Thursday, April 1, 2010


there was that  night.
that  unmentionable, unforgetable night ;p

but thats not for public viewing teehee instead, i shall talk about this place we went to for breakfast, the morning after! this quaint little darling place that i discovered during the shooting of Armenian Street (another third year project by comm school). right there and then i swore i was going to try this place out before i graduate. and try this place out i did, even before this sem ended. ah yes i count my blessings much.

oh so charming~

some of the quaintly items lying around and about   

the menu, albeit a little pricey, was just as i imagined it would be: a variety of yummy western-styled food that sounds so good, i feel like trying everything!! so here's what i ordered : oat porridge. i know it sounds absolutely disgusting to some people but it was hell delicious!! all warm, milky, oaty, almondy and just perfectly subtley sweet. oh heaven betul!

too bad we couldnt try the lunch menu boo too full + no kachingkaching T____T


it may not seem much but boy was it filling! so worth the RM6.90!! as downstairs was already filled with people, we had to go upstairs but the staircase is so scarily steep and narrow!! takut gila masa nk turun tau, i wondered how the owners got used to going up and down carried the food and stuff T____T upstairs, the tables and chairs were very old-school sekolah rendah kind of wooden desks and chairs! how nostalgic hahaha we felt so overgrown pengakap sitting on them!


 that day's specials, the mushroom soup sounds so good!

 they also have all sorts of orchids and tiny little plants planted in random jars and cans that just adds so much to the quirkyness of this place. how could anyone not fall in love with it!

the slow life? 
describes perfectly the atmosphere just as we stepped in to Amelie Cafe.
Amelie Cafe, i'll be back, i promise. :D

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