Sunday, April 18, 2010


everytime i wear this hat out, comfrim someone will comment that i look like a tourist. well, its kinda true, i usually wear this out when we're touristing around places or when i know i'll be walking under the sun alot.

but lookie what i saw in the recent issue of SEVENTEEN japan  whoots! :D  (at least i think  its from seventeen. either that or Scawaii)

we has same hat!! 
 awesome, much! :D

and this, i has this tie too!

ok fine not i i  but as in my brother wtf but i wore it before! i has the picture somewhere but er its not in this laptop no more. and tetsu (left) is wearing it too whoots!! 

ok back to pretending to be studying for finals this week!!


  1. auntieeee...
    omg... u looked really like a japonaise!haha hehe
    stay on the ground ok... don't fly away.. lol

  2. mini i is lap lap you mucho much!!! <3

    (and im taking LSP in 6 hours, look at my england)

    *flies up into the sky anyways ;p