Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mecha cuticle! aibaka! ♥

HAHAHAAH this is hilarious! i was checking the statistics for this blog and came upon the random things that people googled that led them here!

the top #1, as it has always been, is "arththi sathananthar". tatau la sape google dia smpai blog aku, yg penting nama family spelling correct. heck even i can barely spell her last name. sorry. hehe.

another googled "no let me know sien"   like what on earth is that supposed to mean hahahaha!

this one, " usm hopspot bans youtube"  motif google bende nih?

and this, "buku rujukan stpm"   HAHAHA when did i even mentioned such a thing her before! yg ni pun, "2009 mathematics t paper 1 stpm answer"   wtf ade ke blog ak ni cam blog intellectual gitu.

oh and ni pun, "you kata you keluar pergi dinner"   hahaha random zee aviness!

yg penting ari nih, this came up "blog asraf mukhlis"   WTF HAHAHAHAH hilarious max!!


what made me really happy was seeing someone googling this and getting here: ARASHI

ok maybe without the heart lah. but mengikut undang2 nauest.blogspot, the word ARASHI must always come with the
. its comes in a package.

speaking of which, i am beyond obsessed with them, like, seriously. been fangirling max the past weeks and oh theyre such a funny bunch of dingdongs! so totally over jun, btw, moved on to the adorableness that is aiba masaki whoots! a complete opposite of jun, aiba's such a silly little clumsy kid and his way-too-enthusiatic antics are hilarious! his laugh, bloody contagious. and his voice, his talking voice, oh mai lawd i can dai  

#1: typical cheery nonsensical aiba
#2: *nose bleeds wtf

nino too, is awesome, by the way. what with his sharp tongue and him being such a brat sometimes, one cant help loving his evil little prankster self. his acting in Letters from Iwo Jima, was superb as well, after all he is the first from Johnnys to ever star in a Hollywood movie. Clint Eastwood praised him max okays hahahaha and how he always harasses Arashi's leader, Ohno, touching his butt and all their gayisms rawr but i love his other serious, observant side as well

 #3: gorgeousness. cant seem to find a picture his mean/superior look though hahahaha!
#4: *dies from lack of oxygen

and recently i have my eyes on ohno haha he maybe not be idol-material, him being a fishing-enthusiast and complete martian-like aura, but he sure as hell can sing and dance. in fact he's the only one of those who could actually sing and dance in Johnnys; the way he moves is just so precise and ah which ARASHI fan dont enjoy their little ohmiya antics

ok so maybe not totally over jun.
#5: ohholymama.

 as for the last-havent-been-mentioned-so-far member, Sho, the scared-of-everything Keio University boy, the only highlight i have of him is his An An photoshoot which is like, da bomb! too inappropriate to put it up here though but damn that boy's hot! *goosebumps

p/s: post-title, just a little parody of some things aiba said; cho cuticle this aiba!  
p/s/s: photos stolen from internet, cant give credits because er lupalah dari mana.

#6: arashi arashi for dream ♥ 

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