Monday, March 22, 2010

strawberry avalanche

just because its such a cute song title. i've decided, cute song titles for so totally uncute for-the-moment posts. case in point, this. ;D

gahhh cant sleep. i hate incoherent pointless posts like this. but boh pian,  the heart wants what the heart wants.  i am such a slave to myself sometimes hahaha so anyways its technically monday! whoohoo!


the weekend was such a rush. a rush of bright city lights, hot whirling winds, sticky cotton candied fingers and giggly madness. i've never seen such a dazzling sight, stars and bottlefuls of bright shiny stars, big small far near, sparkling and twinkling with all their might in the passing midnight kelantan sky. and then i realised, i was never meant to do things the so-called proper way. and that we'd never be as young and reckless as we are now, so why not.

really, why the hell not?

guess which road we took?
oh its crazy new shit alright.

"  and we've got to find other ways to make it alone
or keep a straight face. 

and i've always lived like this."

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