Monday, May 31, 2010

cinnamon spice

ok so i've decided that this blog is in need of some ME. way too much arashi fangirling going on so imma mempromote diri sendiri here today. in fact, for the first time in weeks, i have some non-arashi music on instead! and only one tab open on arashi-related stuff as opposed to the gazillions i have on usually.

here, to remind you how i look like wtf

just took this like 20 minutes ago.

havent been camwhoring much these days, in fact am rather put-off by the camera. glory days gone lah, i look pretty damn horrid these days. sure as hell dont want to document that  for future memory's sake.

im actually quite tired of saying things like "ah im so tired"  and "imma just die"  but honestly i am  so dreadfully tired. my feet aches me shoulder hurts and the only thing i want right now is to crash into bed and sleep without having any alarm on. and the dreams i've been having, such tiring, adventurous emotionally-charged dreams! the stuff dramas and telenovelas are made of, im sure of that! then i wake up suddenly, all alert and oh-so-tired-max!
( ̄へ ̄)

i will now post up some pictures and the stories behind them in order to fill this post up, to make it look all long and lengthy. first up:

gorgeous noms from hyatt hotel, only RM5 each! 

and the generous man gave us the third one for absolutely free even when we went there after they closed up! *bows we got cheesecake, carrot cake and choc cake (quickly MMSed to anyone most likely to get jealous teehee) apparently after 8PM, its all 50% off all their cakes so. teehee. they werent the most omfgawesomemax cakes ever but still, pretty decent enough you know.cakes after midnight hahahah healthy bunch of people, arent we.

discovered what could possibly be the most awesome drink on earth in ipoh the other day! 

red bean ice! its like blended red beans and more BLENDED RED BEANS!! *eyes wide with excitement wtf its so good i've never gulped down anything so fast before omg love love love! i wouldnt mind drinking only this my whole life (exaggeration)! to quote aiba (or was it sho?), MAXIMUM UMAI! (*≧▽≦) 

future reference wtf

going to work everyday (hello, abrupt change of topic), i tend to meet people i know everyday! whether it is old primaryschool classmates that i havent met since UPSR ended, or parents of secondaryschool classmates or even kids my mom used to babysit! how exciting right hahaha which soon leads to the tendency to look at everyone closely to see if i know them wtf.

oh i randomly water the plants in the middle of the night too, apparently. and have recently discovered what could be a fierce rival of RST's mamu burger in kuantan! who knew kuantan had such a awesome burger place, its called burgembira hahaha and the burgers are so huge i have serious difficulty in figuring out how to nomnom them!

  ok so maybe not completely as arashi-free post.

this is actually the last picture i have to post hahaha bought it recently, a movie featuring all five members of arashi, with a super-shocking twist at the end!

and say hello to kei kurono aka nino in a 500 000 yen (EACH) suit. Now lets hope they'll show GANTZ in malaysia, otherwise im going to singapore to watch it hahahaha its confirmed after all, they're going to show it in singapore! apparently companies from malaysia have inquired about GANTZ but so far no confirmation besides singapore's! *crosses fingers
taken here.

p/s: just realised how creepy i look in that saigonoyakusoku picture FML 

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