Monday, May 31, 2010

cinnamon spice

ok so i've decided that this blog is in need of some ME. way too much arashi fangirling going on so imma mempromote diri sendiri here today. in fact, for the first time in weeks, i have some non-arashi music on instead! and only one tab open on arashi-related stuff as opposed to the gazillions i have on usually.

here, to remind you how i look like wtf

just took this like 20 minutes ago.

havent been camwhoring much these days, in fact am rather put-off by the camera. glory days gone lah, i look pretty damn horrid these days. sure as hell dont want to document that  for future memory's sake.

im actually quite tired of saying things like "ah im so tired"  and "imma just die"  but honestly i am  so dreadfully tired. my feet aches me shoulder hurts and the only thing i want right now is to crash into bed and sleep without having any alarm on. and the dreams i've been having, such tiring, adventurous emotionally-charged dreams! the stuff dramas and telenovelas are made of, im sure of that! then i wake up suddenly, all alert and oh-so-tired-max!
( ̄へ ̄)

i will now post up some pictures and the stories behind them in order to fill this post up, to make it look all long and lengthy. first up:

gorgeous noms from hyatt hotel, only RM5 each! 

and the generous man gave us the third one for absolutely free even when we went there after they closed up! *bows we got cheesecake, carrot cake and choc cake (quickly MMSed to anyone most likely to get jealous teehee) apparently after 8PM, its all 50% off all their cakes so. teehee. they werent the most omfgawesomemax cakes ever but still, pretty decent enough you know.cakes after midnight hahahah healthy bunch of people, arent we.

discovered what could possibly be the most awesome drink on earth in ipoh the other day! 

red bean ice! its like blended red beans and more BLENDED RED BEANS!! *eyes wide with excitement wtf its so good i've never gulped down anything so fast before omg love love love! i wouldnt mind drinking only this my whole life (exaggeration)! to quote aiba (or was it sho?), MAXIMUM UMAI! (*≧▽≦) 

future reference wtf

going to work everyday (hello, abrupt change of topic), i tend to meet people i know everyday! whether it is old primaryschool classmates that i havent met since UPSR ended, or parents of secondaryschool classmates or even kids my mom used to babysit! how exciting right hahaha which soon leads to the tendency to look at everyone closely to see if i know them wtf.

oh i randomly water the plants in the middle of the night too, apparently. and have recently discovered what could be a fierce rival of RST's mamu burger in kuantan! who knew kuantan had such a awesome burger place, its called burgembira hahaha and the burgers are so huge i have serious difficulty in figuring out how to nomnom them!

  ok so maybe not completely as arashi-free post.

this is actually the last picture i have to post hahaha bought it recently, a movie featuring all five members of arashi, with a super-shocking twist at the end!

and say hello to kei kurono aka nino in a 500 000 yen (EACH) suit. Now lets hope they'll show GANTZ in malaysia, otherwise im going to singapore to watch it hahahaha its confirmed after all, they're going to show it in singapore! apparently companies from malaysia have inquired about GANTZ but so far no confirmation besides singapore's! *crosses fingers
taken here.

p/s: just realised how creepy i look in that saigonoyakusoku picture FML 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

tips & tricks to survive uni life #2

Goooood morning! It is now 2.03AM of er May? Honestly ever since school ended I’m so not keeping up with the dates anymore. Heck I hardly even know what day is it, just the other day I die die thought it was friday but turns out it was a saturday wtf. Anyways, as promised, I will now talk about one of the issues a university student, especially a USM student, have to deal with daily, and that is….CLOTHES.

I detest dress codes (with the exception of themed parties, of course) and apparently we’re supposed to wear long pants and collared-tees to classes here in USM. Tipu punya. Dengan semangatnya I belied 5 collared-tees (any excuse to shop, no?) and 2 long pants (ah they were on sale) only to find out that we can basically wear whatever we like!! Ok I lied; I kinda knew that the dress code isn’t that strict anyways. Like, duh. Even if it is, I’m sure I’ll find some way to bend it a little teeheee.


But, luckily, by the examples of the seniors, we all started loosening up and pushing the limits as the semester goes by. Wait, what limits? Unlike some other government unis that forces them to wear long sleeves and long pants even in the hostel (like, wtf, primitive much?), in our free time we can really wear whatever shit we want. I’ve seen girls walking around in their sarongs and braless in hostels. And wearing short shorts to go out for a meal is okay too, nobody will stare at you judgingly *coughUKMcough In class, of course you have to know your own limits, and do wear something appropriate lah. So far I’ve only seen a couple international students wearing sleeveless tops and perhaps once or twice in class some girls wearing like shorts shorts. We usually just wear knee-length shorts and teeshirts. Of course, there is always a risk of someone giving you a piece of their mind but oh well. Having a little risk is fun after all. “Colour my life with the chaos of trouble”, heard of it?

iklan #2. dress nih lah.

Once, I wore this thigh-lengh dress and this international student/lecturer/tutor/dontknowlah told me I’m not supposed to wear anything above the knee. Another time, I was wearing another dress and this auntie/lecturer/tukangsapusampah.dontknowlah came and told me off, saying that we’re in an Islamic country and oh am I a university student or not and the dress is too low. I was so surprised I just walked away, though I’ve stayed awake many nights after imagining all the saucy retorts I could’ve blasted at her. Ah well. (AS IF IM THAT FREE TO LOSE SLEEP OVER IT PUHLEASE)

#2: LIBRARY’s pak/makguard’s a real pain. This one dress code strict max. Everything must be below knee-length and above collarbone. Once I was in full formal outfit (see picture) and the mak guard insisted I go back to change before I get in WTF I just pulled down my skirt a little and buat bodo masuk je. They’re being so ridiculous! People wear those leggings they say cannot wear “nampak bentuk badan” clothes WTH. How is it relevant to what people do in the library at all! Which is why I hate going to the library max and seek to avoid it whenever i can!! One comfort though, the aircond there syiok max, very much advisable to bring a cardigan in with you. and sleep.

#3: WASHING. For the first couple months, I washed my clothes by hand, due to all the horror stories on how dirty the hostel’s washing machine is and how come people just throw in their shoes to wash. What can I say, I was naïve and overly paranoid. I hated it though, I’m so not a housewife-material and sheesh it’s really a bother to wash them every 2-3 days or so, especially washing jeans and bedsheets! Then one day, somehow, I decided to try the machine and never looked back since. Advice: bring about 5kg of 50/20cents coins for every semester. It’s RM3 for every cycle.

#4: As for DRYING, there is a whole bunch of those er wires outside the hostel block for us BUT (capslock = importante) huge risk of losing your clothes/clothes being flown away by strong winds/random sudden rain. I dried my clothes outside for a few months and lost : 

White MNG top

slash dress. whatever.

White MissCindy pants

White spaghetti-strap top

(am I the only one sensing a pattern here?)

And this I’m not so sure, but my beloved GREY HARAJUKU LOVERS TOP. It’s not to be found anywhere, I just realized this a few weeks ago after looking through old pictures WTF I love that top! Gahhh hate. 

oh glory days. FML now.

So the morale of the story is: GET A CLOTHES RACK and keep it in the room. Don’t worry, the revolving fan will dry them all out in less than 2 days. And it won’t stink, depending on your detergent. I use this aromatherapy softener, it fills the whole room with lavender scent every time I did my laundry. Hmm. Wait, now that I think about it, I wonder if this bothers my roommate T___T Ah in any case, there’s a dryer too! Costs RM2/3/4 depending on load but I usually just use it on rainy-season and for blankets only, it’s really not necessary otherwise.

Tip: Do your laundry after midnight. 
         Nobody else will use it then, hence, no need to wait! :D

#5: RANDOM TIPS. For orientation week, it’s formal clothes all week so be prepared for that. I’d suggest getting some bajukurungs made as it’s really convenient, not to mention pretty
I love my bajukurungs teehee you’ll need it for the hostel dinner during orientation week, and basically any other class presentation. Did I mention that they’re real pretty? 
Do bring a couple glam dresses as well, penang do have their little street of clubs you know ;p
  random colourfulness.

ok the end i is tired max. and mucho excited that akid's coming to usm whoots!! :D

Saturday, May 29, 2010

12 じをすこしすぎるころ。。。

Ninomiya Kazunari: 100 Q & As

i wont impose upon you with the full report but here's a few excerpt that amuses me to no end. one cannot deny the feeling of reluctance that seems to be spouting from nino in answering all these bothersome questions, but oh the blunt brattiness of the uncommon answers to common questions and the tendency to exaggerate is what makes nino nino.

which reminds me of this episode on Arashi no Shukudai-kun where they were talking about growth in teens and nino was telling them that as he was talking with his friends, parts of his body would suddenly hurt and he'd fall. when asked "what happened?" by his friends, nino's reply was " sorry sorry, im just growing a little right now" while holding his knee or something. when the guests laughed at this, he insisted it really happened.

like,  =___________________=  much?

anyways, as im obviously still not over the whole Arashi thing yet, just a few funny nino nonsense from a questionaire quite a while ago xD

  1. Full name: Employee number 1004 (HAHA WTF)
  2. Date of birth: 9490 days ago
  3. What is the charm point of your outward appearance? My slouch (sarcasm sarcasm)
  4. On a scale from 1 to 5, your ability to wake up is? 38
  5. If you have something you’re obsessed with, please tell us: I won’t tell you. (brat)
  6. Please tell us your favourite motto. I won't tell you.
  7. A treat that perks you up? Cheap stuff. (kiamsiap wtf)
  8. Food that brings you down? Expensive stuff.
  9. Whats your small daily happiness? My savings.
  10. Something that's upsetting recently: My aerobic-class-going mom isn’t getting any thinner. (hahahaha so mean!)
  11. Something that’s on your mind lately: My aerobic-class-going mom isn’t getting any thinner.
  12. Something you’re wondering about: When is my aerobic-class-going mom getting thinner?
  13. Privilege for being my friend!: Your friends increase by 1. (obviously right)
  14. Privilege for being my girlfriend!: You get a boyfriend.
  15. A place you’d like to go once: Japan
  16. If there were 5 hours added to a day, what would you do? Spend 5 hours. 
  17. What’s your greatest ambition in life? To own a dog. (i wouldnt call that a life ambition though)

    but then he'd say something so adorable one cant help going nino-chan you adorable bugger you.

  18. Someting you want to try and give as a present to the person you like: Me

  19. taken from here.  oh his sarcasm never fails to bring out the fangirl in me, buried deep beneath all the gloriously-scented products and feet aches. if i were interviewing him i'd so pull out my hair and bang my head repeatedly on a flowerpot from frustration. that or i'd grab him and keep him in my pocket. forever. excuse me, i dont know what im talking about anymore hahahaha btw, have found Dream Phone!! and am NOT being biased just because arashi advertises for them and nino used this poaticuolr particular phone in the commercial! however, am totally influence by the wide usage of flip-phones in Japan and SO. WANT. ONE.  
    sad to say this brightly coloured phone is not available in malaysia, FOL. nyaa how come the phones there are so pretty and awesome wherelese phones here are hugly and chitty. where is the justice in that! hello, malaysians can be superficial in their choice of phones too you know! *gerams honestly if i were asked to choose between being given a blackberry or this, i'd choose this in no time. speaking of which, i saw this girl from China today, and she had a shocking pink phone similiar to this, ahhh so jealous! went to her and told her her phone's cute hahahaha my shamelessness astound me sometimes. only sometimes. teehee. point is, i so want a brightly-coloured flip-phone! but as such is reality, one hardly ever gets what one wants right. *glooms away

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


this is like, beyond awesomeness!

who could imagine a johnnys could compose/write such a beautiful song, and oh his voice is just gahhhhh! also, didnt know he wears glasses, but apparently he's wearing them now because the light's too dim and he cant see the piano keys with glasses 

the lines that go:

いつもそうよ すねると君は
it'd always be like this when you're upset
you hide my most important things, right?
since the place is always the same 
this time, i'll wait for you there first

いってもいいよ, でも私にだけよ.
from now on its alright so say some selfish things 
 but only to me

*melts into a puddle of idontknowhats

do do do watch this guys, seriously! 
i'll love you for it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mecha cuticle! aibaka! ♥

HAHAHAAH this is hilarious! i was checking the statistics for this blog and came upon the random things that people googled that led them here!

the top #1, as it has always been, is "arththi sathananthar". tatau la sape google dia smpai blog aku, yg penting nama family spelling correct. heck even i can barely spell her last name. sorry. hehe.

another googled "no let me know sien"   like what on earth is that supposed to mean hahahaha!

this one, " usm hopspot bans youtube"  motif google bende nih?

and this, "buku rujukan stpm"   HAHAHA when did i even mentioned such a thing her before! yg ni pun, "2009 mathematics t paper 1 stpm answer"   wtf ade ke blog ak ni cam blog intellectual gitu.

oh and ni pun, "you kata you keluar pergi dinner"   hahaha random zee aviness!

yg penting ari nih, this came up "blog asraf mukhlis"   WTF HAHAHAHAH hilarious max!!


what made me really happy was seeing someone googling this and getting here: ARASHI

ok maybe without the heart lah. but mengikut undang2 nauest.blogspot, the word ARASHI must always come with the
. its comes in a package.

speaking of which, i am beyond obsessed with them, like, seriously. been fangirling max the past weeks and oh theyre such a funny bunch of dingdongs! so totally over jun, btw, moved on to the adorableness that is aiba masaki whoots! a complete opposite of jun, aiba's such a silly little clumsy kid and his way-too-enthusiatic antics are hilarious! his laugh, bloody contagious. and his voice, his talking voice, oh mai lawd i can dai  

#1: typical cheery nonsensical aiba
#2: *nose bleeds wtf

nino too, is awesome, by the way. what with his sharp tongue and him being such a brat sometimes, one cant help loving his evil little prankster self. his acting in Letters from Iwo Jima, was superb as well, after all he is the first from Johnnys to ever star in a Hollywood movie. Clint Eastwood praised him max okays hahahaha and how he always harasses Arashi's leader, Ohno, touching his butt and all their gayisms rawr but i love his other serious, observant side as well

 #3: gorgeousness. cant seem to find a picture his mean/superior look though hahahaha!
#4: *dies from lack of oxygen

and recently i have my eyes on ohno haha he maybe not be idol-material, him being a fishing-enthusiast and complete martian-like aura, but he sure as hell can sing and dance. in fact he's the only one of those who could actually sing and dance in Johnnys; the way he moves is just so precise and ah which ARASHI fan dont enjoy their little ohmiya antics

ok so maybe not totally over jun.
#5: ohholymama.

 as for the last-havent-been-mentioned-so-far member, Sho, the scared-of-everything Keio University boy, the only highlight i have of him is his An An photoshoot which is like, da bomb! too inappropriate to put it up here though but damn that boy's hot! *goosebumps

p/s: post-title, just a little parody of some things aiba said; cho cuticle this aiba!  
p/s/s: photos stolen from internet, cant give credits because er lupalah dari mana.

#6: arashi arashi for dream ♥ 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tips for the Future USMers

Back then, right after accepting the offer for a degree in Communications in Universiti Sains Malaysia, I had absolutely no idea what to do next. What do I prepare? What do I do? What about accommodation? What do I bring? What do buy? Am I supposed to fill in any form or whatnots?

Simply said, I was confused and lost. 

As they say, Google is your best friend. I googled USM, what else.
I searched particularly for blogs, as they would give a more personal idea on how is it like to live there in Penang, in a hostel, in a university. As would any never-left-a-finger-at-home-kid, I focused on information on the conditions of the hostel there. I came to a blog which showed such promising wide clean new rooms and felt relieved (cheated max, but more about it later). Then I widened my search and came upon Maureen’s blog, she was witty and funny, so I did not hesitate to email her and started asking all sorts of things. She was ever so kind to answer all my queries and it really helped a lot. I hated not knowing what I was getting into and with her help; I manage to gather some kind of a concrete picture of what I was getting into. That was a relief. 

Which is why I’ll be doing a couple posts of what life is like in USM, Penang and the little bits of random information I wished someone had told me before, in hope that when some new lost freshie did the same thing as I do, he/she would find some comfort in knowing exactly what to expect. This would be perfect come university-registration season, which will be in about two/three months. I wish them all the best. And yeah feel free to comment/contact me to ask anything at all. :D 

Today’s topic will be about the hostel. After all, one spends most of their time here, and this was my top worry back then. I’ll list it out just to make it clearer. One thing though, I have the memory of a fish so if I had forgotten to include/exclude anything, then that’s just too bad. 

#1: DON’T THROW AWAY that piece of paper included in the package they sent you that says either:

Aman Damai
Bakti Permai
Cahaya Gemilang
Indah Kembara
Fajar Harapan
or Tekun. 

Those are the hostel names that you’d be staying at for a whole year, mind. I got Aman Damai and I thought it was some silly public-service leaflet and promptly tossed it in the bin wtf. Also, read the offer letter and all those nonsense properly. Heck I didn’t know which hostel until a couple weeks after receiving that letter. I just saw that I was accepted and tossed it aside. This is not a very exemplary attitude, by the way. Oh and keep the hostel name in mind just in case you need to ask for directions when you come into USM. Its pretty huge-ass. I didn’t knew my way around until months later wtf.

Here’s a brief (ok maybe not brief brief) description of the pros and cons of certain hostels and the stereotypes they bear.

Aman: My hostel. One of the oldest haven’t-been-renovated one and I think it kinda sucks but many seniors loved it, much to my confusion. Everything in there is old old old. There are 2 cafes but I’ve only eaten there twice. Enough said. However, it’s close to the Bt. Gambir gate which is where I usually (90% of the time, really) have my dinner. Ah and aman people pretty much do their own things, I call them us zombies

Nobody bothers other people so yah it’s good. One complain I have is the fan, it’s like those revolving wall-fan stuck to the ceiling and practically serves no purpose. I highly recommend getting a table-fan. It may seem bearable during the last-half of the year but come January, may God bless you. You’ll wake up every morning all sweaty and the cool effects of showering will only last you like 10 minutes. GET A TABLE FAN. 

Bakti: One of the two hostels with Chinese food! Chap fan whoots! No pork, obviously but they have fake charsiew which is really good as well. I love having lunch there, we go there 50% of the time. There’s such a variety of food, tongsui and kuihs there. If you got bakti, you’re really one lucky bastard. Though I think it’s the most expensive hostel, it’s damn near to the dewan kuliahs and library (just across the road wth) and oh they have basketball courts too. However the boys there are famous for well, not really being boys, if you know what I mean. Their rooms are pretty nice though, big spacious and clean, as opposed to aman’s *bitter oh yeah did I mention, all busses stop in bakti. gahhhh. benci.

CG: Ah the “forgotten” one, as it’s all tucked deep inside the campus, rather uphill, away from all the other hostels. Complains have been made about how difficult is it to go out for meals during the weekends but the major plus of living there is that you can leave the room 5 minutes before class starts (for most courses, I reckon). It’s right in the heart of campus, super accessible to so many buildings and offices. I have friends who said they like it there, despite how far is it from the gates, all three/four gates.

IK: Ah the closest to Bt. Gambir gate. High chances of going for yumcha/supper every night hehe and the boys recently moved into a new block, complete with 3 effing full-length mirror plus huge wardrobe cupboards EACH WTF it’s the only hostel where they have 3 person sharing a room for the girls but I think it’s going to be different this coming semester. Its less than 5 minutes walk to the DUP, which is where most exam papers are taken at and every bus stops in IK.

Fajar: Supposedly where all the religious people live at hahahaha its right in the middle of most of the hostels. Just average, not too far from classes, not too far from Bt. Gambir gate, not too far from Sg. Dua gate. However, the busses that pass through there go the other way, as in they don’t go to the schools and classes area, they come from there instead. So to take a bus one would have to walk a little over to bakti’s bus stop. 

Apparently the first hostel built in USM too. And haven’t been renovated so yah its kinda creepy old, what with the ceiling-fan locked up in a metal cage. There’s many windows though for each room and they have a lake at the back as well, just like Aman. Perfect for jogging and stuff. Perfect for people to yell out across the road for you as well. Teehee.

Saujana, Restu &Tekun: Also known as “RST”, which are the condo-type hostels situated OUTSIDE the campus, with a pedestrian bridge connecting both areas. Wide spacious new rooms, which makes them more expensive than the other hostels but oh-so-worth it. It’s going to be hell during orientation week though because there won’t be any bus service and it’s so bloody far from where the academic activities would be held. I don’t envy them that. Saujana is exclusive for girls and ohh they house the best burger ever, MAMU burger that comes in a van at night. SYIOK MAX. Since it’s so close to the hills, some buildings’ residents reported mist and “natural aircon” during rainy days. They have a guard house controlling who gets in and out and it’s very near to the major meal-places. Food would never be scarce but it just depends on whether you’re hardworking or not to come down. I don’t quite know the average number of levels of one building but it’s definitely well beyond 15 levels each. Consider yourself lucky if you get any one of RST.

#2: CURFEW. NONE. At first I was so scared we’d be curfewed in by midnight and I would so hate it but turns out, there’s isn’t any curfew, really. You can pretty much come in or out your room/hostel whenever you like. Hence you could still see people walking around campus (probably going for a midnight snack or a booty call wtf) well past midnight. Apparently in other universities (government, obviously) they have a very strict curfew so yays USM. This is one of the major factors I started warming up to the idea of studying here.

#3: FACILITIES. Sadly, the facilities in the hostels differ so I’m just giving a very basic idea. All hostels have washing machines, dryers, water dispenser (hot/cold), pantry, tv room, iron and board, café, bicycle-renting services and a washing room. Bakti, being the bitch that they are (just kidding don’t sue me wtf) have a refrigerator and microwave for every building WTF how unfair. Anyways, I’m pretty sure all the hostels have Astro for every building and thank goodness, the bathroom and corridors are swept and cleaned every 4-5 days?

#4: STAYING AGAIN? After weighing in the pros and cons of living in campus and living outside, it’s still considerably more convenient to stay in campus. Yes we can’t cook our own meals, have individual bathrooms or throw a booze boys &girls party, but it’s just so much more convenient.

Living in campus, a bus comes every 15 minutes or so (they only allocated one bus for those living out campus, which comes every hour, so I’ve heard) and even without bus, one could simply walk to class which leads us to pro #1: don’t have to wake up so early. #2 would be the cheap fees, only RM200-400 for a whole semester! Ok I’m starting to sound like those late-night ads scams, being so overly enthusiastic. But, it’s true. We were all dying to move out and wanted to stay together and all, but came the end of semester two, EVERYONE wanted to continue living in the hostel. Hah its not easy you know (supposedly)

We have to collect these “desa units”, basically the more of these that you collected, the higher the chances are for you getting a room for the next year, and you might even get to choose your own room+roommate. Usually you can collect these by joining seminars, taking part in uni projects or representing the hostel in competitions (pantun, senamrobik, debate blablabla). Unfortunately I’m not that rajin a person and didn’t join anything for the first year, still got a room for next year teehee it’s actually more based on luck one lah. Of course, priority is given to those with desa units lah, doesn’t mean people who don’t have any diedie cannot masuk again one. There is another little secret but ah ask me about it, I don’t want to put it up here ;p

I’ve only did 4 parts but this seems like a really long post hahaha and so ends the episode on living in the university hostel. Stay tuned for the next part on, CLOTHES! 

Now applaud.