Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happening at the Padang Kota

it's nights like this that makes me feel so grateful for the people im around with, for them just being them  and i know how blessed i am to be able to get into this uni and somehow, even without mutual classes sometimes, found these bunch of crazy awesome people whom i can depend on for fun and sukaduka kehidupan chewah

really, people have asked me (and also intans) how on earth did we all became friends and we really dont know how to answer this! we all just found each other through mutual friends, through random activities and of course, interacting in facebook every late night helps. though its been a while since we spammed a comment till it reached 60+ comments teehee. ironic isnt it, especially when the few of us have rather negative first impressions of each other hahaha i was supposedly the very rich & kekwat , 2nd/3rd year student from KL wtf my IC might agree with the KL part but i refuse to call myself anything but a kuantanite/kuantanian/whatever.

damn introduction pun dah 2 paragraphs dah haha blogging mojo is so back! :D

yesterday night was the Happening at The Bungalow theatre show in Padang Kota, Georgetown! apparently besides from the bilboard at the junction shown in the last post,  there are also banners all around town omg we were at a roadblock last night and with the windows down, tans and i were chatting so loudly about the banners with the police flashing his flashlight around the car wtf ignore terus. yg penting safetybelt bila nmpk roadblock br pkai HAHA sbab abuela tarak ntuk membebel dan bapakku yg bernama eugene x perasan kot.

the weather was terrible last night.

planned to go out at 5PM (though the show starts at 8.30PM wtf) because we were taking the bus but came 5PM, it was raining kucings&anjings so terpaksalah tunggu smpai hujan reda. tans (hard to keep track with all the nicknames isnt it hahaha but its all the same people so figure it out ;p) even called and asked us not to go je la because there was a little storm in Padang Kota, with one of the lights breaking and all those Final Destination kinda stuff happening wtf choy. got kinda disappointed because i was all ready to go and the show will still go on rain or no rain so didnt want to miss it boo finally around 6PM the rain slowed down to a mere drizzle and talking to mukhlis who mentioned his family's coming down to see him too, it made up my mind to just go for it and see how things go.

hair. wet.

the journey wasnt pretty wtf i dont mind the rain, i dont mind that bus stops at every bus stop, i dont mind inersia so much, i dont mind standing in the bus but i sure as hell mind waiting my ass off at the bus stop for the right bus to come! gahhh i really have no patience in waiting for unknown things! (inersia wtf probably the only useful thing i got out of learning physics for 2 whole years) but i enjoyed the ride there, lost in my own little world with my earphones on and watching the world go by through rain-dropped and foggy windows. mmm. bus stops at the jetty and we had to wait for the free shuttle to padang kota to open its doors pulak cis mengeramkan! though it was slightly drizzling, and we both had unbrellas in our bags, dgn rileksnyer we jalan ke tgh2 Padang Kota, where the show would be held at.

a prettily-lighted building at the side of Padang Kota, with relections on the banjired field.

ah was so happy to finally reached! what an adventure hahaha was greeted by the FOH (front of house) people with their RINTIS tees cis but it was raining to only chairs were susuned at the sides boo the whole field was pretty much flooded, with a tent in the middle for the sound people? sawah padi sngt, what with their lecturer walking around there with a straw hat and rubber slippars HAHA! the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement, anxiety and random insanity! sumpah, nobody have as much fun attending/working at an event as much as the art students! thats why i love art school events so much hahaha padahal communications night pun tak attend kan kitorg nih hahahaah!

emy and her strawberry unbrella i've been eyeing on since last sem!!
pulau khemah.
llama with tan's 3-bungkus-nasi-kandar-filled kitschen handbag ;p
jantans missing their beloved MU's 7.45PM major game!

bermula jugak show tu walaupun audience tak ramai. luckily it wasnt raining already so they susuned the chairs right infront of the stage, where it wasnt flooded. though midway of the show it started drizzling again choy luckily most people brought their umbrella though it kinda obstructed the view a little boo. ah i blame my short-genes. 
preview of another art school 3rd year production: Uda & Dara! aya will be dancing for this!
ambience picture wtf

wah ini orang nama eugene yah, dia yah, manyak gila main air kt sawah padang kota yah. but super helpful omg as more people came, chairs were needed and he straight tanggal kasut conversenya then memunggah kerusi. everytime ade je orang smpai, trus pi amik kerusi and tolong menolong crew Happening. FOH angkat nih hahahaha! walaupun kami bukan dari arts school, the sense of responsibilty is still there, dont know why. asking people to sit and offering them unbrellas when its raining and us standing there the whole time, weird kan hahaha but fun! :D

pemenang anugerah jantan SMK USM. SAJE NK MAIN AIR TUH.

yang penting bercamwhore dlu ye.

honestly it was rather hard to concentrate on the show haha it was so wordy! only the babak2 aksi i beri perhatian penuh hahaha and mukhlis was so punny, being all drunk and scarily fierce! ok lets give a little obligatory synopsis. *copies and pastes from flyer
the other 82345 pictures were pretty blur boo

"Happening in the Bungalow is a contemporary play based on a script by Penang's award winning playwright Lee Joo For. Performed and directed by USM's final year Acting and Directing students BLABLABLA basically its a tragic comedy/comedic tragedy/tragically punny wtp.  Set in the 50s, it revolves around 4 characters -  Birch, Rozni, Cheng and Boy. The play opens with Birch a Brit businessman who tries to deflower his secretary Rozni but luck was on her side when Cheng an idealist who does not believe in killing, but reformation, rescues her. The drama unfolds as Rozni follows Cheng to his bungalow and Boy, Birch's loyal servant, inadvertantly becomes the victim."

rabu rabu. chu chu.

ok i dont really know what to say anymore. kehabisan idea.

ok here's a picture, with all the crews and production team.

maka menangis la jantan2 sekalian ini. hugly max.

pamily portrait.

oh i love the feeling after the show where everybody is like talking happily, walking around here and there and the atmosphere is just so meriah! and congratulating everyone who did a great job and commenting here and there on nonsense and being just crazily random hahaha mucho love! 

mukhlis went with his family so he lent/borrowed/whatevered his car to us. as usual, teckwah was stuck being the driver hahaha was major hungwy by this time and luckily PulauKopi's kitchen was still open so we ordered!! 2 seconds later found out we all didnt bring enough money choy luckily weewee pi cari atm cucuk duit haha FOL btul. wah coffeeisland full with people, i dare say 90% lala people wtf.

seafood mac with swiss cheese!!

RM12.90, serving kecik je.

rasa cheese syiok max. but not tasty enuff boo still very much edible though haha! but the mushroom soup there is da best!! tons of chopped mushroom pieces and just oh so tasty mmm yums!

the nest thing we know, as we were getting into the car, it was already 2AM wtf however did time fly so fast?! nah we still had some energy (and petrol) to burn so just went around town, making random turns and discovering little old roads with no cars arounds = SCARY. singing random songs with the windows down. i like the fact that when one starts singing random old school/new school songs, we could almost always join along. what i mean is that we have the sort of a  common background where we're exposed to pretty much the same things. ended up in khaleel near usm for some roti tisu and fries teehee suprisingly no nightmare! it was a long complex dream but i dont think it qualifies much for a nightmare so yays it might just be a coincidence after all! saw vun and karim there, apparently they stayed till 7AM! o_O

and that my friend, is the end of the story of the night of 3rd of April of the year of 2010
"yesterday we had some rain,
but all in all I can't complain.
was it dusty on the train?
p.s. i love you."  

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