Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hari tangga sedunia kot

what a day of stairs, stairs and more stairs!

in less than 3 seconds i found myself being the exco of PERKOM.

and whoosh a whole month's passed, crossed the last one out a couple days ago!

wasnt kidding when i said i was busy, look at my march schedule!!

so many duedates, presentations and nonsense gahhh!!

tip: it saves money draving one every month rather than going out to buy a RM49.90 for a 12-months leather-covered one. serious. and its so fun filling it up with duedates, birthdays and events! makes things easier to manage too! :D 

gahh my arms are mysteriously aching. yang penting tadi lepas show Uda & Dara, main Pepsi-Cola dan berguling2 smbil mencarut depan2 lecturer Arts School sendiri wtf. AH ITS RAINING, I IS GO TO SLEEP FIRST!!

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