe)

there's this split road in ipoh, one heading for penang and the other one, towards kl. we were already on the highway to penang and eugenewee (chewah guna nama betul, bangga.) mentioned that we'll most probably be late for our 3PM class, that friday. it was 1.30PM then. apriltan (ditto) and i then decided to want to go to kl! hahahaha but we were afraid what mukhlis would say as its his car (he stayed over in ipoh/gopeng) so we gave him a call and "honestly he dont really care" so whoots WE'RE OFF TO KL!!

we didnt even bring that much spare clothes.

we stayed over in abuela's house in klang and went around here and there with her car instead coz mukhlis' car was like, aircondless. damn weyh the journey to and fro ipoh-kl-ipoh-penang was like hell, super hot and sticky! When it rained in ipoh damn we'd have to close the windows = stuffy. pastu the windows will fog up pulak tsk tsk tsk

pretty clouds. but sunny weather.

weewee being the driver, had his right arm all browned up from the sun and me, riding shotgun, had my left arm all red/browned up and miss abuela noches estaban (this is nickname fullname HAHA) stays fair and lovely WTF CHEAT. regret sitting in the front sigh i dont know why but i have to sit in the front in mukhlis' car. just a childish whim, i suppose. ;p

who needs baskinrobbins when you've got cheap icecream in bread hehe

gahhh i am so dark these days im so out of the fair-skinned-people category already! T_______T but thank goodness for brightening/contrasting functions of photoshop to cheat you muahahaha speaking of photoshop, i'll have to blog about that some day, just to clear out some things teehee.

anyways, klang! hahaha its our little joke that we were never hungry in klang! had so much bakkutteh to make up for the lack of pork in usm wtf the evening we arrived, we were treated to an awesome meal of not 1, not 5, not 93615 but TWO STEAMED FISH  whoots! you see, i love fish, i love steamed fish and i love steamed fish with asam paste even more! RAWR! :D

this is so funny, we got out of jusco and abuela found her car (the red one) punya depan kena like scratched kaukau  and bumped in so we checked the car next to her and so ngam  ada scratch kaukau  at the back, with smiliar patterns! wah we damn street smart, take out camera take picture of scratch take picture of carplate number take picture of car position while abuela called her mom who then told her THE SCRATCH WAS THERE LONG TIME BEFORE DY WTF.

the next morning we had bakkutteh (oh you know, their klang pride ;p) and bakkutteh for lunch again in aunty's shop in cheras and oh my fish porridge for dinner in abuela's aunty's house! that was so cool they lined the fresh uncooked fish (sashimi much?) in the bowl, pour in hot porridge and stir till the fish gets cooked! how awesome is that hahaha and hell it was delifreakingcious! i love porridge omg! so happy/full can die! dah lah lepas tuh pi yumcha kt Piccadilly in Subang (i think) gahh boleh mati haha!

tong sui near er Asia Cafe, wherever is that. kinda fell asleep on the way wtf.
it was yummeh! not those crazily sweet tongsui that makes you want to die after eating too much, this was just nice, just perfectly nice. and taufoofah RAWR wants!!

that is ze abuela's sis, she learns quick hehe ;p

we lepaked a couple days there and sunday, after having a bakkutteh brunch (yes BAKKUTTEH again! whoots!) we left for ipoh/penang! met up with abuela's papito in ipoh then it started raining heavily and blablabla (mentioned earlier) so we had to stop at ipoh parade jalan2 smpai ujan reda.

first hot like hell

then rain like dunno what like that cis CHEAT.

hujan lebat nk mampus still sempat turun 100Yen shop buy morinaga greentea caramel! mucho loves morinaga caramels! but bitch expensive seyh.

by the time we left ipoh it was already evening, just as the sun was sort of setting. it was still raining lightly, the kinda rain that makes you think of bittersweet things.the kinda rain that makes you think you're only dreaming of the rain at night. the kinda rain that makes you want to play under the wet skies. well you get what i mean. if tak get pun pretend je la gila.

leaving the sunbeams.

just, random.
happy button censored with drawn-on butterfly to protect the dignity of thy fair maiden wtf

oh there was a thai fair at ipoh parade! and abuela finally got to satisfy her steamed tapioca cravings hahaha and so did i, boy was it gooood!  it was so good she got another packet while i got mango pulut (due to their strong recommendations) and weewee got fried shrimps. thought of eating it in the car but masuk kete je ngantuk dh heheh tido je la kan. weewee was anxious to reach before 9.30PM for his ManU game but we actually reached a little late boo tapi kuar khaleel makan jugak coz windu tantans and syamimi hehe xD

lpas khaleel br pi aman punya pondok duk situ makan the thai food and dry kind of bakkutteh that abuela tapaoed for unclesbowie, but we reached too late so bantai sendri je lah hahahhaha! more bakkutteh whoots! damn syiok weyh masa lapar nk mampus then makan good satisfying food!

i officially declare mango pulut the awesomest food ever and swear not to diss those thaifairs again (coz they always have it so often, sien!), instead embrace their awesome mango pulutness! :D

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