Tuesday, April 27, 2010


as usual, we just had  to go in to forever21.

it was after the killer paper of ykt111 and after all those nights camping in rotibakarkopitiam and khaleel, having dinner there again was so out of the question.intan trus tanya, feeling2 QB tak? suddenly we were all bersemangat again even after having just a couple hours of sleep.

eat first, walk around later.

what is this, brunchner?
(oh look i rhyme)

all these while we've been trying on clothes and browsing in there, i've never once gotten myself anything. cheap-ass rings and accessories, sure. but clothes, never. i still hold on to my believe that its way too overpriced (we've all heard how dirt-cheap it is in America) and its not even worth the price people are paying for it. C'mon, a sheer plain teeshirt for RM35? Ridiculous. Its amazing how we consider F21 as a sort-of a slighty higher-end brand but in other countries nobody particularly cares about F21 anyways.

thats not to say that their clothes arent amazing, 'cause hell yeah they're pretty damn awesome. i love their lace dresses, brightly-coloured jeans and the soft cotton materials of the tees. those military-styled jackets and long long tops are a faveourite of mine too. ohhh just now, i saw this bright bright blue cardigan with bright yellow trimmings along the hem, paired together with a grape-purple tee inside. loves it max, loves how its so mismatched yet gorgeously so. wants!

anyways, stepping inside the shop, i mentioned to them boomboompows how i've never gotten anything from F21 before.

i then came out of the shop with three.


how did that happen?!

what can i say, it was cheap. it was cheap-ass. in total i got myself 2 dresses and 1 teeshirt for RM50 only! crazy cheap max right! RIGHT!! unbelievable!

#1 is a white-based tube short-dress with splashes of purple turquoise and yellow. how very lets-chill-by-the-pool/beachside. ONLY RM30. i've never worn something like this before!

#2, found by my dahling missapriltan for me, a dark maroon thigh-lengh dress with matte bronze studs. very the lets-go-lepak-SOHO. ONLY RM15. arr emm fifteen. FIFTEEN. original price was probably close to RM100. gasp, much? *flicks nails wtf

#3, a sheer plain white v-neck tee, oh-so-layer-around-with-it. ONLY RM5. yes. single digit number, five. for a piece of clothing. of soft comfy cotton. i cant get over how cheap it is!!

again, for emphasis.


this will teach me not to tempt fate by saying such things again wtf.

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