Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pocari Sweat

another post so soon after the long-ass previous one? haha yah while i have time, why not. i've been hell busy with things and i suppose today's quite free, skipped a class just to have a nap haha tomorrow shall be another day! its Communication School's Impact Week and Baskin-Robbins-Gives-Discount Day! :D

yesterday was rather extraordinary in terms of a weekday. we finished our presentation with full marks without even having a meeting to discuss things and just hentam ja hahahaha the topic was simple enough though so, score! oh before that damn i did the silliest of things! mukhlis needed our address and matrix number for WUS so i texted weewee to ask for his. he texted mukhlis and mukhlis was confused why did weewee suddenly send the add & matrix. it was till mukhlis mentioned it that i realised that weewee isnt in our WUS team HAHAHAHA i laughed till sakit perut! and weewee didnt even realise also! his excuse was that he had just woken up and he thought i meant SHE because i always get confused between the two. which is unfortunately true.

*WUS: teras keusahawan
*SHE: hubungan etnik

we decided to go to queensbay coz we all had nothing to do dah hahaha stayed there for a while, had icecream and then randomly went all the way to gurney and saw mukhlis' Happening at The Bungalow theatre bilboard!!

the best i can take with my hp camera and with the rainy weather

muahahaha stolen from yi sa's facebook, here's a clearer version.

it's actually an Arts School third year project, just like the Puteri Hang Li Po (that weewee and i sneaked in just now!! hahahaha!) and this is about Birch blablabla. we're going to see it this saturday whoots! :D anyways hunted around gurney for the fourskin shop and rootbeer, and boy was it windy outside! it was even windier just right inside the door, the tunnel effect much? hahahaha the three of us stood there near the door and fuwieeeee the wind blew and blew~ reminded me of the time i was with pao and kinleong kt TC Bay 2 and it was that windy! awesome weyh so fun!

windy smpai xleh buka mata HAHA this is in the mall and the two baldies and i doing these nonsense! but damn syiok! xD

 pastuh duduk lepak mengomen orang kt tepi tangga ala2 punkkid gitu la ;p

 it was already evening as we left gurney to make it in time for Puteri Hang LiPo at 8.30PM but just as we were passing through Penang Road weewee mentioned SOHO, which is like our favourite place to eat ever in penang haha and the decision was immediately made to stop by SOHO for dinner! hanglipo or no hanglipo, rain or no rain, yg penting SOHO! im not sure if i've mentioned this place before here but we've been here like 3-4 times already, including this trip! it's awesomeeee why? 

#1: RM7 for chickenwithherbs/homemadeburger/shepherdspie/sausageandmash/spaghettibolognaise/somethingelseithink?

#2: quality delicious food! despite the cheap price, the food's really good and obviously not made from processed frozen nonsense, im pretty sure they made it all themselves, right down to the yummy patty of the burger!

#3: shepherd's pie do you know how difficult it is to get shepherd's pie?! i love shepherd's pie, ever since i had aunty val's during my time in perth! (time wtf like time in prison like that choy)

#4: nice ambience, its actually sort of a pub where liquors, beers and cocktails are available!

#5: they serve food with good mustard! i love mustard! :D

the only thing is that the drinks are rather pricey, in fact around the same price as the meals for fizzy drinks and such. o_O

isnt this just gorgeous, such rich colours and textures used

the dining area of the second floor

compulsary pre-dining picture for proof teehee

was looking around Cold Storage when saw PocariSweat going for RM2+ only and Pucca in this flavour! *grabs 

 it looked too cool i just couldnt resist! hahahaha doesnt taste that good though boo but enjoyable, nevertheless.

lepas makan quickly rushed back to pick aya and mini up for the HangLiPo show and gahhh it was still raining! ooh but mukhlis joined us whee! xD it was pretty good, though i believe i enjoyed myself better during the practices haha the actors are so funny during practice, beh tahan! like the time ammar was stand-in laksamana and scolded the puteri siao cha bo  WTF HAHAHA. the costumes were such a variety of colours though, nice! did i mention this is a musical? yeah so lots of singing and mandarin-speaking too FML here's the main reason we went for it: intan was emcee/narrator hahaha i love how art school have so many fun events/shows/whatnots and we can menyibuks because intan's in art school! love!

the us
are we that  scary a bunch of people? ;p

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