Saturday, April 24, 2010

pre-ykt111 escapism into junism

hye hye! as usual, im here suring such supposedly stressful times! :D

nyaa its true, i have so many readings to do! its not sufficient to read the slides and lecture notes alone, but i should be reading the endless recommended readings as well! in fact i should have finished reading by now as the killer paper is on monday!

but i am not, and i didnt. thats just crazy talk.

it seems as if my life is so full of ARASHI now hahahaha i go to places with wifi just to download their videos and songs, to the point that when my food arrives i have no time to eat it and er loudao had to feed me wtf sankyuuuu hehe yes, i am that  desperate. aint complaining though, its been a while since i find myself being that  interested and passionate in something. it's no easy transition though, stepping into the world of jpop. of johnnys.

johnnys bleargh. cannot help cringing.

the wonderful world of cliche lyrics, cheesy dancemoves, relatively less-than-strong vocals, perfectly-controlled stereotype images, pretty made-up boys and cringe-worthy music videos. oh gawd.

from this.

to this?
but arashi

though i can only claim to recognise 2 of their members, one being jun matsumoto and the other being their leader satoshi ohno, i still love their songs! their high-spirited crazily-optimistic tirelessly-energetic songs that make me want to jump around with my hands in the air! the dynamic beats, the voices of them five together, it makes me happy, it makes me smile to myself (like a moron, no less), it gives me strength.

and that, is exactly why i like them so much despite all the cheesiness.  

but of course, the main reason is still matsumoto jun teehee ♥  
confession: my current desktop background is a collage of so-cute-can-die pictures of jun
(embarassing, but still proud of it wtf)

come, i show you wtf

yg penting gmbr separa bogel ye hahahaha what have i turned into oh lawd. 
with that said, doesnt mean im not anxiously awaiting VAMP's new single [DEVIL SIDE] coming out in May! with such lyrics as this

"embrace our instinct
i want to see your other face
kissing your lips
calling for your devil side"

cant wait to see the PV either! though i wish HYDE'd produce more songs soon with Laruku!


ah anyways, back to pretending to sleep study teehee. 
(also known as rewatching jun's drama きみはペット teehee)

in any case, its still not the night before exam yet. which, in my dictionary, means its not time so study yet. i cant help it, thats just how my brain works you know. my only motivation is last minute panic, if any at all. 

in my defense, i have the memory of Dory the fish.

but hey didnt ernest hemingway once said that happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing he knows? well them im just trying to be happy teehee.

nevermind that i practically just said i want to be dumb wtf.

you know what, i think im going to take a nap.

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