Saturday, April 17, 2010


*brushing up my hiragana for next sem

we see each other everyday, we have our meals together, we go shopping at the same places and we skip go to class together. even after all that, we still manage to seek each other out for supper practically every night. 

keropok lekor, air asam, apam balik or khaleel. this is our routine.

how is it suprising then, that we all are each others' family here in university?

when im lost (literally), i know who to call to ask which bus goes where. when im texting while crossing the road, i know who to depend on to er drag me across the road without me having to look up. when im not having my safety belt on, i know who will nag me until i reluctantly put it on. when i need some advise, or just to plain talk about things (doesnt happen often though haha), i know who to go to. i know who will be there and i know who to depend on. when im lacking in cash, i know who will force me to borrow/lend/whatever me to take their money first. when i really have no idea what to do about something in particular, i know there'll be someone to tell me not  what to do, but what my options are.

it really makes life so much more easier.

and why on earth do i sound so emo/melancholy wtf honestly this is spurred on by bloody weewee who said something that made me laughed my ass out but in the end, true to myself as well. the thing is, halfway watching theatre mak yong last night (klakar gile, siap ade adegan2 uda&dara lagi hahaha "aku kaya" hahahaha), weewee had to leave to balik melaka. and this morning he told me that he felt half-hearted to leave us and it felt strangely like leaving family. and just now while abuela and i were dying to go out but tarak kete, he said he drove around melaka and wished we were there. that was rather suprising haha coz i know i made his life so miserable that he calls me his miserablator  and more than once he mentioned how annoying i am. to the point that he said if there were 10 of me, that would be his personal hell wtf hahaha i take it as a compliment.

so anyway back to the point, yeah maybe i dont feel that exact way when im leaving but in here itself, in our everyday little routines, i feel like i have this second family around me. i feel so comfortable that i can just let loose and be as kiddish and i-couldnt-care-less-about-others and annoying as i want, maybe sometimes to the point that its really just plain irritating max to others hahaha sometimes before going to bed i think about my day and really i wish i could erase certain parts, cannot tahan my own behaviour sometimes. and then i'd promise myself to behave nicely and politely the next day only to have something come up and that promise would be be completely forgotten, FTL.

but still, everyone is still so nice to me and take care of me kaukau !! *terharu

mwah mwah sayangs you alls hahaha!!

luahan perasaan sngt nih, thank goodness nobody reads me!

i've really  got to behave wtf.  


and that , was written quite a couple days ago.

i saved it as a draft and honestly was afraid of posting it up here. it is kind of personal and i have the other  blog for things like these. ok so here's the thing, i know  i might say some people dont know how to socialize and stuff, but i have a confession to make: i myself am terribly awkward with these kinda touchy-feely things hahaha really. i suck as expressing/displaying my real emotions. but then tonight, something happened!

not clear, dont really care.

i can has siblings! 

hahaha it was started off as just a joke. i wasnt there myself (balik kl ari tuh teehee) but according to them, they were so sick of people asking how did such as random bunch of people that is us all meet and got close to each other that in the end, it was just easier to say that we're cousins! tadaa, problem solved wtf. some things are just easier evaded than explained. and then tonight everyone started adding each other as sibling (coz dont know how to add as cousins wtf) on facebook hehe! 

which is why i know this  would be the perfect timing to post this up~♥

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